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Highway to Heaven...

As I mention in the "about me" section of my blog, I am a dreamer...
From 1984-1989, there was a show on TV called "Highway to Heaven" starring Michael Landon. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes when I talk about old TV shows, people say, "I don't know that one - I didn't have cable." Well, this was on plain Jane TV so I'm sure you've seen it.
Anyway, I LOVED that show-TOTALLY loved it! I thought it was the coolest thing ever that he was an angel and went around helping people, and making people realize that things can be accomplished and dreams can come true.
I want to be that angel! I want to help everyone! I want world peace! I want to put an end to poverty! I want to find a cure for Autism! I want to take the pain & suffering away from every cancer patient in the world! I want to travel to every single 3rd world country and put a plate of steak & potatoes in front of every child there! Rewind...I want to do that here in the United States too - there are plenty of people who need a good meal here too! I want to stop gang violence! I want to open my home to children who don't have positive influences in their lives and be a role model to all of them! I want my children to think that I have done everything in my power to give them the best lives ever! I want my husband to think that I am the best wife ever! I want my sister to think that I am the best sister ever! I want a lot...

Where do I start? How do I accomplish all of these things?
In Psychology, there is something called Maslow's Hierarchy. There are 5 levels to the hierarchy and the top level is self-actualization...the instinctual need of humans to make the most of their abilities and to strive to be the best they can. Working toward fulfilling our potential, toward becoming all that we are capable of becoming. I feel like I have fulfilled the first 4 levels of this hierarchy, and I want to work on this last one. I WANT to make the most of my abilities, and help society one step at a time. I want to be the best I can be!

I am a dreamer...and one day, I will be self-fulfilled...hopefully one day very very soon...

Good night!


Back to Work!

Today was my first day working with/for Andrea & Brian. They have their own business, (A Advanced A/C & Heating-use them the next time you have A/C or heating issues!!) and I'm going to be doing some data entry for them to get them caught up on paper work. Hopefully after that, I can continue to help them so they don't get behind again. Poor Andrea works full-time from home, is a mother of 2, and on top of all of that, helps Brian with the business. There were quite a few invoices, and I'm excited to be doing something again. (Not that mothering isn't "doing something" because mothering is a job times 10!) The only drawback is my son Jacoby Cade...dear sweet Jesus...he is SUCH a fussy baby. I feel like I didn't get nearly as much as I would like to done this morning. Andrea's newborn is the star angelic baby - kind of like Jaydon was. I swear that her daughter NEVER cries! Jacoby is just a different breed! He is fine if he is looking at me or if he is upright. He hates to be on his back, and he hates any swings or chairs. He is only happy on his back if he is flat in his crib. I guess he has gotten way too used to sleeping on his tummy. I can't complain too much because he sleeps through the night consistently, and his cry is so quiet, he sounds like a little lamb. You can't win 'em all!
Oh - and as much as I didn't want to get paid, Andrea & Brian insisted on paying me!

After that, I picked Jaydon & Gannon up from school. Nicki - Gannon's twin - is still in the hospital, so I am helping their family when I can. I took Jaydon to swim lessons, and Gannon came with us. Then we went and grabbed Wendy's to go so the boys could eat lunch. We came home, ate lunch, I fed Jacoby, made the baseball roster for the game, and off to pick Mark up. I got home again around 4:30, changed both boys into their baseball uniforms, fed them a snack, fed Jacoby, packed the game snacks, and off again...to the 6:00 baseball game. We got home again around 7:45, bathed both boys, read Jaydon bedtime stories, and he went to sleep at 9:00. Jacoby was awake from 2:00-9:45 today! Poor, poor baby - I feel SO bad for him and the fact that he can't sleep at all because of his big brother's activities!
Then at the game, poor Andrea had to watch him while he was being fussy. So not only did she have to listen to him this morning, she got to hear him whine all over again at the game. :( He was SO tired that he fell asleep before the game was over. That lasted for all of 15 minutes, and he stayed awake again until 9:45 - as I mentioned above. Little stinker!!! He SO fights his sleep!
So the game...
I was standing behind home plate helping Jaydon who played catcher the first inning tonight. Since the kids are so small, the catching equipment is a bit overwhelming, so I like to help them so they don't get tripped up. Anyway, I smelled cigarette smoke. As most of you know, I HATE cigarette smoke, and on top of that, I'm allergic to it. Take me to a bar where it's smoky, and I wake up the next morning hoarse, with major watery eyes, and I cannot breathe. So if I can smell the smoke, I know that Jacoby & Addyson, (Andrea's daughter) who are right behind me, are inhaling this. NOT cool! I exit the field and go to the stands where this person is smoking and say, "I'm so sorry to bother you, but can you move somewhere else with that? I can smell it where I'm at, and it's getting all over my babies." He turned every color under the sun and didn't know what to say. I can't remember if he apologized or not. Needless to say, he put out his cigarette, and I thanked him. Okay - so WHERE do you get off smoking at a little league game?!? Just because there aren't signs around doesn't mean you can smoke buddy! I'm all for "smoker's rights" and to each his own...but NOT at a children's event. If you go to a bar where that's at, and you don't smoke, then you are subjecting yourself to it on your own, so tough poopie! The kids at a game don't have a choice, and should not have to smell that crap! When I told Jeremy the story after the game, he was proud of me for standing up to him. Go me! :) It makes you feel good when your husband backs you up!

So here we are at 11:22 PM, and I'm about ready for my bed. I got 2 loads of laundry done - including washing the baseball uniforms which we will need again for another game on Thursday!

Look at my poll below and vote!!!

¡Hasta mañana!


Old Video

I'm not in the mood to blog tonight, so I thought I'd share a very old video I just found. Things like this make you so proud to be a mother, and I hope to be able to share these memories with my children in the years to come...

Jaydon was just turning 3 when the video below was taken in late 2005. Thanks Tia (Tia means "Aunt" in Spanish) for taking this! Jaydon was a LATE talker - VERY late, so it was always exciting to hear him say anything at all. It totally melts my heart to hear him squeal with delight in the middle of the video when he sees Tio - Tia Jessenia's boyfriend. She was trying to get Jaydon to say something, and he wouldn't - typical child behavior when the camera is rolling, and they don't want to cooperate.

