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Thirteen Months

I have finally decided that she is mine.

It took over a year, but the decision was finally made. She is just like her momma. 
See if you can decide how I determined that she was mine. You might just see a common thread in the post that follows.

The blue eyes are officially gone. They are still a dark hazel. She is sweet as pie, sassy as a teenager, precious as can be...and stubborn as a mule!


She has now been 'walking' for about a month. She started off taking 2-3 steps. Then she moved on up to about 6-8. She then moved to 10+. She can now make it across an entire room.

In fact, she will throw her head back in a fit of rage if you try to make her walk.  Have you seen a 12-month old throw a temper tantrum?  Because she does.  The boys never did that.


I have tried and tried to record this large milestone. Over and over again. It isn't happening. It just isn't. I have spent an entire month trying, and I give up.

I really think that she prefers to crawl. She feels very "baby" when she crawls, and knows that we will lift her up off the floor. Third child syndrome?  Her brother doesn't like for her to be on the floor, and he (Jaydon) is starting to carry her more and more. She likes loves that.


Amazing how I have had all three extremes with my kiddos.

Let's review, shall we?

Jaydon - Never crawled. Did all physical milestones early. Took his first steps at 8 months, and was walking alone by 10 months.

Jacoby - Never sat still. Did everything on time, or a little early. Crawled at record speeds by 7 months. Was walking alone around 11 months, and hasn't stopped for a millisecond since then.

Jilian - Never decided what she wanted to do. (Is she a real woman or what?  Can't make decisions.) Sat up at 6 months, crawled at 7 months...and is still crawling.


All three children were made by the same two people. Funny how the gene thing works.

I am not worried. I know that all kids are different. I know that she is not behind. I know that she is still way ahead of the curve. I know that she is her own person.  I know that she will be talking in complete sentences by next week the way she already babbles and says quite a few words with meaning.

I also know that I have a long road ahead because that little girl SO knows how badly we want her off our dirty (not on purpose - it just stays dirtier than I would like with three kids and a dog!) floor, and she refuses.

Happy 13-Months, Sassy! S.T.U.B.B.O.R.N


Happy Valentine's Day Weekend

My mom had been in Oklahoma City for a few days. She does these shows with various friends. They are basically little spaces set up in HUGE arenas where people showcase their homemade items. There were SO many cute little outfits for girls. There were candles, purses, jewelry. SEVEN buildings worth of eye candy for a mom with little ones. It was pure bliss if you weren't on a strict budget.

Jaydon decided on Saturday that he wanted to go see his Aba (Aba is short for Abuela in Spanish). So we up and packed a few bags, and left to fulfill his only Valentine's Day wish.

I am type A. This was hard for me. I will do anything to make my boy happy though. He is a boy of few words and requests, so when he asks for something, he usually gets it. Spoiled? Not really. Really, he's not.

1. Have you ever been to Oklahoma in the middle of the Winter?
2. Have you ever slept in an 18x18 space with THREE children and 2 pack-n-plays?
3. Have you ever been to Oklahoma in the middle of the Winter?
4. Have you ever tried to drive a double stroller through spaces that are only meant for undernourished females with no hips?
5. Have you ever been to Oklahoma in the middle of the Winter?
6. Have you ever sat in a car for 3+ hours with three children?
7. Have you ever been to Oklahoma in the middle of the Winter?

Holy Smokies.

Thank goodness my children are good sleepers. We thought we were going to lose our minds in that small hotel room. It had 2 queen sized beds and was very new and clean, but uncomfortable is putting it lightly.

The car ride to and from was okay. We had it timed just right to where they would all take a potential nap. They nap 2-3 hours at home, so it was such a relief when they fell asleep 10 minutes in on BOTH trips. ...only to wake up exactly 43 minutes later both times. I thought kids slept in cars? I guess mine like the comfort of their own beds.

Let's just say that Oklahoma is F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G! cold in the Winter months. OMGosh! (Yes, I just used OMG in a post!) Talk about blistering wind blowing right through you. It didn't matter where you stood. Mr. Wind knew it, and almost knocked ya down. We woke up Sunday morning to some ice and snow, but it wasn't bad - thank goodness. I don't know what I would have done if we would have stayed in that room for more than just sleep. The hotel had an indoor pool, but who brings swim suits when they leave their home and it is 42º with a 20 MPH wind?

All in all, we spent a nice Valentine's Day together as a family. No flowers, (which I don't like anyway) no expensive food. Just some good 'ole bonding for all of us.

I failed to mention that this was all a surprise for Aba. That is a story in and of itself. Let's just say that we didn't even see Aba until Sunday morning. No bueno.

Jaydon funnies from the trip:

"Dad - Mom just gave ME the first kiss on Valentine's Day! Haha." *evil snicker*

"Mom, this Oklahoma chicken sure tastes better than the Texas chickens."
(As we sit at McDonald's.)

"That sign just said 'Welcome to Texas'. It should say 'Welcome BACK to Texas'. What are they thinking?"

