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Jilian is 3-Months Old!

The time has come for my monthly update...

Jili weighs 12.4 pounds today, and well - I kinda forgot to measure her before she fell asleep and you know the rule - never wake a sleeping baby.
She has gained just over 2 pounds in one month. She's finally chunking up, and we believe it is all going to her cheeks - NOT the rear ones, the ones on her face that we never stop kissing on!

She has another well-check at 4 months, so I'll update you with her "real" stats then.

This month has been really fun for all of us because she is developing a little personality. She is SUCH a mellow baby. She eats, sleeps, and eats some more. (I know you thought I was going to say that she eats, sleeps and poops, but she's not much on the poopin'. She goes once a day, and that's it - very routine. ...and yes, very TMI too!)
Then, there are the sweet smiles in between all of that. As soon as she catches your gaze, she just smiles. She really enjoys smiling at Jeremy! (I haven't told Jeremy, but she's already working him, and he's completely oblivious!)

There are the gurgles and "talking" to us. She just rambles on & on really quietly for minutes at a time. It's too cute!

Her loudest cry is when she is tired or colicky. She doesn't usually cry when she is hungry or because she wants to be held. She is comfortable wherever you put her, and doesn't require much attention at all. Sweet, sweet girl!

She is sleeping between 10-12 hours every night. We have yet to put her in her crib at night, but we are working on it. The only hesitation is that she shares a room with Jacoby and even though she is sleeping consistently, (knock on wood!) we just can't chance her waking Jacoby up. He also sleeps 12 hours at night. Ahhh - the blessing of good sleepers!
She takes most of her naps in her crib. Just two nights ago, we finally put her to sleep for the night on her tummy and that little girl has never slept more peacefully. She really enjoys that! She rolls over occasionally, but we just roll her back and once she is sound asleep, it works out nicely.

One day last week, Jili decided that instead of sleeping her usual 11 PM-9 AM, (ish) she would sleep from 3AM-1PM. THAT was not a fun night, but she was back on schedule that same day. Anyway, Jeremy was kind enough to stay up with her - because he was up working anyway. I didn't know how late she had stayed awake until the next day, I get this email:

Hi Babe,
I was tempted to get really frustrated with Jilian last night since she didn't get to bed until 3:00 AM. I don't know what was wrong with her. But then, she smiled at me, and she smiled at me again and again, and my heart melted. She is such a beautiful baby, and I'm thankful for her and thankful to you for making her so beautiful. We have a perfect family.
What's for dinner?

Okay, I'm kidding on the "What's for dinner?". I just added that in for humor so that you don't leave me in tears. The rest was copied and pasted.
Wasn't that the sweetest email ever? At least he knows where her beauty came from - smart man! :)

Just today, Jilian also rolled 3/4 of the way from her back to her tummy. She got stuck on one arm and then rolled to her back again.
Nina (Short for Madrina which means Godmother in Spanish) Jessenia was here with her the other night, and she couldn't believe how strong Jili's abs were. Jessenia thought she was doing sit-ups.

...and after my poll, 80% of you thought her eyes were blue, and the other 20% thought they were gray-blue. I guess they are still pretty blue then - WOO-HOO! I asked because I personally thought they looked more of a gray-green. I guess I must be color blind!

It's so weird how gentle we are with her. I don't want to hurt her. It's a little different than with the boys whom I always felt were so "thick" and "tough". I know - just wait until her brothers get a hold of her!

We are so blessed to have her, and we can't wait to see what this next month has in store...

PS: I have just started messing around with some picture editing websites, so please bare with me while I get used to them. (Hence my 15 pictures!) I have spent the past 2 hours just clicking at different options. That was the LAST thing I needed to find was something else to keep me on the computer, but oh well - it's FREE! :)

PPS: Yes Rae Carol, that dress is livin' it up! It's one of my favorites, and she has now worn it...TWICE!


Blogger Andi said...

Oh my, how they grow so fast! I'm glad she's such a good baby for you guys! But just a FYI...you're breaking your own rules about getting her in her own crib at night. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to NOT wake J4 up. I know it's hard. Be careful with Picnik! It can be addicting! But you're doing a good job! Her smile is precious!

April 21, 2009 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Morgan said...

ok so you have to tell me which picture editing websites you are trying...I am hesitant to go buy a program...the pics are beautiful

April 21, 2009 at 9:53 AM  
Blogger Andi said...

I just checked for an update and Jacoby made me smile again! I L-O-V-E that picture of him! He looks truly happy! Beautiful smile!

April 24, 2009 at 1:07 PM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

Go Jillian! She's so cute!

April 25, 2009 at 11:38 AM  
Blogger Rae Carol said...

That is one pretty baby!!! I love that that one outfit has made it to so many beautiful girls!!! I love it too!! Thanks for the nice comments on Brittany. She is so talented and precious..it is going to be so hard to say good bye to her in the fall!!! They grow up so fast Jessica!! Enjoy every second!

April 26, 2009 at 10:57 PM  

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