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Jacasso's First Masterpiece

For the past few weeks, Jacoby has been liking coloring. He has actually gone to Aydo's (Jaydon's) closet and stood on his tip toes trying to reach the marker box (which is on the highest shelf in order to avoid disaster from "Tornado Jacoby") a few times.

So every afternoon, I allow him to color - scribble - for a little while. We started with the dry erase board, but I didn't know how healthy it was for him to lick/sniff/suck on the dry erase markers daily, so we opted for washable markers or crayons instead. I mean, Crayola shavings in your mouth, or ink from the markers. Either way, I couldn't go right!

Since Aydo (this is how Jacoby says his brother's name) never wanted to do anything with anything having to do with art, this is a nice change for us, and we love allowing our left-handed Jacasso to have at it.

Below, you will find his first piece of art.

Everything on the page was done by Jacoby sans the dinosaur which I have pointed out was done by Jaydon. (Please tell me y'all knew that dinosaurs didn't have legs. DUH!)

A TRUE masterpiece if you ask me. (Which I know you didn't, but it's my blog, so I get to say what I want and you get to read it.)

What was the first thing that your child colored?
Will you share that special moment with me?


Blogger Andi said...

Such nice artwork! And I love J3's dinosaur too! Keep those creative juices flowing! I'll have to take a photo of Addy's 1st artwork...it's still on Ashleigh's door!!! UGH!

April 27, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

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