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Jilian's First Haircut

Ahhhhhhh, furball...need I say more?

Can you see why she needed a haircut?  (Of course I exaggerated a bit, and this is not brushed or conditioned.)

We took her in to get a haircut at Supercuts in Bedford with Kari, who has been cutting our entire family's hair since 2002.  We debated taking her somewhere 'kid friendly' for the picture op, but Kari is so good with my kiddos!

Jaydon did great at his first haircut which was at 7 months.  After that, Jaydon was a nightmare for haircuts for THREE years.  He is fine now.  Jacoby had his first haircut around his first birthday.  Jacoby was good, but not great. 
Jilian did well - very well. She just sat there like nothing. She was honestly an angel!  She didn't even move or shed a single tear.  We didn't have high hopes considering it was 8:00 PM and raining, but she pulled through like a real champ. 

Kari only ended up cutting a litle off the back to get rid of the mullet, and to give her a more rounded look.  She took a little off the top, too.  Jilian's hair is pretty fine, but it has curl.  I think she hasn't gotten a good set of hair in yet and still has a lot of baby hair.  When we were done, there was hardly any hair on the floor.  I'm so used to seeing mounds & mounds of hair!
I told Kari that I still wanted to be able to put a ponytail in her hair, and I didn't want bangs.  You can hardly tell it was cut, but I can already see a difference in the fullness just 2 weeks later - amazing!

The best part was...Kari didn't charge us.  SUCH a sweet lady!  She always gives our kiddos their first haircut for free.  It had been so long though that I forgot.  So we tipped her, and that was that!

Here are some before & after pictures of this momentous day.  That dress is up there on my list of faves because of the bright design and back.

Cutey-pie in her new dress from Key West
Look at that bum - love it!

You can see just how big Jaydon is next to her here - and he isn't even standing with his legs together.  Amazing!  He was dancing with her and turned around to pose.
Daddy's Girl for sure.  (Sometimes)

It's official when you get a certificate!

Jilian - you rocked!  Thanks for being a good girl.
Thank you, Kari!  You are the best!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, how cute! She did soooo good! Addy still hasn't had her 1st haircut yet and Ash was 3, LOL. I know those sweet curls will be gone so I wait and wait. Jilian looks so precious!

- Andi

July 22, 2010 at 9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute. :) J

July 22, 2010 at 5:34 PM  

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