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Jaydon's First Day of Second Grade

What can I say? 
He is definitely the most handsome second grader that has ever set foot inside his elementary school?  He is my angel?  He is such a blessing?  He did so well?

This year, I didn't get quite as emotional as in years past.  (Kindergarten & First Grade)  It has gotten better year by year, but it isn't any easier for sure.
I am, however, going to miss having him around.  He is my little helper.

He woke up promptly at 7:00 and said, "Today is the first day of school, right?"  I think he was half asleep. 
I packed his lunch, ironed his shorts, and he ate breakfast.  He actually ate some dry cereal this morning along with his Ensure.  I explained that he would have to eat more at breakfast because his lunch time will be later and later every year.  It must have clicked because he ate a lot of cereal. 
He then opened his "first day of school card" that Tia Jessenia had mailed him.  He was excited because it said to call her at 6:30 PM to tell her about his day.  He came home after school and counted down the hours minutes seconds until 6:30.  Thanks, Tia!

Jeremy stayed home with the two little ones this morning so that I could walk Jaydon in.  Thanks, babe!  Like always, it was packed.  It will be this way all week.  There was also the fair share of non-observant drivers who were turning left into the driveway of the school when the posted sign says, "No Left Turn"!  (cough, cough . . . IDIOTS!)  Thank goodness for the motorcycle cop sitting there giving out warnings.  Seriously - how do people get a driver's license? 

We walked to his classroom, and after I took a picture of him with his teacher, he gave me a kiss, and went right to his desk.  He started chatting away with another little boy who has been in his class for three years in a row now.  The mom who was scared her son would never speak is now worried that he will get in trouble for talking when he isn't supposed to.  Go figure!

He is using the same backpack & lunchbox from Land's End that he has used for the past TWO years.  The BEST investment I have ever made.  It's just solid red with his name monogrammed on the lunchbox, and his initials on the backpack.  He can't really "outgrow" it, and besides a couple of spots on the lunchbox, they both still look great. 
Unless the Crips decide to initiate him this year, we should be good to go for another year.  I will buy him something new next year for sure because a sweet lady I know has been posting some cute designs for lunchboxes on her website.

Jeremy came home tonight with a gift for him.  Three years running - he hasn't forgotten to get his boy a gift for his first day of school.  ALL his doing with no reminder from me.  This year, he brought him a new Nintendo DS game and a recorder.  So sweet!  What a great daddy Jaydon has, huh?
I am so proud of my boy.  Even if he doesn't make straight A's, have perfect conduct & perfect attendance like he did last year, I will still be proud of him.  He has come such a long way.  He is such a joy.  His teacher should be elated to have him in her class.

I ♥ you, Jaydon Cole Rogers!
Go get 'em, you big, handsome, intelligent, GQ second grader!



My Monkey(s)

All three of my children are escape artists.  Jaydon & Jacoby both escaped from their cribs for the first time at around 15 months.
Jilian is shorter, so it took her a little longer.  She managed her first escape a few weeks ago at just 18 months.  This is with no bumpers, no pillows, and her mattress all the way to the bottom.  I know children who are 2½+ that still don't escape. 
Why can't I be so lucky?

Ignore my hair, please.  I just woke up from a nap and my mommy caught me in the act!

Jilian, however, wins the "monkey award" hands down.  That little girl is so.very.strong! 
Not only does this little fearless child climb out of her crib, she also hangs on anything she finds, swings on the monkey bars by herself, and she can climb ladders like a true construction worker.  It amazes terrifies me to see her sometimes.
Surly she doesn't get her innate gymnastics ability from me!?

Yes, she climbs all by herself, and then tries to jump to the monkey bars.  This is the "terrifying" part!

On the other hand, she also loves to be girly.  She pushes her doll in the stroller up and down the yard over and over and over again.  She takes her out, gives her kisses, pats her head, and continues to push her.  She feeds her, tells her "No, no baby", as if she is scolding her.  Then she laughs at her.  She is constantly moving, climbing, and being busy. 
Perhaps this is why she is a lightweight?

