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Eighteen Months

Jilian Cate (A.K.A. Sassy Girl) - you are 1½ today! 
Let's see what you are up to:
You weigh 23 pounds, and you are 30½ inches long.  According to my calculations, you are in the 25th percentile for both height & weight. Awww yes - petite you are! (Your 18-month appt. is on the 27th.) (EDIT: You are 31.5 inches long as of your 18-month check-up on the 27th. That means...25th percentile for weight, and 50th for height.)
Jaydon is currently in the 95th percentile for weight, and 75th for height.  Jacoby is currently just under the 75th for both. They obviously both took my "big" genes and left you with none!

You wear a size 4 diaper.  You will probably be in that size for a long time.

You wear size 18-24 month clothes.  Size 18 month dresses fit you better length wise than the next size up, but then I worry about the width.  You have a few 2T shirts in your wardrobe, as well as some 12-18 month things that still fit.  (Sizes are weird.)

You are comfortable in a size 4 shoe.  That's two whole sizes smaller than your brothers at this age.  Those teeny tiny feet are so adorable!

You sleep 11-13 solid hours every night.  You have been doing that since you were a newborn though.  You are taking 1 nap per day - usually about a 2-hour, late afternoon nap.

You have 12 teeth.  FOUR more are trying to break through as I type.  God bless you while you get new ones - it looks so painful!

You have about 30 words in your vocabulary - over half of which you use daily with meaning.  Here are most of them:, "hi", "hello", "no",  "apple", "nana", "shoe/shoes", "sock", "buh-bye", "please", "Daddy", "dog", "uh-oh", "up", "Duke", "Aba", "Mommy", "door", "ball", "tata", "baby/babies", "outside", "all done", "bubba", "hot dog", "this", "open", "thank you".  When you want to be carried, you say: "Up pWease".  When you don't want something, you shake your head rapidly while repeating: "No momma".  You have even put three words together.  You hand me something and say: "Here you go".  (Although it sounds more like 'heeeaaw-you-o".)  Just this morning, you brought me your brother's sippy cup.  I said, "I don't believe that to be your cup.  Where is Sassy's cup"?  You turned around, went to the couch, and brought me your cup.  Then you said, "Here you go".  You also use the infamous "here you go" when you rip your bows out of your hair. 
You still sign for 'more'.  Your vocabulary is ahead of schedule...or maybe it's where it is supposed to be, so we stopped teaching you signs.  All I know is that you are already saying more than I could ever get out of your two brothers.  Lord help us all with your chattiness!
 When you want us to sing, you say "habby, habby" (happy, happy).  Your favorite song to imitate is, "If you are happy & you know it...".  I love doing this with you because you grin from beginning to end.  You also enjoy The Itsy Bitsy Spider which was your brother Jacoby's favorite.  It's so cool to watch you move your fingers "up the spout" in unison with mine.
When we ask you how old you are, you hold up one finger...then continue counting.  (Not that we can understand all of the numbers, but we get what you are doing.)  We are trying to get you to say, "I'm 1", but it isn't really flying over so well.  You shake your head and say "no" instead.  The beauty of the 18-month old mind.
You can identify a few letters and know their sounds.  (This is due to the fact that Jacoby is a letter machine and knows all of his letters and letter sounds.  He helps you with that.)
You are a monkey.  Simple as that - a monkey!  There isn't anything that you don't climb on/over/under.  I cannot leave you alone for more than 1.4 seconds.  Ever.

You still love to dance. In fact, that's probably your favorite thing to do right now. You dance on the coffee table during that 1.4 seconds you are left alone and my heart skips 8 (or 12) beats every single time you are up there. Oh and the tantrums when I make you get down. Wowza. Full blown fits.
You love to be chased and tickled.  You find us and run off, then turn around to see if we are behind you.

You still LOVE to be outside.  Even in this 147º Texas heat, you could play outside all day long.

When we do gymnastics, I tell you to "finish".  You raise both your arms up high and squeal with delight.  You LOVE to hang on the monkey bars.  You do this by yourself for a few seconds at a time while trying to lift your legs up to flip over.  (Your real gymnastics classes start on August 7th.  Woo-Hoo!) 

You squat every time you go #2.  You go once per day which is a drastic change from the brother a year older than you who went (and still goes!) 3-4 times per day.  Then you bring me a diaper and say: "tata". (caca)  Potty-training is in your near future seeing as how you want to do everything Jacoby does, and we are starting that with him.  You also seem to understand the concept of being soiled, and you know where to go when I tell you it's pee-pee time.

 You still drink milk from a bottle. This is your mommy's choice, not yours. We haven't even tried a sippy cup because it isn't a big deal to me.  Why fix what aint broken?  You have the rest of your life to "be big".  I like knowing exactly how much you are drinking. You will drink water and juice from a sippy just fine though.

You eat really well.  Your dad and I have 2-6 eyes on us every single time we eat.  We hear lots of "pweases" at our feet - little beggars.  You are not the big time fruit eater that your brother Jacoby is, but you love all meats, chicken, turkey, a couple of veggies, a couple of fruits, yogurt, pudding, bread, and cheese.  I will sometimes give you a jar of veggies with your dinner if I don't feel like you ate a lot - and you still gulp it down as if you were a baby.  I don't really think you have a favorite food although rice & chicken seems to be up there on the list.  You are my girl though because you have a sweet tooth.  You love dessert, and you ate an entire piece of my homemade flan the other night! 

Jaydon still adores you.  Jacoby...well, let's just say that you & Jacoby bicker more than I would like.  The bickering is typically over toys.  It sometimes ends with a shove, hair pull, or scream.  Sibling rivalry?  Too close in age?  I know this will get worse before it gets better.     

You have a favorite blankie that goes to your crib with you every time you sleep.  You aren't attached to the point of taking it places or carrying it around all day, but you really enjoy sleeping with it.

 Have I mentioned everything?  Have I mentioned that you are spoiled rotten and will ask anyone to pick you up?  Thank goodness that you are a lightweight. 
My issue is that you & your brother both want my atttention at the same time.  So although you are light, you + your brother = mega back pain every night for your mother.
  You are such a joy.  You are such a blessing.  You are such a monkey.  You are so stinkin' adorable
You are you, and we love every millisecond of having you in our family!

(Dress courtesy of Tia {Madrina} Jessenia from her recent trip to Mexico.)


Anonymous Tia said...


July 21, 2010 at 2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is very lucky that she has a mom who wants to remember every moment. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing for all of your children. :) J

July 21, 2010 at 10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your update! I can hardly believe that girl is already 18 months old! GEEZ!

- Andi

July 22, 2010 at 9:17 AM  

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