Quick Story: Jaydon & Gannon were in the back seat on the way home from Mark's today, and Jaydon says, "Mom, look!" I turn around (Yes, great driver that I am; but I AM a mother, and I CAN multi-task!) and say, "What is it?" Jaydon says, "Mom, my pants, they have a hole in them. TWO holes!" So I say, "Jaydon, it's okay." He says, "Mom, it's really NOT okay. You are supposed to say...Jaydon, we'll buy you new ones." So I tell him, "Jaydon, I'll buy you new ones." He says, "Thanks Mom, that's much better."

Such a difference in conversation from the video above. They grow up so fast! I love you with all of my heart, Jaydon Cole! You are a special little boy, and you will always hold the middle part of my heart, right in between Daddy & Jacoby. Keep making the world smile, son!

Have a good night!



Sit back, relax - make a tub of buttered popcorn, grab some of that yummy chocolate, and enjoy the longest blog entry ever...

Saturday was a busy day at the Rogers household! (One day, I hope to say that I did NOT have a busy day.)
We got up at the butt crack of dawn and started our day with a sausage, egg, & cheese taquito - courtesy of Chef Jeremay.
Then it was off to the 12:00 (OMG, did the game HAVE to be at noon, RIGHT in the middle of the day???) baseball game. We played the Little League Superstars. Man was that team good!!! Okay, so they weren't really the "Little League Supserstars", but they were really good. One of the dad's from our team asked one of the kids how old they were and he says, "I'm 5." The dad says, "You are not 5. How old are you really?" The kid says, "I'm 6. I'll be 7 next month." BINGO! No wonder your kids are so good!! Sheesh - you've even got them lying about their age already! Not only have 5 of you played together before, you are almost 7 years old! Our poor kids are just 4, and barely turning 5. That's a HUGE difference!!! Needless to say, even though we don't keep score, we got smashed. It was 1-2-3 out every single inning. Our poor kids didn't even stand a chance. They did their best considering the circumstances though. Jaydon is becoming quite the hitter, and he was hustling to get the ball like crazy yesterday. Way to go, sweet boy! :)

After the game, we took the boys to Aba's (that's short for "ABuelA" which means Grandma in Spanish) house - it was 1:30 at this time. I bathed Jaydon, and Aba started making lunch for him. She whipped up some rice and steak - one of his favorites. Spoiled, spoiled boy! I packed enough food for 2 days for him but of course, he didn't want any of it and only wanted what Aba was making. Jacoby seemed to be adapting okay - yes, just okay. When I called to check on him later, my mom said that he was fussy and didn't want to eat. He wasn't crying, so that was good. I felt bad leaving him, but Jeremy and I DO need our time away, and alone. At the end, Jacoby slept through the night and she actually woke him up at 7:00 because he had been asleep for 8 hours and she wanted him to eat since he hadn't eaten well the day prior. She thought that if he was asleep that he wouldn't realize who was feeding him and that he would eat better - no such luck, he's used to mommy & daddy. My silly mother - let the boy sleep - he'll wake up when he's hungry! Oh well, it was fine and we are thankful to have such a good grandma who is always willing to take the boys - no matter what. Thanks Mommy! :)
Zane went over to her house yesterday too since Kristy was here. Jaydon and Zane always have fun together and last night was no different.

Jeremy and I came home after dropping the boys off and I cleaned cleaned cleaned, and he cooked cooked cooked. Yes, Jeremy was TOTAL chef yesterday and made all of our contributions for the potluck. We got ready and finished everything right at 6:30. We ended up having 17 people here - nice turnout. 4 people backed out at the last minute, but it was okay because they called in advance, and it's always expected for someone to flake for one reason or another.
Here is what we ate...
Chex mix, nuts, Deviled eggs, spinach dip, shrimp & cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon
Entree & Sides:
Pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, potato casserole, sweet & sour meatballs
Hummingbird cake, "Sandra's" cake, and fruit salad
Beer, Soda, Water, Wine and "fu-fu" Wine Coolers

Everything was VERY good - seriously. You know how sometimes there are things that you don't dare try? Well, that was NOT the case last night. I was very impressed with all of the food. At the end, we voted on "Best Dish" and it was a 2-way tie. Amanda's Sweet & Sour Meatballs, and Andrea's (Andi's) Potato Casserole both tied for first place. Jeremy voted for the former, and I voted for the latter. (We did not enter our own food into the contest.) In any case, there was NO question that those were the best 2 dishes because they got ALL of the votes! I felt like a complete fool because I only got one prize! I NEVER do that. I ALWAYS buy 2 prizes, just in case - ask anyone! The last 3 parties/showers I have hosted, I ALWAYS have a back-up and there has never been a tie. What is it - Murphy's Law? The ONLY time I don't have a back-up prize, there is a tie. So I gave the gift to Amanda and told Andrea I'd get her something later. Andrea said that I had already spent enough and she didn't need anything. (That went in one ear and out the other, as you'll find out later...)
People started leaving, and the last of the guests left around midnight. It's funny how in our younger years, we'd have "all-nighters" until 3 or 4 AM. We felt so old when everyone was gone by midnight. I guess that's what happens as you age. :(
We did have fun, laughed a lot, and we only hope that everyone else enjoyed themselves too. I know that everyone left with full bellies so that counts for something, right? Jeremy and I have been eating leftovers all day long too! We won't be eating pulled pork for a while after today!!!
I did find out that I have quite a few faithful blog readers, and that totally made my night. I think I have 5 readers instead of the 3 I originally thought I had. GO ME, and thank-you to my devoted fans! :)

This morning, (Sunday) we got up and picked the boys up from Aba's house. We discovered that it was WAY chilly outside for late April. It was 55º, so I grabbed a jacket for Jaydon, and a thick blanket for Jacoby. We came home and started picking up the house - again! Jaydon and Jeremy practiced baseball outside, and I hung out inside with Coby.
Sometime around noon, my guilt overtook me and I headed out to find Andrea a prize for tying for 1st place in the food contest last night. Her birthday is on Thursday, so it worked out well - a 2-in-1 gift. I delivered it to her front door and then called her when I left and told her to come outside to get it. She called back and was VERY thankful, so I really think she liked it. It was a manicure/pedicure gift certificate, a candle, some bubble bath, and some chocolate. Enjoy Andi - you are VERY deserving of it. :)

So here we are, Sunday night, and I'm blogging away. Desperate Housewives comes on tonight and that's what we'll be watching. Jaydon doesn't have school tomorrow, so there won't be a "bedtime" to worry about.

Oh oh oh - and the only bad thing about the potluck was that we DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES! DUH - how could we forget? Jeremy even made sure the batteries were charged in the camera. My sister is the camera FREAK, I LOVE pictures, and we didn't take any. TOTAL bummer! :(

That's it from here...
Thanks for reading - have a great week all!


