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JUST for Ally

I know, it had been too long, and I have some people complaining. (No Ally, you aren't the only one!) It's funny how NOBODY leaves comments, but I get complaint emails when I don't blog! Hmmm...

I have been extremely busy for the past week. I thought that things would die down once school was over for Jaydon, but they haven't. I have something going on every weekend through the beginning of July - yes, EVERY weekend!
I have been working at Andi's, picking Mark up, and then coming home to 2 hungry children. I make dinner and then by the time Jeremy gets home, it's time to go to sleep and start all over again the next day. SUCH the exciting life that I lead, isn't it?

Jaydon got to play at 2 different neighbor's houses this weekend. One has a huge water slide, and the other has a Slip & Slide. He enjoyed Saturday at one house, and Monday at the other. It was SO hot out, so the water was a nice treat.
...and all I can say about the Colonial is: HOT, HOT, HOT! (Not the men, the temperature!) Next time, I'll ONLY go if it's in March or before...which it NEVER is! It was cool to see the golfers - yes, I like golf, but it was just too daggum hot. I don't know how those guys (the golfers) do it in long pants every weekend. I'd like to know the stats on how many of them wind up with skin diseases or skin cancer. Four days out in the sun for 9 months out of the year CANNOT be good for ya!

Speech for Jaydon went extremely well today. She "tested" him on his 3-month goals that we set 3-months ago, and he passed with flying colors. He is answering all "WH" questions, and he is demonstrating the ability to tell a story, and give clues for objects. The only "WH" questions that he is having a little trouble with are the "When" questions, so we will continue to work on those. I'm proud of the little booger! No Target today because I ordered 2 toys for him online earlier this week - Mack (the truck from CARS) and Douglas. Yes, he ALWAYS wins!
One of his funnies today at speech was so innocent... The speech teachers asks, "What would you do if you broke your arm?" Jaydon says, "Go to the arm store and get a new one." She & I just looked at each other and laughed. She explained that there wasn't an arm store, and more than likely you would have to go to the doctor to get a cast...but then she told me that she had to give him credit for his answer because he did answer with an "appropriate" answer. The other one that made us laugh was, "What would you do if you came across a snake on the street?" Jaydon says, "I would pick it up and take it to the zoo." Again, we laughed. Appropriate answer - YES...but most people would say that they would turn around and run the other way. He is so innocent!

My poor little Jacoby is hurting SO badly. His hand remains in his mouth 24/7, he is drooly, and EXTREMELY fussy!!! We took him to the doctor this morning because I was tired of the crying and I know he's in pain. Five doses of Tylenol per day is just too much. (Yes, I'm about to tell the doc to "shove it" and give him Motrin. I'm supposed to wait until he's 6-months old for that, but I know he weighs enough!) His cough is congested, and it just sounds nasty. Guess what? NOTHING wrong with him! Lungs are CLEAR as day (thank GOD!) and everything else checked out. So another wasted trip to the doctor because I'm paranoid. I was paranoid after my friend Andrea took her daughter to the doctor and felt obligated to do the same. Addyson (her daughter) had nothing wrong with her either but I didn't want to be the "bad mom".
Jacoby had RSV back in February, and had to go to the ER at Cook Children's. We NEVER EVER visited the ER with Jaydon (still haven't) and it was a weird feeling. Jaydon & Jacoby are SUCH different children in so many ways except for their weight & length! Anyway, The words of a doctor there stick in my mind... "Children born in Texas between December and March are prone to sicknesses and bad lungs." Dam* doctor - why did he have to say that? Knock on wood that Jacoby has been healthy - minus the RSV - but those words are just ringing in my ears to this day.

Alright, Jeremy should be home shortly. It's 6:15 and we are eating hot dogs for dinner. I sacrificed making a good dinner JUST to blog!

Talk to y'all later...


Jaydon & The Hooker

I had to blog this story before I forgot the exact words...
Jaydon just ran in here with his Thomas & Friends trains. He made a really long train by attaching all of them together with their hooks. He comes over to Jeremy, extremely frustrated, and says, "Daddy, I don't like this Thomas!" Jeremy says, "Well, you have a million more. That one is special - I fixed him with the cool silver tape." (Obviously, Jaydon's trains have been through some tough times.) Jaydon throws the train down and says, "I DON'T LIKE THAT THOMAS - I want Thomas with the hooker!" He is saying this and sticking his butt out - like to show us what a "hooker" (hook) is. He ran back in his room, and Jeremy and I just died laughing!

