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Jaydon & Ayden's Pirate Adventure

At the beginning of the summer, Jaydon & his friend Ayden (our neighbor who Jaydon went to Pre-K with and I babysit 3 days per week) went to a theater camp at the local high school.  The words "theater" and "drama" camp were not taken well by two 7-year old BOYS. 
Stage Make-Up...NO WAY!
Even the title "Pirate Adventure" didn't fly over so well.  They just didn't think they wanted to go.  It didn't fly over well until they were told that they would learn all about pirates, and combat
Arrrgh, Matey - they were all set after that!!

It was only a 3-day camp.  Their group was 7-10 year olds so they were the youngest ones there.
  On the last day, they put on a 6-8 minute performance (only 1+ minute is shown below) for the parents.  Jaydon is in orange; Ayden is in green. 
Both are wearing red bandanas:

Let us review this, shall we?

1.  Did you notice that Jaydon had a line?  He was so busy fighting, he had to be cued not one, not two, but four times.  (Hence the laughter from the audience.) 
2.  Even with the prompting, I still see acting in his future.  That little boy loves to play things out (but only if they are rough & tough) and he reads so well - with emphasis. 
3.  I didn't post the whole thing because Jacoby kept wanting to be part of the performance and trying to control 2 toddlers and video all at once doesn't exactly make for a steady hand.  You can actually hear him say "Awww Jayce" as he cheers his brother on.
4.  Did you see how they both fell to the ground at the end pretending to be dead?  That is how the next 2 weeks were spent here at home.  Two seven year olds falling to the ground.  Combat they called it.

After the performance, they both came home and played outside for three hours.  THREE hours fighting (combat)  and playing in our "make-shift" pool.  They had a blast that day.

Take note in the pictures below of their facial hair and battle scars. (i.e. STAGE MAKE-UP!)  I had a hard time trying to convince them that it was okay to wash it off.  That they would eventually get facial hair and wish they had baby faces again and didn't have to shave. 
"But, but, but...but MOOOOMMMM."
Also take note of the little boy who doesn't belong in the bottom right corner of the group picture. 

It was quite the adventure, but I'm glad they enjoyed it!


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