Flowers, Food, & Fungus?

Jeremy took the day off today because he is a kind soul, and he knew that I would need help around the house. Today was supposed to be his review at 3:00, and when he quickly agreed to take the day off yesterday, I knew he was postponing the inevitable with regards to his review. (Ya - no raise in 2 years. NOT because of his performance though. I knew he didn't want to hear the bad news again this year, so it was rescheduled for Monday. Why ruin the poor man's weekend??) He knows how wacky I get before hosting something and my needing to make sure that everything is perfect, and he decided that he should help me - bless his heart. Tomorrow is our "Potluck at the Rogers", and we are excited to see our closest friends and family and "get our grub on"!

This morning/afternoon, we spent 4+ hours outside doing yard work. I know we are both going to wake up sore, but that's okay...it needed to be done. We bought pretty flowers (elephant ears) for the 2 pots out front. Jeremy trimmed the side and back bushes/landscaping while I did the front ones. I did them manually, and he used the electric thingy. Please let us know tomorrow who did the better job because I'll put money on the fact that I did, even though he had the advantage with the electric one.
He mowed, edged, and swept, and then we both picked up the limbs and trash.

We have had this green looking moldy fungus on the brick by our front entrance for over a year. We finally decided to try and do something about it. Jeremy's dad (Doyle) recommended putting bleach in a spray bottle, spraying the brick, letting it sit for a few minutes and then getting a powerful hose and washing it down. It was that, or going to Home Depot to rent a power washer. Well, we didn't have to because WOW - did that bleach ever work!! I spent about 30 minutes cleaning all of the brick around the front of the house. Pretty impressive what bleach can do! Now I know why I use the stuff to clean our bathrooms! Then we spent the next hour admiring our work - the DORKS that we are!

So after that, I went to pick Mark up. Then I came home, fed Coby, changed Jaydon out of his pajamas, (yes, this was at 5:00 that the poor boy got changed) and off we went to Wal-Mart to buy some yummy stuff for our get together. We are making pulled pork sandwiches and shrimp/cream cheese stuffed jalapenos as an appetizer. I'll save the details of the other food that is being brought for another blog. I want to play food critic after I've tried it all. :)
We also bought all of the plates, forks, napkins, etc. etc. I usually like to get "cute" stuff like at Party City but this time, I didn't. SHOCKER, huh? I just bought what Wal-Mart had and figured that nobody would notice and it all ends up in the trash anyway, right?

I made the roster for the game tomorrow, and got all of the buckets in order. I loaded up Jeremy's car with the equipment too.
We bathed the boys, read them bedtime stories, said our prayers, and now they are both in dreamland.
So now it's 10:55 and I have to finish folding laundry. I have 4 more loads to do too - it NEVER ends does it?

Happy sleeping - I'll let you know on Sunday about the rest of my wonderful weekend...


Tee-Ball Thursday...with no tee!

I was WAY too busy last night to blog...sorry to all 3 of you who read this!
Andrea and I went to the hospital last night to see Nicki. We were there from about 8-10:30. The visiting hours were over at 9:00, but Cathy didn't mind us there, and the nurses didn't say anything either. The 3 of us (Andi, Cathy and I) can have fun anywhere - it's cool and we enjoy the laughs. Nicki looked so much better! She was happy to see us, and she loved everything that we brought for her. Andrea got her some really cute balloons and then some of the kids from her class sent stuff too. We had games, toys, and tons of snacks for her, and she was excited. I fed her Mac & Cheese and Andrea fed her some fruit snacks which she ate right up. They took the tube out today - SUCCESS! Her lung is fully drained. She got to walk for the first time in 5 days, and she went to the play room with her brother too. According to Mom, she's back to "normal/sassy Nicki", (TYPICAL 5-year old girl!) which is good news to me!

Today was Jaydon's last day of school until Tuesday. It's their "Spring Break". They had a week off for Easter Break in March, and now this is considered Spring Break.

We had a baseball game tonight and the kids did SO well. They all did coach pitch and Jaydon was really good. He never struck out - GO JAYDON! He got 2 singles, an RBI, and he scored once!!! I have to say that ALL of the kids hit better coach pitch vs. off the tee. We were very proud of all of them!! Jaydon is so funny...He'll be out on the field and look around and if he sees someone not paying attention, he'll say, "Get ready!" I know he's just copying what we say, but he says it with such "power" like, "Hey, I'm in charge too-listen to me!" It's cute.

Here is a video of Jacoby that I finally got uploaded. ARGH - technology!! I did this on Tuesday when I took pictures of him in his room. He loves the attention and I love seeing him happy and hearing him babble. Enjoy!

We have a VERY long day tomorrow. I'll be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow night...


Diaper Dilemma

So here it is - my diaper dilemma... As I mentioned a while back, (or maybe I didn't mention this in my blog and it was in an email) Jaydon's school gave us and another family who had a newborn at the same time a TON of free diapers and wipes. We were given Huggies & Pampers both...about 200+ size 2 diapers. I have always been a Pampers fan. Jaydon used Pampers Swaddlers-size newborn, size 1 and size 2. Then he moved to Huggies Supreme at size 3 because the Pampers Swaddlers didn't come in anything bigger than a size 2. We followed the same path for Jacoby starting with the Pampers Swaddlers. Well, with the free diapers, we got a package of 96-Huggies Stay Dry. THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY, but they are the worst diapers ever!! They are size 2 and they are too tight on Jacoby. They leave little marks on his tummy and legs no matter how "loose" I put them. They feel like paper, and worst of all, he smells like urine in the mornings. They don't leak, but I swear that with the Pampers, he NEVER EVER smelled that way. I feel really bad, but Jeremy and I decided yesterday that we aren't going to use them anymore. (When Jeremy notices things like that, I KNOW that there is an issue and it's not just me being "Jessica".) So if you want a few size 2 Huggies Stay Dry, (like anybody will admit to wanting them after all I just said) just let me know! I know that sounds awful, and you'd think that a diaper is just a diaper, and Jessica, just use them they were free, but I cannot get over the smell!! We were also given some Pampers Stay Dry along with the Swaddlers, and I really liked those too. So my voting poll closed yesterday. Pampers got 60% (3 votes) and Huggies got 40% (2 votes) of the votes. I was just curious as to how others saw diapers, but it was too close to call. I'm honestly quite excited that I have 5 people reading my blog though - WOO HOO! :) Today was just another terrible Tuesday. I know I sound like the biggest pessimist on Tuesdays, but I run around like a chicken with its head cut off to & from school, swimming, my "part-time job" and errands. The kids had baseball practice tonight from 6:30-7:30 and I didn't go. I stayed home with Jacoby because the poor child got woken up from 3 different naps today to go take Jaydon to school first, then to pick Jaydon up from school and go swimming, then to go pick Mark up. I wasn't going to wake him up again at 6:00 for practice - I just couldn't do it to the poor little guy. Aside from eating right, sleeping is the next most important thing for a baby and I just feel awful everytime I have to wake him up. Jaydon did AWESOME at swimming today and I FORGOT MY VIDEO CAMERA!!! He swam by himself for a few feet and came up. It was AWESOME, and I was SO proud of him!!! This afternoon, in the 1 hour I get "off" between activities on my terrible Tuesday, I took some cute pictures of Jacoby. He's such a ham!