I ♥ my boy.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Five Brutal Confessions of a Stay-At-Home-Mom

I am going to admit some things to all three of you who read my blog. Since you are all female, I am going to be extremely candid. If you are male, just live with it.

Are you ready?

1. I have a hard time shaving my legs in the winter. Anything below 40º calls for no razor to the legs. Can you remember a night in the past few days weeks that it has been above 40º? Sound disgusting? I'm not granola, I promise. I still shave the underarms religiously, but the 'ole legs may ask for a new owner soon. I cannot stand when I get goose bumps, and the hair on my legs starts to grow back after I shave. That drives me insane more than the thought of hair on my legs. Tell me you can relate.

2. I won't let my children leave the house unless they are dressed "to the 9's", and look cute. I would even go as far as to say that if their hair isn't done, I make them wear hats. (I have boys, folks - talk about OCD, huh?) However, I leave every morning to take my son to school with only socks on my feet, sweats and a t-shirt, and no bra on. I spend 6 out of 7 days per week in that same get-up. I read blogs where people dress up daily, and put make-up on. Most days, I didn't even wear make-up when I worked. I always dressed very work appropriate, but make-up wasn't a must for me. Maybe that's why I can still pass for a 20-something. (Just don't look at the gray hair that I've had for 12 years.) I know my skin loves me...and the wrinkle free aspect of my life is 'oh so grand'!

3. I cannot eat lunch or dinner without having a dessert. I.just.can't.do.it. I don't have a slice of cake, or a bowl of ice cream, or two four cookies after every meal. Sometimes, even a Hershey Kiss is enough. I just have to eat something sweet, or my day is not complete. I'm pretty sure I picked that up from my parents because I still notice them doing the same thing. (They are both rail thin & healthy, too!)

4. When I walk into someone else's house and smell newspaper or pet odors, I instantly barf in my mouth. First of all, pet odors are disgusting. I have a dog - a smelly hound dog - and his odors drive me insane. He IS mine though, and I live with it...after I douse the house in Lysol. Other pet odors - not so much.
The newspaper thing. Don't get my husband started on that one! He thinks I am a freak. The smell and feel of newspaper send me over the edge. I won't touch newspaper...ever! When we get our Tuesday/Wednesday circulars & coupons, they INSTANTLY go in the trash. I literally go from the mail box to the side of the house where we keep our outdoor trash bins, and they are disposed of. I don't know what it is - it's just gross.

5. When I make a grocery list, I write down what I need in accordance with how that store is set-up. Albertson's, Wal-Mart, Target - they all call for the list to be written differently. Things just have to be in perfect order to make for the ultimate shopping experience.

What are some of your confessions?



The other morning, Jeremy took off with the boys to get donuts for breakfast. Jilian stayed behind with me, and I ran into my bedroom to put some laundry away while she was in the kitchen.

I come back from my room, and Jilian is gone. We live in an 1,800 s.f. house - not some mansion, so I knew she couldn't have gone far.

She loves playing in Jaydon's room, so I check in there...no Jilian. I go to her room...no Jilian. I come back around into the kitchen, and finally see the culprit.

Exhibit #1:

Jeremy Someone must have left the child latch off the pantry door. I hurry to capture the picture thinking that she is going to open the door any second, and I won't be able to get this on my camera.

Nothing. No movement.

Oh - so you are playing, are you little one?

"Jilian, Jilian...where are you?"


"Sassy, where are you?"


"Sassy - peek-a-boo - come out and see Mommy."

I see the door get kicked open.

Exhibit #2:

"There you are, Sassy girl - I found you!"

Exhibit #3:

She then proceeded to do this OH...140 more times. She would curl up in a ball and climb into the bottom shelf. Then she wouldn't move until I called her name.

Sly little thing!


How Many Takes?

It takes 2 licks, and 1 bite to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop.
It takes 3 strikes, and you are out.
It takes 4 quarters to equal 1 dollar.
It takes 365 days to equal 1 year.

Take 1:
Take 2:
Take 3:
Take 4:
Take 5:
Take 6:
Take 7:
Take "I give up":

...and we will never figure out how many "takes it takes" to get the perfect shot.
At least it made for a cute post.
Happy Sunday!

(Ava Jade-13 Months & Jilian Cate-12 Months in their matching Children's Place sweaters)


Thirty + One

I am no longer a child.
I am no longer a teen.
I am no longer a 20-something.
I am no longer 30.
I am officially IN my 30's.
I am 30+1.

Happy Birthday to me!



Sibling Love

There are some days when you just let your children do as they please.
...because you know that doing that will make them happier than anything you do.
...because you have already tried everything in your power to get them to stop whining - and they won't.
...because even though they might get hurt or fall off the little car they insist on riding, every child gets bumped or bruised at least once in their toddler years.
...because deep down, you love them so much, you just melt every single time you hear them laugh.

Turn up your sound, and listen to Sassy girl...