Jacoby Cade is trying SO hard to sit up. He does not want to lay in our arms to drink his milk anymore, and it looks like he's doing sit-ups if we try to put him in his Baby Papasan chair or swing. That boy is a wiggle worm! He almost fell out of the Bumbo chair at Andi's house earlier this week. He arches SO far back, and if it wasn't for his fatty legs to stop him, he would have more than likely, fallen out. We did notice Addy (Andi's daughter) leaning back really far too though, so note to all parents...Keep an EXTRA close eye on children in the Bumbo once they are in the 4-month range. :)
I've had a few people say that Jacoby will be crawling soon, but if he's anything like his big brother, he won't ever crawl. We were so worried about Jaydon because he completely skipped the whole crawling thing. Then 3 days before he turned 8 months old, he took 7 steps on his own. At 10 months, he was walking all by himself, and at 11 months, the boy was off & running. We'll see if Jacoby follows suite...
I do remember that Jaydon sat up on his own sometime around 5½ months. Jacoby is 10 days away from 5 months, so we'll see where he's at in a few weeks. I just don't like putting him in that sitting position yet because it looks like it hurts his back.

Jaydon went to the dentist yesterday and did SO much better. Going to the dentist with Jaydon is like being dehydrated while sitting naked on a camel in 130º weather in the middle of the Sahara! (Nice analogy, huh?) What I'm saying is that it makes you sweaty and tired to take Jaydon to the dentist. Because of his sensory issues, it has taken us 3 visits to FINALLY even get him to sit in the chair. We were able to get x-rays with ease this time - only front ones, no bite wings. He has 2 teeth that should be falling out VERY soon, and the permanent ones are right behind. He also has all of his 6-year molars, and still no cavities. The dentist always comments on what "beautiful white teeth with no spaces" Jaydon has. I can only pray that his permanent teeth look the same. Jeremy has REALLY pretty teeth and never had any braces or dental work, so I'm hoping Jaydon's will be the same way. He even let the hygienist brush his teeth (not quite to the cleaning stage yet) and the dentist rubbed fluoride on them for the first time ever. SUCCESS!
Oh...and the dental bribe yesterday was a trip to Target. Did ya REALLY think he did THAT well on his own? Since his Speech teacher was out of town in Chicago this week, he didn't have speech, so I felt obliged to take him to Target after the dentist - especially since he did so well. We get there and he is STILL asking for Donald & Douglas, (remember the ones that are $19.99 each?) he also wants Rex, (the dinosaur from Toy Story) and then he wants the Doc with red tires from CARS. (The Doc he has now has black tires.) So we find Donald and the Doc with red tires...which by the way looks IDENTICAL to the one he already has with the black tires. God FORBID you tell Jaydon they are the same though - woah, they AREN'T the same to him! We go up and down EVERY aisle looking for the dinosaur...twice. Jaydon says, "Okay Mommy - I give up. We can go home now." SWEET!!! Now I know what to do to get him to leave somewhere...just have him walk up and down the aisles for a while!
So the brat got $30 worth of toys. How many of you guessed that I would eventually give in? THEN as we are leaving he says, "Mommy, you can just order Douglas & Rex on the computer." Spoiled rotten, technologically advanced children that we are raising these days!

Have a great extended/holiday weekend...
I'll talk to you on Sunday after our trip to Hoffbrau & The Colonial.


Disastrous Defeat

Come on now - you all love my creative titles, don't ya, don't ya!?! I should have been an English major!!!

We lost tonight. We lost badly. We lost by a lot. We lost 15-3 - or something like that. We got spanked. We looked like fools. We were beat up upon. We lost...
We aren't even upset about it. We knew it would happen this way. We got our hopes up after the awesome win (12-2) on Saturday, but quite honestly, there was a lot of luck involved with that win. The whole tournament was rigged anyway. I wanted to squeeze the league director's fat face tonight because there is a 2-base maximum at this age. Basically, a child can only get a double and only 2 bases can be advanced after a hit. Well, he started off by sending his players all the way around. I halted THAT activity VERY quickly and said, "I thought there was a 2-base maximum. We have been playing that way the entire season AND during the first round of the tournament on Saturday. We WILL resolve this now because we will NOT play if the rules have changed." I was livid!!! His assistant coach even agreed and said that he told all of the coaches there was a 2-base max. I won that battle very easily. Then when I was coaching at 3rd, he came over and apologized and said that he didn't realize he'd said that at our coaches meeting on Friday night. I was NOT nice to him. I told him that it wasn't fair that he got a bye the first round and his team, of all teams, should have played EVERY round in the tournament and how his team got matched with ours - one of the weakest wasn't right. Then I said that it was "funny" that his team and ALL of the others only had to play 2 games to make it to the Dr. Pepper Park and ONLY our team had to play 3 to make it there. Do you know what he said? NOTHING! The man was speechless. He started coaching his kids and left my side. He is missing half his teeth, talks out the side of his mouth, is 100 lbs. overweight, and has bad breath anyway - so maybe it was a good thing that I didn't have to smell his answer.
Phew - it feels good to get that all out! Thanks for reading!
Jeremy and I are in a way, glad that it's over because these weekday games kick both of our rears! The next time we coach, we will make SURE that the games are ONLY on Saturday morning. This is the first time that they've been during the week and/or on Saturday too, and it has been bad.
Oh - and to top it ALL off, Jaydon was the last batter up during the last inning. (He's number 3 in the rotation because he has been the most consistent all year long.) Anyway, he struck out FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON! How do you explain that? He was BAWLING, tired, and heartbroken. Poor kid - I was heartbroken too. It was par for the course. AWFUL GAME, AWFUL END.
We did get a GREAT gift from the Greenwood's and Linder's. They got us a $50 gift card to Hoffbrau (steak house - one of Jeremy's favorites) which we will be using on Sunday prior to our going to The Colonial. (Oldest golf tournament in the PGA-held in Ft. Worth every year.) Thanks again for the great gift y'all!
So baseball is officially over...

