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Fun-Filled Saturday

We got going as soon as we all woke up this morning...
Our goal was to leave by 9:30.  We were out the door at 10:00.  It seems like no matter how hard we try, we just cannot leave the house before 10:00 with three children!

Our first stop was the Ft. Worth Museum of Science & History. 
Here is the entrance to the Children's Play Area once inside:

The kids really enjoyed this place!!  We were only there for 2½ hours.  We probably could have been there for another 2½ if it wasn't for the two little ones.  There is only so much that they can handle. 
There was a LOT to do.  Dinosaur exhibits, a dino dig, a 4-D show, a mini grocery store, water games outside, arts and crafts, toys, games, trains, cars, dolls - you name it, they had it.  It was REALLY cool!
We had been before, but never with all three, and not since they have redone it all. 

We "borrowed" our friends' membership card to get in, (Thank you, Harris family!)  but we think it would be in our best interest to buy a family membership.  We didn't get to see everything, and if we went back with Jaydon alone, we could spend much more time there.  It is the PERFECT getaway on a rainy Saturday!

Here are some more pictures of the fun-filled day:


The pictures turned out nicely even with our 8 year old digital camera. 
I love the last few pictures of Sassy in the "Hispanic" area.  She makes the funniest facial expressions.  I can't believe how grown she looks.
Can you find the doll in the last picture?  I think the one on the right is the cutest!

After the museum, we headed to Billy Miner's for lunch.  YUMMY!  We hadn't eaten there in a couple of years.  That was a nice treat for my belly.

The next stop was Sweet Sammie's for dessert.  Not THAT was a DELISH treat! 
If you are local to Ft. Worth, you must check them out.  What a simple, sweet dessert - and really cheap, too!  I ate an Oatmeal Toffee ice cream sandwich with pecan pralines & cream ice cream for $1.75.  WOW!  Their cookes are $.45 alone.  You cannot beat that!

Now we are all home wishing that we could nap.  It's that "in between" time though.  It's roughly 3:00.  If we try to make the little ones nap, they will wake up around 5:30 and then won't go back to sleep until 11:00 tonight.  So we will opt for no naps - a very fussy evening, and everyone in bed by 7:00. 
That means a few hours of alone time tonight with the hubby.  That's a BONUS since he has been in Los Angeles for a couple of days.  We can converse quietly and maybe watch a movie. 

In the mean time, we are going to head out to the park to take a family walk.  The bad weather has cleared out...for now.

What did you do today?


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