The week is halfway over tomorrow - SWEET!!!

Good night, sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite. If they bite, bite 'em back, and make 'em have a heart attack! :)
(Jaydon won't go to sleep unless that's the last thing I tell him every night.)


Monday, Monday...

La la, la la la la...on Monday morning you gave no warning...
AAHHHHH - Monday arrived and I was not ready!
(Yes, that song came out like 13 years before I was born, but my Dad used to make me listen to 98.7 KLUV in his stick shift 1979 Dodge Colt with no heat/AC and I know ALL of the oldies!)

Jeremy helped me by taking Jaydon to school this morning. Then I took Jacoby to his great-grandparents house for a bit so I could go to the hospital. I got to see Nicki awake this morning, and I fed her breakfast! She ate ½ a pancake, and a couple of bites of bacon. I then helped her change her pull-up and washed her down. (No, she doesn't wear pull-ups usually, but she has to while she's in the hospital.) She was upset because they only had boy pull-ups so I brought her some princess ones and that made her day. She was so happy to see me, and I was happy to see her awake. She asked me if I could stay with her all day long. I completely lost it and went to the bathroom so she wouldn't see me cry. Poor little girl - just breaks my heart when children are in pain, and I wish that I could take all of the pain for her. They are trying to wean her off the morphine and she went all day without it until 7:15 tonight. I was going to go back up to the hospital because she wanted me to read her a bedtime story before she went to sleep, but her mom called and said that the morphine put her right to sleep so I was off the hook. Cathy (her mom) said that she didn't want anybody to do anything unless they were going to "do it like Jessica". You'll be out soon enough Nicki and we'll paint our toenails together - I promise sweetie!

I just watched DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) and man oh mighty...Cristián & Jason Taylor are SO handsome! Totally love them and would NOT throw either one of them out of bed for eating crackers...if I wasn't married of course - DUH!! :)
I'm currently watching Bachelor, but I think I have ADHD or something because after sitting for 1.5 hours watching DWTS, I can't sit through all of Bachelor.

Nothing else to share today. Boring, boring, boring...sorry guys!

Tomorrow, you'll finally get to hear about my diaper dilemma and why I asked you to vote for your favorite diaper brand.



Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend came and went a little too quickly for my liking...
On Saturday, we had a 10:30 AM baseball game. The league decided to change the rules on us last week and let's just say that we "Rogers Coaches" were NOT happy. Originally, we were allowed to have some of the kids do coach pitch and the ones who weren't ready could do tee-ball. Well, they decided that everyone on the team had to do the same - either tee-ball or coach pitch, not both. We have the youngest team in the league with mostly 4½-5½ year olds. This league is made up of 6 year olds...and let's just say that some of these 5 ft. tall 6-year olds are probably NOT 6 years old!
Jeremy and I decided to do coach pitch for all of the team and because of that decision, we now have to hold a few practices to help the kids get ready. Aside from that, they REALLY need help out on the field. They don't understand yet that they don't all have to run for the ball - it's not a competition, it's a team effort. So needless to say, we've got a lot to work on. For only having 7 kids at the game - in a sport that requires 9 to play - we did alright. They always have fun, and that's all that should count at this age.

If you read my little section on the top left, you know that my poor little Nicki is sick. She has been sick for a week and when her mom took her to the doctor on Thursday, he said, "IT'S VIRAL - THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN GIVE - YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO LET IT TAKE ITS COURSE!" That "viral" infection turned into full blown pneumonia and Nicki was admitted to the hospital on Saturday morning and then had surgery on Sunday morning to remove the liquid from her lungs.
The twins had their birthday party planned for Saturday at Putt-Putt, but obviously they didn't have it. I called all of the parents who had RSVP'd and told them about the cancellation, and then I called Putt-Putt and asked them to please allow the Greenwoods to reschedule at no cost - they (Putt-Putt) were REALLY cool so they'll get to have the birthday party at another time. The bad thing is that Nicki has to be at the hospital for about another week and then it will be a 3-week recovery. By that time, school will be out. When all is said and done, her health is most important and so long as she makes it through all of this, that is all that matters.

We ended up taking Jaydon to CiCi's Pizza to make up for not going to the birthday. He's so sweet and said that he understood Nicki was sick, and then asked every 5 minutes, "Is Nicki better yet?"
After CiCi's, we went to Marshall's, Ross and TJMaxx. I found the cutest polo shirt for Jaydon and a matching outfit for Jacoby. I SWORE I would NEVER dress them the same for pictures. Jeremy and I ALWAYS laugh at the people whose families all have on red sweaters in their Christmas pictures and are dressed the same...but even HE said that the matching outfits were too cool to pass up. Now he wants a shirt like theirs too. Ummm...sorry babe, now THAT is too much! :)

After shopping, we went to Mark's (the boy I pick up in the afternoons) football game. He plays for the Colleyville Jaguars and they had a game at Fort Worth Christian. Their team won 32-0 - butt whoopin'! Jaydon was excited to be there and every time the whistle blew he would yell "Touchdown!" It made for some laughs as we tried to explain to him that every whistle didn't signify a touchdown.

Then Sunday....
Okay, let me back track. On Saturday night, I was BEAT!!!!!!!!!! - that's beat with a capital "B" and 10 exclamations! I went to bed (brace yourself Julie!) at 9:45 PM. That's about 2-3 hours before normal. SHOCKING, right? Well, I was bright-eyed & bushy-tailed at 4:42 AM. I cannot sleep more than 6-7 hours - EVER! What is wrong with me? So I got up and spent 3 hours cleaning my house while the boys slept. A great thing to be doing at 4:45 AM, huh?

