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Jacoby's 2nd Set of Tubes

On June 10th, Jacoby had his first set of tubes removed, the 2nd set put in, and he also had his adenoids removed.  He was SO adorable with all of his toys.  He loved the one-on-one attention from Mommy & Daddy too! 

Jacoby has suffered from ear infections since he was 4 months old.  On his first birthday, he was on his 4th infection.  At 15 months when he got his first set of tubes, he had just gotten over his FIFTH ear infection.  That's one ear infection every 3 months.  For a child who doesn't go to daycare, and is hardly around other people except for his siblings, that's just not good!

Jaydon also had tubes.  He didn't get his until he was 2½, and never got an ear infection once he got them.  Jaydon's were surgically removed at age 4½ because they never fell out.

Jacoby continued to get ear infections even with tubes.  My poor little man.  The ENT thought it might be a good idea to have his adenoids removed as well.  ANYTHING to help him. 
It turns out that the first set was crusty already, so thank goodness they came out. 

We are one month in, and we haven't had an ear infection yet!  He seems to be repeating words a lot more too.  Originally, he scored on the low side of average on his hearing test before these new tubes.  At the next hearing test, he did just fine.  YAY! 

So...let's just hope that his speech continues to improve.

The procedure itself took all of 10 minutes.  He had a LOT of gunk and fluids in his ears.  :(
The doctor came into the waiting room to let us know that Jacoby was "officially a teenager" because he was conked out asleep and didn't want to wake up.  We were finally allowed back, and Jacoby was still asleep.  The poor boy was tired, and he wasn't waking up.  He was snoring SO loud!  (A side effect of adenoid removal along with stinky, stinky breath for 10 days!) 
He only wanted his Daddy to hold him.  He finally woke up, and he was supposed to drink something.  He wasn't having it.  I finally got some Gatorade syringed down his throat, and we've been good ever since. 
I actually think his 'already good appetite' got even better after the 1-week recovery!  He is a healthy 32+ pounds at age 2½.  Not too shabby for a 6-pound baby at birth.

Here's to the hope that these tubes help you out, buddy!  *cheers*  (...and prayer!)

I wasn't planning on taking pictures, so all I had was my cell phone. I just couldn't pass up some of these sweet shots though...
They gave us this doggy. It was named Cookie. That's Tia Jessenia's nickname growing up. It was a good sign! She was there with us in spirit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your poor little man has been through a lot. I pray these tubes do the trick and NO.MORE.EAR.INFECTIONS!!

This kid is going to be a lady killer with those eyes!

- Andi

July 22, 2010 at 9:22 AM  

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