I worked at Andi's for 4 hours again this morning, went to pick Mark up, took Jacoby to Aba's, came home and got ready for baseball, went to the game, went back to Aba's to pick Coby up, bathed Jaydon, and both boys are asleep as of 9:00. Perfect evening!
Oh - and Ally (Andi's sister) showed us how to make a cool movie/video clip for our blog this morning. My perfectionist side is saying that I need to work on it a few nights before posting...so it will get posted this weekend.

Nothing else to share, nothing else to write, feels good to have vented...




This morning, Jaydon slept in until a little after 8:00. I had every intention of getting to work by 8:ish, but obviously that didn't happen. I wasn't going to wake Jaydon up on his first day of vacation - poor kiddo gets woken up during the school year, and he deserves to sleep in...for a few days anyway. :)
We got to Andi's at 9:15, and I had to feed Jacoby. So I fed him and finally got started working by 9:30. Only a little over an hour behind schedule. I brought donuts and they were very yummy!
Sometime around 11:ish, (I think) Ally, Andi's sister, shows up and she's hungry. She TOTALLY cracked me up because every 3 minutes, she would mutter something under her breath about being hungry and who was buying lunch. She wanted pizza and guess what we ate? PIZZA! It was SO yummy though - the big, greasy slices. I allowed myself 2, and didn't eat the crust. I swore that I would behave with my food intake and I need to stick to my guns. (Yes, I know - I bought freakin' donuts for breakfast. What WAS I thinking?)
Ally...I will be making breakfast burritos in the morning - with eggs, cheese, and the leftover potato casserole from dinner tonight. They are TO DIE FOR! Are ya gonna show up to eat one? There's your invite! Don't say that nobody brings you food!!!

I worked until 1:30, fed Jacoby lunch, and left at 2:00 to pick Mark up. I got home around 4:00 and made potato casserole, green beans, and onion/parsley basted grilled pork chops for dinner. Everything was quite tasty.
I keep telling myself that I'm an idiot for not cooking more often. I spent $276 at Wal-Mart this weekend on groceries. Some of that was diapers, wipes, and a few other things, but there is NO reason for us to eat out when I spend that much on groceries!! I have enough food for breakfast, lunch & dinner for 7 days.
So Wal-Mart...
I have finally bought some clothing there! ALL of you who know me know how I am about "cheap" stuff, and Jaydon NEVER, EVER owned ANYTHING from Wal-Mart - not even socks or underwear. ALL of his undergarments were from GAP or Old Navy (most of them still are) and his clothes are always GAP, Old Navy, Children's Place, POLO or Gymboree. (I'm "hoity-doity", but I ALWAYS find sales at the stores I just named - just FYI.) Well let me just say that Wal-Mart's clothing has gotten really cute, and the material is MUCH thicker. They are doing a "cheap" Carter's line, (Child of Mine?) and I have to say that I bought Jacoby 4 outfits for $20 over the weekend. Andi even commented on the one he was wearing today and she thought it was cute. I am NOT a fan of the cartoon characters on clothing or shoes, or too much "junk", and that's what Wal-Mart usually carries. I have been quite impressed for the last few visits though. Now if the clothes hold up, I may be a faithful Wal-Mart buyer. (I have been buying from Target for a few years now. Their clothing feels thicker.)

We (J4) went to see Andi & Brian's new office space in Haslet a little while ago. Brian met us out there. It is going to be pretty nice with a new coat of paint, and new flooring. I'm happy that they found something they like. According to them, the old place was a complete "dump". I can't wait to see it once it's done - since that will hopefully be where I'm working. :)

That's it from here!



Tournament Triumph

I know you like the alliteration in my title!