Then Christina showed up at 10:00 for Jacoby's photo shoot. I was SO impressed with how well the pictures turned out. She sent me a sneak peek of a few of them, and I know that once they have been edited and cropped, they will be just right! Sorry everyone, you'll have to wait 2 weeks until the CD gets made and then I will post them. They are SO cute!!!

After the photo shoot, I went to the hospital to support Cathy while she was in the surgery waiting room. She called and when I asked her what I could do for her, she simply replied, "Please come up here." So I went up there and spent 3½ hours with her. I also got to keep Gannon company and take him to play in the play room so it was good for all.

Then we went to Target and got some groceries. We are usually Wal-Mart grocery shoppers, but Jaydon INSISTED that ONLY Target had the "CARS-KING car" that he wanted and sure enough...they did! So he got his little car and we got our groceries.

I watched DH tonight. That's "Desperate Housewives" for those who aren't in the know. It was better today than last week which was a good thing.

Sorry to make this so long, but that's what I get for waiting 2 days to blog!
Now it's time to catch some zzzz's. Nighty-Night!


Thursday/Friday Combo

Last night, there was bad weather and it was nice to sit on the couch with my family and listen to the rain, so I didn't blog - sorry to upset all 3 of you who may read this. :) Besides that, nothing really happened on Thursday that you would enjoy reading, so I didn't have a whole lot to say. Jacoby has been waking up every morning on his back. He wakes himself up like at 6:00 AM, and he starts talking to himself and laughing. When I finally realize that he's awake, I feed him a few ounces and then he's asleep within seconds. I guess he just needs to start getting used to the fact that he's rolling over. I'm sure that will happen soon enough.

Friday... This morning was "Donuts with Dad" at Jaydon's school. When I see Jeremy do ANYTHING with either of the boys, it totally melts my heart. Today was no exception. He was SO excited to go to school with Jaydon, and he even picked out his outfit (VERY cute!) and did his hair - just like his own, I might add. I don't know if he's the best daddy out there, but if he isn't, he is surely in the top 2...but only because my own daddy is right up there with him. They had some very cute things made for the dads at the school. There was a poem that made me cry when I finally read it earlier, a footprint with another poem, a picture of Jaydon wearing a NASCAR hat backwards with a leather jacket and sunglasses in a homemade CARS (the Disney movie) picture frame, and a couple of cute drawings. Jeremy said it was great fun, and I'm glad he can enjoy things like that with our son. Below are a couple of pictures, and then one of the cutest things you'll ever read about what Jaydon had to say about his daddy.

Ashleigh was here today...our typical Friday afternoon. She is such a good little girl and Jaydon loves her. I am so amazed by how easily Jaydon speaks to her. They just chatter about anything & everything which is great therapy for my all too often "quiet" son.

Andrea (Ashleigh's mom) and I decided to go to dinner sometime this evening - just spur of the moment. They invited us to go out, and we thought it would be a nice break from the normal Friday monotony. We (all 8 of us) went to Shady Oak barbecue - if you've never been, it was delicious. Great loud atmosphere, (which is nice just in case the baby cried) quick service, and good food. Jaydon said the prayer which was very cute.
They (Andrea's family) also have a newborn who is one week younger than Jacoby. Thankfully, Jacoby did very well. He seems to be over the colicky stuff and now he's moving on to teething...which is also NO fun.
Andrea let me borrow some props for Jacoby's photo shoot on Sunday, so that was WAY exciting. She's got such a creative mind and when I grow up, I want to be as creative as she is. I don't think she realizes just how creative she really is, and never gives herself enough credit. (I know she'll read this and start blushing, but that's okay.)
So here we are - at home after dinner with stuffed bellies. Not only did I eat a HUGE meal with TOO much delicious, fatty, WHITE bread, I also insisted that we share dessert - a brownie sundae. It's funny because only the estrogen at the table ate the brownie - and then women wonder why men always lose weight more quickly?!? Go figure!

A cute story and then I'll sign off...
When we were walking to the car from the restaurant, Jaydon says, "Mommy, Daddy - look, a full moon - WOW!" So we said, "Yes Jaydon, you are right. It IS a full moon." We get in the car, start driving home and I notice him just staring at the sky. As we are turning on our street, he says, "I think the moon followed us home."
He is the sweetest little boy. God bless him!

¡Hasta mañana familía, amigos, y amigas!


Spoiled...but NOT me this time!

Well, Kristy Lee Cook is gone from Idol, and I'm happy about that! COME ON DAVID COOK - sing your heart out and win this thing!

I got to Jaydon's school today and he was wearing a different outfit than what I had sent him to school in. I thought, "Surely he didn't have an accident!" Jaydon has NEVER (knocking on wood now) had an accident - ever. When Mrs. McKeown opened the door, she explained that Jaydon had spilled water on his shirt and pants at snack time, so she changed him because it was cold. Even SHE spoils my son!! So I look in his back pack and pull out the "wet clothes" and they are BARELY damp. I can just see the look on his pouty little face as he's telling his teacher, "My clothes are SOOO wet - please change me." Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!
...BUT, it makes me feel good about his teacher and the fact that she cares. She has been a God send this year, and I know that I'm not the only parent who feels that way. She is nurturing but firm - which is EXACTLY what you need in a pre-K teacher. She even came to Jaydon's game last night! There are 5 kiddos from her class - including Jaydon - that play together. It was VERY sweet of her, and the kiddos enjoyed seeing her there.

I got to talk to my friend Julie on the phone today. The countdown above for Baby Garvey is for her - she's due on September 7th, and she's having a little girl. She also has a 10-year old son and a 6-year old daughter, and they are both happy to be getting a new sister - especially the 6-year old.
Anyway, Julie and I are email buddies and we rarely talk on the phone or see each other...although I talk to her through email more than anyone I know. This time I talked to her from my HOME PHONE Jeremy, instead of wasting 100 minutes on my cell phone. Yes, when we do get to talk, our conversations are RARELY under an hour. Jeremy can't get over the fact that we have things to talk about on the phone after we've spent half of our day emailing each other. IT'S A GIRL THING! :)

The week is almost over...talk to y'all tomorrow!


Terrific Tuesday.....SIKE!

Yes I'm a child of the 80's and I still use stupid terms like "SIKE"! :)

It's the song that never ends...it just goes on & on my friend...some people started writing it a long long time ago...this is the song that never ends...
THAT is what my day felt like today!

