J-5 Rogers Family


i vs. I

Do you ever feel like your world is run by i?
iPod, iPhone, iPad, i(I)nternet, Wii, DSi - i, i, i...

This "I" wishes that it could take over those "i's".

I would like to vacation in Italy or Ireland with no i's in sight.
I would like to continue reading books that I can touch and turn pages on. 
I would like to stop reading when I want to, and process my thoughts about what I read without some "i" voice doing it for me.  After all, this "I" did program that "i", right?
I would like to hear a voice on my phone - not see a message pop-up from some other i user.
I would like to teach my children that ice cream, iguanas, and especially Isabel (grandma), are so much more fun than all of the other i's that they currently own.

No, I didn't copy and paste this.  I can think for myself unlike those i's.
I am sorry, there is no app. for that.

Take a break from your i's. 
I promise that your I's will thank-you.

Just some ifood food for thought.

Happy FrIday!

Note: This was supposed to post on Friday, but too many i's got in the way, and it had to wait until Sunday.