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Toy Story 3

We took Jaydon to see Toy Story 3 on June 18th - the day it premiered.  I really don't think we have ever been to a movie the day it came out. 
We went to a 7:30 PM show in 3-D, and it was spectacular.  I am such a fan of children's movies.  This one was done up just right.  It was a bit scary in some places, but not too much for a 7-year old boy.
I have to say that Toy Story is still my favorite, but the next two were pretty good.  I think I am just a fan of 'the original/first' of all movies.

Jaydon had SUCH a good time.  He is not really fond of movies on the big screen, but he wouldn't let us forget this one. 
Every day starting a month in advance was a 'count down'..."Mom, we have 22 more days until the movie."  "Mom, we have 4 more days."  "Mom, TOMORROW is THE day!!"
He enjoyed a bag of popcorn, and time away from his brother & sister with just his Mommy and Daddy.

Thanks to the Cooper's (our neighbors) for keeping our two troublesome toddlers.  According to them, they were "perfect".  Hmmm...

Check out Mr. Cool Guy himself in his 3-D glasses:
Here are a couple of pictures of our little ham.  I told him I hadn't taken any pictures of him in a while, and he laughed (sarcastically I might add!) and said, "You never stop taking pictures Mom!" 
Then I told him not to smile so big, and the picture below is what I got. Character?
I think he looks so angelic in this shot.
Keep your innocence as long as you can, Jaydon. Taking toys to college would be okay with your Mommy.

I'm glad you liked the movie just as much as we did, J-Bird! 
Daddy & I enjoyed our time alone with you...our Sweet-Potato-Pumpkin-Pie.



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