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Jilian Cate's First Birthday

Our little lady turned the big O-N-E on January 20th, and we celebrated yesterday. Such a treat to spend time with family & friends. Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to celebrate like this...

(Missing from pictures, but in attendance: Aba, Aunt Pam, The Williams Family, Mrs. Hickman, and Stacia)

It was a chilly 32º in North Texas, but that didn't stop the kiddos from going outside to play in the bounce house.

They all came inside with bright red cheeks and noses, but at least they had fun.

I always buy food or cater any kind of celebration at my house, but for the sake of money saving, I cooked. (Darn economy!)
There were 25 adults and 14 children on the list of attendees, so you can imagine how much food I cooked. Because in my eyes, that RSVP really read: 455 adults, and 240 children. (If you don't know me, I cannot stand thinking that I won't have enough!)
I made 3 shrimp casseroles, and 2 lasagnas. Then I had salad and garlic bread.
Oh -and the pièce de résistance...the birthday cake. It was 3 tiers - marble, chocolate, and white. I know, I know, quite the cake for a one year old. What can I say? If I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it right!

THIS is the lady that made her delicious cake(s).

Sassy really enjoyed singing, and then smashing her cake. Can you tell?

The following picture made me chuckle. I know she is thinking: WHAT? What am I doing?
(We'll work on crossing the 'ole legs soon.)

We were SO thankful for all of the gifts she got. She got SO many new outfits...most of them from Children's Place - my FAVORITE little "non-Etsy" store. Then we got some gift cards which Sassy will learn to LOVE one day...if she's anything like her momma.

We also got a couple of toys, and a new big girl car seat. YAY! No more putting her in the carrier. She is right at 20 pounds, so it was perfect timing. (Yes, she is my petite little thing. She really & truly is the most feminine/dainty little girl that you will ever meet.) Thank you to Jilian's Godparent's for her new car seat!

I got a little lot of grief about her outfit. I'm pretty sure everyone loved it because I got a million compliments, but my closest friends gave me grief about the fact that I had her whole outfit - from head-to-toe - custom made. This included her shoes.

THIS lady made her dress, and THIS lady made her shoes. They were both so easy to work with, (they may not say the same thing about me!) and I can't thank them enough for their patience, and awesomeness!!!

All in all, it turned out to be quite the party. A few people stayed behind to help clean-up - God bless them! Ameet took pictures - God bless him! Andrea came over the night before to decorate everything, (see below for cake & candy table) and put together goody bags (see below) while I cooked. I had all of the stuff bought, but she started from ground zero, and it turned into the cutest decorated party ever - God bless her, too!
(Click on the picture below to see the plates. They matched Jilian's dress perfectly, and I was SO proud of that find!)

Well, Jilian - you can't say that you aren't loved. It was a lot of work, but if we had it to do all over again, we absolutely would. We love you, Sassy...more than you will ever know.

...and we know two other little faces that love you JUST as much!

Happy FIRST Birthday to our sweet, sassy & petite, beautiful angel...


These Eyes

Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

Last night, I was awful tired. I tend to sleep about 5-6 hours per night, and I am just fine. I guess I have had a long week of birthday party planning, because I was in bed at 11:00 last night, and completely asleep within minutes.

At some point, I felt these eyes on me. I knew I was dreaming. I couldn't be for sure, so I opened my eyes to see two eyes staring right back at me. I don't sleep in front of a mirror, so I was a bit startled. Then I see a huge smile and hear a chuckle.

Who do you think it was, staring at me right at midnight?

If you guessed Jacoby, you are right!

That little tornado has a bad habit of climbing out of his crib during naps. He has never done that at night. He has been climbing out for months, but we don't remove the front part of the crib and turn it into a bed because we thought that it would just be easier for him to get out without the front. Either way, he is going to climb out, right?

So Jeremy had to sleep on the couch last night. We were scared that he would try to roam the house again. It's scary to think that he was walking around at midnight by himself in the dark.

This weekend, we have to turn his crib into a bed. Hopefully once that happens, there won't be the "thrill" of getting to climb out anymore, and he will keep still.

It's just a reminder to always be on your best behavior...because you never know who is watching you!

Here We Go

Alright - it's official...

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. Instead of trying to play catch-up, I am just going to commit to trying to keep this bad boy updated with stories, jokes, and best of all, pictures. The whole point of doing this blog was to have a book for my children of everything they did that year. I can't let them down.

I am working on revamping, and I will start some interesting posts tomorrow.

Stay tuned...