I've said it before, but Tuesdays are awful at the Rogers household. I usually have some sort of errand to run in the morning followed by 7 loads of laundry - my weekly amount. Why I save it all for one day, only the Lord knows, but it's just habit.
Anyway, then it's off to get Jaydon and straight to swimming. I managed to get a decent video of him swimming today, but the glare from the glass & sun makes it hard to see. SO...one more week before you can see Jaydon swimming guys - sorry.
Then off to lunch and then leave to get Mark - the little boy I pick up from school and take home. He is 12 years old and in 7th grade. Today's conversation with Mark:

Jessica: Mark, I was just thinking that I'm old enough to be your mother. THAT is a scary thought! I would have been a VERY young mother, but I am definitely old enough.
Mark: So that makes you 30?
Jessica: Almost 30- but why did you guess that I'm 30?
Mark: Because girls have to be 18 in order to have a baby. Since I'm 12, then you would have to be 30.
Jessica: Really - 18, huh? I would say that you need to be at least 22 to have your first child because that's when you are a responsible adult.
Mark: Yes - that's what I've heard. Then in August when I turn 13, you won't be old enough anymore.
Jessica: But I'll keep aging too, silly - of course I'll still be old enough.

It's just funny to me that he thinks you have to be 18 to have a baby. The innocence of children - even at the age of 12. I hope that he keeps some of that beautiful innocence forever.

So after that, Mark needed a haircut (which I take him to every 4 weeks - RIGHT next to his house) and his hairlady was running late. I got out of there at 4:15 and then had to take him home, and get to my Mom's house to pick the boys up. Then it's off to fight rush-hour traffic to try and get home in time to change, change Jaydon, and then get to his game BEFORE 6:00. Since we coach, we can't just show up at 6:00. So we get to the game in record time. Then we have the "Mr. Know-It-All" umpire who messes up my whole bucket system when the kids are on deck, and he had a rule for EVERYTHING! UGH - they are 5 years old - this isn't the major leagues buddy!! Now I wish I would have gotten in his face or something so that I could have ended up on a cool video on YouTube.
Then after the game, we STILL haven't eaten dinner and then we have to get home to get Jaydon bathed and fed and in bed so he's not a complete zombie at school tomorrow. WHOMEVER MADE THE BASEBALL SCHEDULE DOES NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!! Then they have ANOTHER game this Saturday. Again - HELLO THEY ARE 5 YEARS OLD!!
Amanda & Ameet watched Jacoby for us while we were at the game. Thank you so much friends! My friend Andrea offered to watch him during the game, but she has her own little angel to take care of and I just hate thinking that she's watching 2 babies instead of watching her daughter play. BUT...she ALWAYS says she doesn't mind - nice friend that she is!!!

So here I am - surprisingly relaxed. :)
This is MY time on the computer, and it's so nice to type a mile a minute just venting!!!

I've written enough. Sorry to bore you today, but I just needed to release.
Breathe in, breathe out...

Have a wonderful hump day!


Catnapping Fish Fry

I have officially turned my son into a catnapper - the poor thing!
Having an older brother in pre-K and who has activities during the week doesn't make it easy for poor Jacoby to take naps. It seems like everytime he goes into a heavy sleep, it's time to put the poor baby in his car seat to go pick Jaydon up or take him somewhere. I feel SO bad for him. It was easy with just Jaydon because we had nowhere to go.
So you ask - why don't you leave him in his carseat to sleep? Well, I do - sometimes. I just don't like seeing him all crouched up in there when he has a big beautiful crib to stretch out in. He is a tummy sleeper, (He's been holding his head up since he was 2 weeks old, and Jaydon was also a tummy sleeper.) and he doesn't do so well on his back - we tried! It all works itself out by the end of the night and he gets his 10 hours of nighttime sleep, but I still feel bad for the little guy.

An uneventful day ended with a GREAT dinner...
Jeremy's parents came over with some tilapia, wild rice, hush puppies, and I baked a pineapple upside-down cake this afternoon. We used our fish fryer, and it was THE BEST MEAL WE'VE HAD IN AGES! The fish was not too greasy - in fact, you couldn't even feel/see ANY grease on it at all. It was crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The hush puppies were perfect, and the cake was moist and yummy. We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed it very much so. Jaydon even took a bite which made us happy, but then decided he didn't like it. At least he tried it, right?
So you know how it is when people are coming over...you clean up before hand and then ask yourself afterwards why you bothered to clean before they came when you see the mess that's been left. Our kitchen was so messy! It has since been cleaned. I couldn't go to bed and rest properly knowing that it was dirty.

We have a busy day tomorrow, so I should get some rest.

Take my survey below...I'll explain why in the next few days.

Happy sleeping!



Today - April 13th, 2008, at 9:21 PM - Jacoby Cade Rogers rolled over for the very first time!!! He is just a little over 3 months old. Go Jacoby go! I started yelling and thank goodness that the door to Jaydon's room was closed, or he would have woken up. Jeremy thought I was nuts, but I know he was just as excited (probably more!) as I was.

This weekend was SO jam slammed with stuff, so here is the very condensed version... On Saturday, we had Jaydon's baseball game at noon. The kids played SO well. Jeremy and I loved how focused they all were, and we wish that all of their games were on Saturday morning. Sometimes they play in the evenings during the week, and you can tell that they are tired during those games. In case some of you don't know, Jaydon plays on the Texas Rangers and Jeremy and I coach the team. (Pictures below) After tee-ball, we went with 2 other families to eat lunch at Chili's. Good times when you have 4 children all the same age at one table. It actually made for some good laughs and the Greenwood's treated all of us which was SUPER nice of them. We tried to get them to take our money, but they wouldn't. Thanks Greenwoods! Then that evening, Jaydon went to Ashleigh's house and played with Ashleigh, Gannon & Nicki. They are officially the "4 Muskateers"! Jeremy and I took Jacoby and went to eat dinner at Ameet & Amanda's. She made chicken stroganoff - which was delicious - and she had about 43 appetizers. She's just like me and scared of running out of food. There were 4 of us eating, and it would have fed 14.

So I was up until 3:00 AM writing the journal entry for Mr. Hopper. I do it to myself though - I'm such a perfectionist and what should have taken me 30 minutes, took me 12 hours - seriously, 12 hours. That's okay, it's for my boy and I would have still done it if it would have taken 12 million hours.

Today was BEAUTIFUL outside and we were outside doing yard work. Jeremy did most of it, I admit, but it's my job to trim the landscaping. I was enjoying the boys & weather so much, that I told myself I'd do it tomorrow. Yes, kind of like the motto for the fat man's diet, "I'll start tomorrow." :)

Check out the beautiful pictures below, and have a great Monday!

