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Parenting & Sacrifices

Why is society in such a hurry to make their children grow up?  Do "they" not realize that being a child is the shortest part of your life?  Why rush things?
I have never understood why people take the "advice" from parenting books so seriously.  The things written in there don't work for every child, nor are they meant for every child.  It is, after all, just advice. 

Weaning from the bottle at 12 months, getting rid of the pacifier by 18 months, potty training at 24 months. 
...and that is just to name a few.
Take for instance my oldest son.  He was ready to eat cereal at 2 months.  He really and truly was.  The books said to wait until at least 4 months.  He started at 2 months.  Mother knows best.
Take for instance my middle son and youngest daughter...they will both be potty trained at the same time.  They are one year apart.  One will be 2½, and the other 1½ when we are done.  Mother knows best. 

All we do in this country is try to "Keep up with the Joneses".  It is really pretty sad. 
We don't allow our children to be individuals.  We don't spend enough time with our children.  We "claim" to be the best parents ever, but don't make any sacrifices to spend more time with them..  Daycares are raising our children.  Cut back on some of your extra expenses (manicures, pedicures, massages, lawn care, etc.) and one parent could stay home with the kids.  How many people are really willing to make that sacrifice?  Not too many.  Because it's easier to drop them off somewhere and let someone else do the work.   
Society just wants to be able to show their co-workers the cute things that their children are doing at daycare - and compare.

We buy Organic foods for our children.  Milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, beef, and most of our fruits and vegetables.  Organic is expensive, but it is something that we aren't willing to budge on.  I will wear the same outfit everyday before I budge on that.  A true sacrifice for the well being of my children.

If only society knew that the BEST gift you can give your child is the gift of being there to pick them up from school every day.  It is proven that children who go to daycare after school or come home to an empty house are a dozen times more likely to get into trouble.
If only society knew that eating as a family (whether that be one parent or two) reduces the chance of troubled teenage years by HALF.
If only society knew the importance of a fatherly figure in the lives of children - especially boys.  It can be anyone - a Grandad, Uncle or friend.

I believe that I should have been around in the olden days.  I love that in our family, my husband is the provider, and I am the stay-at-home mom.  We eat dinner together every night, we pray together before bed, and we make our family (& the Lord) our first priority.  My title is "Mom", and my husband's title is "Dad".  We don't need fancy job titles, or long worked hours to justify our human existance.

We aren't perfect, but it works for us.  It works for our family.

Sacrifices - are you willing to make any?


Blogger Morgan said...

I love this post, and I completely agree!! My mom says all the time, how she wishes she had been able to stay home with me.

May 14, 2010 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Preach it sister!! I do agree with you on many points. It's not my place to judge others but I do believe most people do the best they can. I stay at home for the same reasons and yes, I do miss those pedicures and facials and Banana Republic skirts. Half of my income with SheShe Made goes to Ava's college fund (the other half goes to groceries and HER wardrobe. HA!) and I am so thankful my hubby works to provide for us. We give her organic food and we eat the cheap when we can do it that way.
I like the way you think!

May 17, 2010 at 3:53 PM  

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