J-5 Rogers Family


Sixteen Months

Sassy Girl,
You are JUST that - a complete Sass! 
You love to dance, sing, dance, sing, dance, sing, and get into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!
You can be a real bully if you want something.
You are teeny-tiny, and so prissy though.  (Who wants an Amazon woman anyway?)
You say "uh-O" and make sure you annunciate that "O" sound until we laugh.
You do the above again & again.
You have the most contagious chuckle.
You say so many words.
You are the BIGGEST flirt.  (See below)

Yes, that is you.  You climbed up on the saucer today all by yourself at Aba's house just to kiss Jackson and "sit on his lap". 
Yes, we already have boy issues. 

We love you!

~ Mom & Dad ~


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