Jaydon & the FAMOUS Mr. Hopper

Jaydon & Coach Daddy at the game

The 4 Muskateers - Jaydon, Nicki, Gannon & Princess Ashleigh at Ashleigh's House


Fabulous Friday...

Jaydon got to bring Mr. Hopper home this weekend. Mr. Hopper is a large stuffed frog that each of the children in pre-K get to take home weekly. Then at the end of the week or weekend, you write about what you did with Mr. Hopper in a journal, and add some pictures. All of the journal entries are in one book, and it was cute to read about what each child did with him.
Anyway, this weekend was Jaydon's turn - it's his first time to have him, and he must have known he was getting him because he told me all week that "I'm getting Mr. Hopper soon!"
So let me tell ya something gross - Mr. Hopper needed to be washed...badly...so I washed him. Only God knows how many things/humans (I'll stop there!) have touched that frog. After looking through the journal, Mr. Hopper has been to Lake Belton, Mineral Wells, a hospital, a family barbecue, Putt-Putt, a construction site and he even sat on a Harley. I wasn't about to let my little boy drag him around all weekend like that. Mr. Hopper stunk too...but not anymore, thanks to Tide and Suavitel fabric softener. Mr. Hopper is currently wearing Jacoby's pajamas because Jaydon insisted that even a frog needed pajamas, so this weekend is going to make for some cute pictures that I'll post on Sunday.

Ashleigh came over today and spent the afternoon/early evening with us. She & Jaydon play very well together. (No Kristy, not as well as with Zane, but Zane is a boy so it's different.) We went to Chick Fil-A and Mr. Hopper came with us and took pictures with 2 policemen eating there. Anyway, 3 kids (Ashleigh + my 2) under one roof is a lot. Sorry Jeremy, I still want one more. Luckily they go outside a lot which is nice. I took them down the street and they got to play with some other children from their class and tee-ball team, and they had a blast. I know that Jaydon will sleep very well tonight, and hopefully Ashleigh does too. I love having her here. :)

We experienced a new place for dinner tonight...Taco Casa. If you've never been, it beats the heck out of Taco Bell and Taco Bueno. Their tacos were delicious and I liked the burrito too. WAY good and WAY cheap! Thanks Andi for recommending it to us and contributing to my family's fattiness.

Time to relax for a bit...long day ahead tomorrow!

Night Night!


Are Those the Tornado Sirens?

So last night was CRAZY with a capital "C"...
Like I said yesterday, I love sleeping with the blinds open when it rains, but not when I think that my life is in jeopardy! At 3:30 AM, I awoke with a start to some loud noises (thunder) outside, and Jeremy was turning the TV on. FOX 4 showed weather maps with bright red images (not good!) and it was all headed our way. Not 3 minutes later, the electricity goes out and the tornado sirens start sounding! Thank you, Mother Nature, for disconnecting my electricity at THAT moment! Without the TV on, how on Earth do we know what's going on and furthermore, how on Earth did you people survive back in the old days when there was no TV? :)
Jeremy and I hurry to get the boys, and we run into our master bedroom closet. Jeremy goes back to the garage to get Duke, (our 9 year old, 45-lb. beagle) and we are all "safe" in the closet. Jacoby is sound asleep, and Jaydon is covering his ears. The lightning is intense and the thunder is making the house shake. Jaydon asks if we will keep him safe, and we say "Of course!" Jeremy has a flashlight in hand trying to make Jaydon feel better...and then it all stops - it just stops! We get out of the closet, the electricity comes back on, and after a few thunder scares, it's all over with. Mother Nature, can you do that during the day next time? :)
We were all able to get back to sleep within minutes which was nice because I usually can't get back to sleep after I wake up. I must have been extremely tired.

We discovered today that Jacoby is officially too big for his bassinet! He scoots on his tummy a lot and when he makes it to the top of the bassinet, he only has about 1 inch to spare at the bottom. So now it's crib ALL of the time, and not just at night. He loves his crib though because of all the designs, so that's good.

I made picadillo (Recipe: http://latinfood.about.com/od/cuba/r/beefpicadillo.htm - I double the garlic) for dinner with white rice. It takes me a while to make it - there's a lot of "prepping" - but our whole family loves it, including Jaydon. We noticed recently that Jaydon will eat almost anything as long as there is white rice with it. What a Cuban boy he is! :)

Oh, and DON'T GET ME STARTED ON AMERICAN IDOL! I was SO upset that Michael was voted off! I am a fan of David Cook, and I want to see him (David C.) win, but Michael had done extremely well these past couple of weeks.
Can somebody see that Kristy Lee Cook, or Syesha Mercado go home please??? I like country, but Kristy just doesn't do it for me. David Archuletta has fallen off the charts and has only had 2 good performances since the beginning of the show - he's WAY overrated.
...and that's Jessica's opinion of the day.

Time to clean up the collection of 9,450,678 Thomas & Friends toys that have overtaken my home!



She needs God!

We had a good day today at the Rogers household...
Jeremy was nice enough to take Jaydon to school this morning, and Jacoby slept until 9:15 AM. Yes, that's 11 hours of sleep for that boy! I know that's probably not good at this age, but I don't care because he wakes up happy & refreshed, he's gaining weight, and when he's happy, it makes Mommy very happy.
I'm a little nervous that because he sleeps so much, he may not be getting enough formula. I read that at his age - 3 months - he should be getting 32-40oz. per day. I just don't see how that's possible unless you are feeding 6oz. every 4 hours. We can do that during the day, (and we do) but I'm not about to wake him up every 4 hours at night. So he's getting less than that. I can't stress over it because he's growing and who defines "the norm" anyway?

We went to speech therapy today and Jaydon is showing improvement. Since turning 5, (maybe a little before) Jaydon has made some miraculous changes, and I think that pre-K has helped him too. Jeremy left work for an hour to come to his session - what a great daddy he is! Jaydon was really excited to see him, and it make me so emotional to see them bond. I love that feeling!

No venting to do today, nothing too exciting to share either. We ate hot dogs for dinner (YIPPEE...NOT!) and watched parts of Idol Gives Back. There are supposed to be storms tonight, and I love sleeping with the blinds open when it rains.

Tonight's funny moment...
Jaydon was saying his prayers tonight and he said his usual "thank-yous and bless my mommy, daddy, Jacoby and me" etc. etc. He says, (and I'm not going to name the girl's name because you never know who will read this) "Bless my friend from school. We were playing tag you're it, and she bonked her head and cried." I said, "Jaydon, that's sweet of you to bless your friends - you're a sweet boy. Let's finish praying." He says, "...she's bad a lot Mom, and she needs God!"
We totally cracked up. He says some of the funniest stuff!

