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First First

When children are younger, they go to At-Home CARE, or DayCARE, or Nursery. Then they go to Pre-School, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. Who CARES for them after that? What happens when the grade that your child is in becomes a number, and not just a word anymore?

Monday was Jaydon's first day of FIRST grade.

Unlike most elementary school children, he was not excited about starting school again. (I don't remember hating going back to school until I was in high school.)
Jaydon says to me on Monday morning, "Mom, this isn't the right Monday. School starts on another Monday." To which I laughed out loud.

We went through the routine - breakfast (bottle of Ensure because he won't eat anything), brush teeth, fix hair, get dressed.
Just when I think he is looking all perfect, he says, "Mom, you forgot something." He sniffs his shirt and opens the medicine cabinet to put on some of Jeremy's cologne. Jaydon - this is FIRST grade, not high school! (So if you don't know what to buy Jaydon for his next birthday, I'll bet he would be ecstatic to receive cologne!)

We get there at 7:50, (tardy bell is at 8:00) and he is the second one in the room. His teacher is SUPER sweet, and allowed me to take a picture of the two of them. Jaydon went over to his desk and got excited as soon as he saw a book called "I See" waiting for him. That's all it took - a book for him to get excited about being back in school. (I was just excited to see that there was still a restroom inside of the classroom. It's the little things, right?)

There were a few other kids from his Kindergarten class in there. He didn't care, he had his book. (God bless my little nerd!)

I looked around and no one was hugging their boys. It was "Hey dude - have a good day!", or "Are you ready for this, bubba?"
I looked at Jaydon and told him to behave and focus. I leaned down to give him a hug and he says, "Mom, you can hug me. That is what mommy's are supposed to do." Swoon!

As I walked out, I saw a little boy who will one day become a man.
Honestly, that can happen later rather than sooner.

...and this year, I didn't lose it like
last year.
This year was different, but only because I knew that his teacher and everyone there would CARE for him.

This year, as hard as it was, I had to let go. My boy has wings, and he must learn to use them on his own. We have worked long and hard to get him ready, and he is there.
That $45 pair of Adidas will get you there, son. Make sure that they last all year!

Welcome to first grade, Jaydon Cole!

He won't smile because he is missing a few teeth up top - where did he get that vain trait from?
Click to enlarge this shot. Lighting is bad, but he is SO GQ...and not just because he is my kiddo!

Land's End rocks! Same backpack and lunch box from last year, with monogrammed initials on the backpack, and monogrammed name on the lunchbox. Two best investments EVER!

Does he look miserable or what?Mid sneeze...
Take Two...the excitement begins!

PS: Jeremy continued his tradition...He brought Jaydon a "goodie" bag just like he did last year. This year, it contained a bag of Doritos, a bag of Cheetos, a Thomas & Friends DVD, and a book. What a sweet, sweet Daddy to remember his best boy.


Happy 7-Month Birthday!

Such a happy girl!

7-Month Stats:
Weight: 16 lbs. 8 ozs.
Length: 26.5 inches
(Mommy's rough estimations)

Another month has gone by, and you continue to grow and make us so happy!

We have gotten lucky as can be...
Both boys had already had at least one ear infection by 6 months. Jili has yet to even so much as have a slight temperature! We have been really lucky, and also thankful that she is so healthy.

What are you up to this past month?

  • You are now wearing a Size 3 diaper. I finally gave up the Pampers Swaddlers.
  • You sit up easily. You also go from your tummy to the sitting position. A few days ago, when I put you down for your nap, you started crying. When I came in a few minutes later to check on you, you were sitting up rubbing your eyes. That was a first, and it broke my heart to see you there crying. (I also do the "tough love" thing and made sure you were okay, and then just left the room so you could fall asleep.) Evil? ...nah!
  • You are eating really well! You still drink roughly 28 ozs. of formula daily. You are also eating 2 solid meals per day. We will work a 3rd meal into the daily meal plan soon. Meats were our new venture this past week, and you seem to enjoy whatever we give you which is nice.
  • You sleep 12 hours EVERY night, and continue to nap about 3 hours every afternoon. (What lucky parents we are, we know!)
  • You love "talking". You make noise and eye contact with everyone who comes near you after you warm up to them. Your Grandma Rogers says that you'll be talking before you walk which makes us laugh because that sounds like something a girl would do...T.A.L.K. our ears off! :)
  • Your eyes are still that hazel color that we discussed last month. In natural light, they look really green. Inside, they look more honeyish.
  • You have not cut a single tooth which is beyond strange. Your brothers already had teeth (Jaydon more than Jacoby) at this age, and most kids cut their first teeth between 4-7 months. Just another sign that you are meant to be petite because you can't really eat the good stuff without teeth.
  • You LOVE play time with Daddy at night after your brothers are asleep. It melts my heart to watch the two of you together.