I thought that Jacoby was a little tornado, but she is definitely the busy monkey.  (If any of you know Jacoby, you know that it must be pretty bad if she is busier than him!) 
So to say that I am a busy lady is an understatement.

Nighttime (right now) is blog/me time.  Even then, it is still all about my children.
...and I love every single minute of it.

How could you not?



Marshall's Nana

My mom has an at-home daycare.  Marshall was one of the children she took care of.  She babysat Marshall from the time he was six months old, until he was nearly three years old.  We all watched that little (Marshall was never little!) newborn turn into a toddler, then a young boy.  Marshall is almost four now, and one of my favorite little boys ever!  His Mom, Christina, is also a special lady whom I love dearly. 

Recently, Marshall's Nana (Christina's Mom) was diagnosed with cancer.  Unfortunately, she has no health insurance.  To learn more about her story, please click HERE.
Anything you can do to help would be great.  Become a follower of her blog, donate a little something, share her story with others, pray for her, or just send your love and support through comments.

It is still early.  I, however, prefer to think that it is never too late.  There is still SO much hope. 
With a little faith and love, we can help each other overcome anything!

  Marshall & Nana



Gymnast Jilian

Last Wednesday, Jilian had her first gymnastics class.  I took her, and she did so well.  Her two favorite things were swinging from the rope, and doing forward rolls.  She jumped on the trampoline, and I got a work-out just watching her.  I couldn't take pictures while we were there because it's a Mom & Me class, and with her being the youngest in the class, I had to keep a close eye on her. 

Here is her outfit from last week, and a few pictures of her in it.
Already stretching.  Natural?
Love this little keyhole!

This week, Jeremy took her to class.  He came home, changed right out of his work clothes, and took off with her.  He was just as excited as she was! 
He also said that it was a work-out keeping up with her.  He really enjoyed getting to spend time with his little girl alone.  I love that he is such an involved daddy!

I mean seriously - what's not to love about that face?

We were on the waiting list at ASI Gymnastics for a Saturday class, and they have a new Saturday class that opened up this week.  We are excited about that because going in the evenings during the school year would have been quite stressful.  She will start this Saturday.  So we got an extra class for free this month.  Yay!

I got her two leotards at Gymnastics Plus in Southlake for the price of one.  I looked online and went to a couple of stores, but they were all so expensive.  These at Gymnastics Plus were affordable and cute.  I like the multi-colored one best of all.  They are just a tad big, but she will grow into them in no time.  This way, they last longer.   
...and yes, I made her a matching bow for each leotard.  Duh!

Hopefully she continues to enjoy her classes.  Starting in January when she turns two, she can do the classes on her own at Gymnastics Plus.  I went there in the mid 1980's, and I coached there through my high school years in the mid 1990's.  I can't wait to see her there!  (If she wants to do something else when she gets older she can.  Right now, I am in charge of activities!)

We are so proud of you, Sassy Girl!



These two toddlers who reside in my home will play with anything except for their own 64 million toys. 

A few days ago, they turned the piano bench upside down and started paddling.  They paddled, scooted, and pushed each other all through the house in their "boat".  It was pretty funny to hear them calling it a boat and taking turns sitting down.

They stopped to rest, and I captured a shot.  Notice the sweat on Jilian's face.  Talk about a work-out having to push her older/heavier brother around!

Oh - and the Captain never allowed his First Mate to stand in the front.  Bossy big brother!  The First Mate did however, get a "say-so" later in the day after she pushed him overboard. 

They entertain each other pretty well...most of the time.  I'd say they've had a lot of fun this summer, wouldn't you?



Sometimes, pictures are worth a thousand words.


Did you notice the poor sippy cup?
He finished his big chunk of lasagna (Like you couldn't tell by looking at that mouth!) and some green beans, but never got around to his orange or graham crackers. 
If only we could all fall asleep this easily.

I ♥ this boy!

(This was 4 days ago.)