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I swore that I wouldn't do it again.  I promised myself that extra 1-2 hours of time without the TV on this summer.  After last season, I swore off the show.  I worked with the bachelor from last season, and he wasn't a cheese ball at work like he was on TV.  It just showed how scripted some of that really is.
I just couldn't do it though.  I didn't have self-control.  I am watching again.

This time, The Bachelorette

I tuned in and watched the entire 2 hours...
I watched the guy who had the most annoying voice on this side of the Mississippi.  I watched the guy with too much hair spray who should have played in the movie Grease.  I watched the guy with the broken leg hop around a little more than he should have.  I watched the guy do an awful Salsa dance.  I watched the guys bicker like women over one girl who supposedly falls completely head-over-heels in love in 6 short weeks while the cameras are rolling.

Then after watching, I read...
I read every single article that Google could provide me with.  I read about each of the guys.  I read about an interview she did where she states that the ending is something that has never happened before.

Then after watching and reading, I talked...
I talked to a relative who says that she saw Ali & Roberto playing baseball at the University of Tampa a while back.  She swears it was them, and I know she wouldn't lie.  So apparently, Roberto makes it to the hometown dates at the least.  Big shocker.

So why do I keep watching the cheese?
I really can't answer that question.

I did swear off of Idol, and haven't watched once this season.  I guess I am getting better.
DWTS is over tonight, so that is one less show.  Ruby is over.  Desperate Housewives is over. 

I guess it helps that I don't watch TV at all during the day.  It doesn't even get turned on (except for the occasional PBS or DVD's for the kids) until 6:30.
Maybe this summer won't be so bad.

Who wins The Bachelorette?  Any early "shoe-ins"?


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