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Thursday/Friday Combo

Last night, there was bad weather and it was nice to sit on the couch with my family and listen to the rain, so I didn't blog - sorry to upset all 3 of you who may read this. :) Besides that, nothing really happened on Thursday that you would enjoy reading, so I didn't have a whole lot to say. Jacoby has been waking up every morning on his back. He wakes himself up like at 6:00 AM, and he starts talking to himself and laughing. When I finally realize that he's awake, I feed him a few ounces and then he's asleep within seconds. I guess he just needs to start getting used to the fact that he's rolling over. I'm sure that will happen soon enough.

Friday... This morning was "Donuts with Dad" at Jaydon's school. When I see Jeremy do ANYTHING with either of the boys, it totally melts my heart. Today was no exception. He was SO excited to go to school with Jaydon, and he even picked out his outfit (VERY cute!) and did his hair - just like his own, I might add. I don't know if he's the best daddy out there, but if he isn't, he is surely in the top 2...but only because my own daddy is right up there with him. They had some very cute things made for the dads at the school. There was a poem that made me cry when I finally read it earlier, a footprint with another poem, a picture of Jaydon wearing a NASCAR hat backwards with a leather jacket and sunglasses in a homemade CARS (the Disney movie) picture frame, and a couple of cute drawings. Jeremy said it was great fun, and I'm glad he can enjoy things like that with our son. Below are a couple of pictures, and then one of the cutest things you'll ever read about what Jaydon had to say about his daddy.

Ashleigh was here today...our typical Friday afternoon. She is such a good little girl and Jaydon loves her. I am so amazed by how easily Jaydon speaks to her. They just chatter about anything & everything which is great therapy for my all too often "quiet" son.

Andrea (Ashleigh's mom) and I decided to go to dinner sometime this evening - just spur of the moment. They invited us to go out, and we thought it would be a nice break from the normal Friday monotony. We (all 8 of us) went to Shady Oak barbecue - if you've never been, it was delicious. Great loud atmosphere, (which is nice just in case the baby cried) quick service, and good food. Jaydon said the prayer which was very cute.
They (Andrea's family) also have a newborn who is one week younger than Jacoby. Thankfully, Jacoby did very well. He seems to be over the colicky stuff and now he's moving on to teething...which is also NO fun.
Andrea let me borrow some props for Jacoby's photo shoot on Sunday, so that was WAY exciting. She's got such a creative mind and when I grow up, I want to be as creative as she is. I don't think she realizes just how creative she really is, and never gives herself enough credit. (I know she'll read this and start blushing, but that's okay.)
So here we are - at home after dinner with stuffed bellies. Not only did I eat a HUGE meal with TOO much delicious, fatty, WHITE bread, I also insisted that we share dessert - a brownie sundae. It's funny because only the estrogen at the table ate the brownie - and then women wonder why men always lose weight more quickly?!? Go figure!

A cute story and then I'll sign off...
When we were walking to the car from the restaurant, Jaydon says, "Mommy, Daddy - look, a full moon - WOW!" So we said, "Yes Jaydon, you are right. It IS a full moon." We get in the car, start driving home and I notice him just staring at the sky. As we are turning on our street, he says, "I think the moon followed us home."
He is the sweetest little boy. God bless him!

¡Hasta mañana familía, amigos, y amigas!


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