That pretty much sums up this month.

Oh wait, I think I forgot one thing...

You have taken a few crawling steps in the past week. It isn't much, but you are definitely starting to move. I have a feeling that by next month's post, we'll have a big time mover & shaker on our hands!
(Lord, please help me to remain sane when I have two children getting into everything at the same time!)

Enjoy the pictures...

Trouble 1 & Trouble-2-Be

Ummm....ya, my thoughts exactly!

Cheesey Wheesey!


Nah - just COORDINATING, Mom. Duh!

I LOVE this picture of Jilian (7 months) & Ava (8 months)...
They are playing together SO well these days!


My Husband's Story

As some of you may or may not know, Jeremy never got to know his father. Jeremy was 10 months old when he passed away.

In fact, I'm not sure that many of you know who Jeremy's father was. Click
HERE to learn.

On June 5, 2009, they had a dedication ceremony for the Ft. Worth Police & Firefighters Memorial. It is located on West 7th Street along the Trinity River.

We didn't make it out there that day, but we went a few days later.

Jeremy has never really shown much emotion when it comes to his dad. I mean - when you are 10 months old, you don't exactly have "memories".
We have gone to the cemetery many times, but that never hit home like this memorial did.

My husband was really in awe at the fact that so many men & women have passed away in order to protect us. The reality of the intensity that goes into the line of work that these men & women do hit home.

Jeremy does not enjoy reading, and he actually took the time to read the stories of each officer and firefighter.

He just stared at his dad's name - engraved clear as day in the stone - and it made me sad to think that he didn't get the joy of meeting him. It made me sad to think that his dad never got to meet his grandchildren, or hold them, or tell them how beautiful they are. It made me sad to think that he never got to see the shape of Jaydon's face - because it is his. It made me sad to think that he will never look into Jilian's eyes and see his reflection. It made me sad to think that he didn't get to smell the spice cake I bake for Jeremy every Christmas. It made me sad to think that he never got to hear Jeremy play the piano ♫♪, or hear the bat crack as he hit a home run.
It made me sad to think that he will never get to enjoy moments like this↓ with his grandchildren...

It made me ponder the "Why do bad things happen to good people?" thought.

I know that the Man upstairs has a plan for us all, and I could question His ideas until I'm blue in the face.

Some of us are here 9 months, some are here 29 years, and some get a full 89 years.

At the end, the most important thing is to treasure every moment you have.

Enjoy hearing the sounds of your baby cry, the smell of their freshly cleaned hair, and the taste of their sweet baby breath.
...because we don't know what His plans are, and you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the pictures below.

A special thanks to Sherry - ♥ a dear friend ♥ - who gave us a coin from the dedication ceremony that we missed. You made Jeremy's day and for this, I am forever grateful!


Picture Post

These are pictures from the past 6-8ish weeks.
The picture quality on some of these is not good because they are taken from my phone.

How can you not fall in love with that face?
Yep - ole boy really fell asleep the entire trip to Wal-Mart that day!

What could he be thinking about?
This hairbrush is THIRTY years old!! (Yes, YUCK!) I have to find the picture of me holding it when I was a bit younger than him.
Never too early to start!
Twenty-fifth haircut

Fourth of July
Daddy & His Gang
I wanna be JUST like you when I grow up, Jaydon!
Seriously - GET OFF ME, you big baboon!
Baths rejuvenize
Power Naps Rock!
That smile is SO deceiving...little stinker!

Atta Boy!
Aba & her only Granddaughter

WT Swimming Pool - but look how green our grass is!
Sugar high before bedtime...