Sleep tight - don't let the bed bugs bite!


Age is just a number...

Tuesday started off like any normal day...rushing to get Jaydon ready for school, and then come to find out he has a substitute. I hung out at the school after dropping Jaydon off. Cathy & Andrea were there, and we talked for like 40 minutes. It's SO amazing to me that we get along so well - there's me, a 20-something (okay, ALMOST 30!) then Andi and Cathy who are in their 30's & 40's respectively. (I won't give your ages away ladies.) You would think that with such a gap in age, we wouldn't have anything in common...but it's the COMPLETE opposite! We laughed at the funniest of things and talked about a wide array of topics. You wouldn't believe some of the subjects that we discussed in the parking lot of a CHRISTIAN school. It was much needed though, and made for an extremely pleasant morning. I guess some things don't ever change - regardless of age.

Jaydon said that his substitute was "mean", but I didn't know how to take that. I remember that as children, we always hated substitutes, so I imagine that even in pre-K, they give the subs a hard time.

Jaydon had swim lessons today. He is doing so much better. This is a little boy who LOVES the water park and all of the slides...a little boy who will go down the slides alone, and then CLINGS to me in a swimming pool. I don't have to get in the water at swim lessons (thank God!) but I feel bad for his teacher sometimes. He is improving though, and I'm proud of him. I'm going to try and upload a video clip from his lesson today - although it's not so good because I was trying to carry Jacoby while taping him at the same time. Scratch that, I'm going to save it for next week when I can get a better video.

After swimming, we went to BK for lunch. I ate a Whopper Jr. and enjoyed every last bite. NO cheese, no fries and no soda.

Jacoby behaved very well today. I was shocked that he only cried once, and only for a few minutes because he was hungry. It is definitely a fluke.
I have tried 5 different kinds of pacifiers, and he doesn't like any of them. He spits them out and then he won't open his mouth again when I try to put them back in. I guess he knows he's working hard and not getting anything from it (milk), so it's not worth his time. Lazy little fat boy. :)

So here's today's problem...
When on a service road and you come to a yield, who has the right of way? Is it you on that service road, or the people exiting the highway? THE PEOPLE EXITING THE HIGHWAY HAVE THE RIGHT-of-WAY, RIGHT?? So why is it that I'm yielding and EVERY single car behind me on the service road decides it's okay to go over the lines behind me, get in front of me, and cut me off?? This happens EVERY day, west bound near the Rufe Snow exit. PISSES ME OFF! Please NRH cops - read my blog!!! You could make some money for your city if you sat there one day!

MY HOUSE IS FINALLY CLEAN! It's so nice to come home to a clean house.

So tonight, we had tater tot casserole for dinner with cornbread. Nice & fatty! Thanks to the Sandhu's for the recipe. It's such an easy meal to make, and Jeremy loves it, so it's a winner in our house.

Time for Jacoby's last feeding and bath. We've started bathing him about 2 times per week now. I don't know if that's too much or too little. Any ideas, let me know!

I still have to clean the kitchen up and pay a few bills online. It's looking like a 12:00ish bedtime tonight...so typical lately!


Yesterday was the day that I thought would NEVER end...
I know my day is going to be crappy when both of my boys are still asleep at 7:45 AM. Jaydon has to be at school at 8:20. Thank goodness we live literally 4 minutes from the school and he's never been late. It's just "rush-rush" to get 2 kids ready plus myself and oh...why do 5 year old boys refuse to brush their teeth?? UGH! I've tried everything from threatening, to bribing and none of it works. I have to stick the toothbrush in his mouth and do it myself - for fear that the teacher might send him home if I don't because of the fumes that come out of that boys mouth. So then it's come home to a messy house and take care of Jacoby. I thought that staying home was supposed to be fun! (Okay, I admit - I'd rather be at home than at work!) I had to pick Mark up from school at 2:45 and then, of all things - MY CROWN FELL OFF! I have ONE bad tooth, the ONLY cavity I've EVER had and that poor tooth has gone to crap. I think that's why I force the tooth brush down Jaydon's mouth. So do ya know what the dentist says? "Fix it with Fixodent and we'll see you in the morning!" NICE, huh? So Granny Jessica now has her crown fixed with Fixodent.
The day DOES get better though, thanks to Jeremy. :) He knew what a bad day I was having and rushed home to the rescue. He started cleaning up for me and he went to Wal-Mart and got groceries. What a nice man! Later that evening (like 10:00), I go to the bathroom to find 2 candles lit, the bathtub full of hot water and our full body massager in the tub. He sat on a stool, opened a facial mask (that HE bought on his own!), put it on my face, and then he started scrubbing my feet with a foot scrub and massaging them! That man sure knows the way to a woman's heart. When we were done, I told him he should open a store, call it "Top Nail" (No, no "S" needed in "Nail".) and rename himself Wa-Ling! It was pure bliss...
7:50-gotta run. Tuesdays are AWFUL around here but after last night, I am VERY relaxed. Tootles!


My LUCKY Husband!

My husband is one lucky man! Aside from being married to a beautiful woman,(HAD to throw that in!) he got to go to the NASCAR race today...for free. He is sitting behind the start/finish line, and I won't even begin to mention how jealous I am. Our friends from Jaydon's class had an extra ticket and offered it to him this morning. Nice Surprise! Besides all of the excitement of NASCAR, he is probably getting a nice golden tan which I am in DESPERATE need of. I wore capris the other day and was completely blinded by my milkyness. Someone would forget that I was "brown" by nature, (Hispanic & Arabic) by looking at my legs!
I have spent the day doing nothing. My house is a mess and I don't care. Did you read that people - my house is a mess! When has Jessica's house EVER been a mess? You can SO tell that I have another child now. It is nice just admiring the kids all day long and not worrying about cleaning up. I can always do it tomorrow, right?
This weekend was fun-filled and exciting. We had tee-ball practice on Saturday, out to lunch at Kincaid's in Fort Worth, out to Putt-Putt after that, and then we went to Thrift Town. Quite a variety of people at that store and a nice experience if you've never been. You wouldn't BELIEVE the things that people donate and are ACCEPTED. Jeremy found taco holders. We cracked up at that! Why would you want to put tacos on a taco holder? There must be another world out there that I'm unaware of.
Off to make dinner - pork chops and mixed veggies tonight.