In a million years, I wouldn't have guessed that our little league Texas Rangers would make it past the first round of the tournament. I know that sounds like a bad thing to say but...
Just to refresh your memory, our team is the youngest in the league! This is a 5-6 year old league, and some of the children from the other teams have recently turned 7. Our children are 4-5 years old. Most of the teams have played together before.
Well, we beat the Diamondbacks in the first round. We didn't just beat them, we SMOKED them! The final score...12-2 in favor of our Rangers!!!
Jeremy and I sat there after the game overjoyed with excitement. There was nobody left at the ballpark, and we went out to the middle of the field and kissed it. I cannot even begin to explain how proud we are of the kids. They ALL did awesome!! Even the weaker hitters got some GREAT hits today. It was just run after run after run. I must say that we were lucky the other team was striking out, because our fielding leaves something to be desired. (I will be emailing parents in a bit and asking them to practice catching with the kids.) The game was at 1:30 and it was blazing hot. Jaydon was catcher and he kept saying he was hot, so we just made sure he was hydrated. Jaydon was 3 for 3 at the plate, and I'm pretty sure he had 1 or 2 RBI's. I'll just say that they were all on fire! I was SO into the game, and really screaming. I know all of the parents must have thought I was nuts, but hey, we are the coaches and it worked. :)

Jeremy and I were WAY pissed before the game because the tournament schedule is REALLY rigged. The league director's team "miraculously" got a bye the first round, and we face them the 2nd round. Our team and the team we played today are probably the 2 weakest in the league. The director's team is one of the (if not THE) strongest. You cannot tell us that was coincidental that we face each other next. The other team's coach was talking to us about it - so we aren't the only ones that noticed. It's sad that even at this age, the parents are already "rigging" things. AND - ALL of the other teams only have to play 2 games to make it to the last round. We have to play 3 to make it there! The reason it's so upsetting is because if the kids win 2 more games, they get to play the last game of the tournament at the Dr. Pepper Park which is the youth ballpark next to where the "real" Texas Rangers play in Arlington. We haven't told the kids that yet, but we are just wishing on every shooting star (and praying a bit too!) that we make it there. We don't even care to win once we get there...we just want to get there!

That is all I wanted to blog about today!

Way to go, little Rangers! We love all of you and are SO proud!
Just 2 more games until the Dr. Pepper Park...


Pre-K Madness!

Can you believe that I went 3 whole nights without blogging? That's a record for me guys! I know all of my readers are so bummed, and they are waiting for another blogging episode of, "Days of our Rogers" so here it is...

Every day this week has been a "Jaydon" day!
Tuesday was his last day of school - meaning actual classroom. Then on Wednesday, they had their end-of-year party at Chuck E' Cheese's. It is NOT my favorite place in the world, but it was on a Wednesday from 10A-noon so there wasn't anybody there - thank God! He had fun and threw a fit before leaving because we had to leave before everyone else since he had speech at 12:15. He got over it very quickly though after I squeezed/pinched his back. I thought he would say something like "Don't do that Mom!" but he didn't...phew! I know - evil mother, but it's better than the ear twisting I used to get in public. ADMIT IT - it works and sometimes ya just gotta do what works!!!
Then off to speech and to Target. On Wednesday, if he does well at speech, he gets a toy. He KNOWS that it can only be a $5 or $6 toy and he reads the prices. Well, he thought he could get away with a $19.99 Thomas & Friends wooden collectible. (Yes, they are now freakin $19.99 each - ridiculous!) He must have about 50 of them already - seriously. Not only did he want Donald, he also wanted Douglas because "they go together Mommy." Well, he did NOT win - I was NOT going to spend $40 and then have him thinking that it was okay every week. He was not happy about this and started crying. I told him to sit there in the middle of the aisle until he "got over it." As I start to walk off he says, "Mommy, you forgot me" and runs after me. He got over the whole toy thing very quickly. So we got some balloons that we needed (explanation later) and I told him he could have a Dr. Pepper and he was totally fine with that. (Dr. Pepper=$1.29...SUCCESS!) I just HATE bribing him with food/soda because I know I will turn him into a fatty if I do! Then off to get Mark and back home to fill water balloons...

On Thursday was Pre-K field day and one of the events was a water balloon toss and a water balloon fight at the end. It was like 60º that morning and that GOD it warmed up by the time they got to the balloons. (Aba watched Jacoby - it was just too cold out there, and I wouldn't have been able to help with Jaydon's class.) They asked parents to fill 50 water balloons for the kids. It was really easy and I made them small because they were for Pre-K hands. The field day was REALLY fun. I volunteered to lead a team of 6 kids - Ashleigh, Jaydon, Adam, Jordyn, Jaeden (girl), and Alaina. (Do ya notice that all of my kids names started with "J" or "A"? SO weird how I always get those name coinky-dinks!) Anyway, we named our team the "Green Stars" because they were all wearing lime green shirts. They did a 2-headed race, tug of war, bounce house, parachute, obstacle course, changing clothes relay, and then the water balloon stuff at the end. I know they had a blast! So now after two days of non-stop action, Jaydon took a 3-hour nap!
During this nap, I got started on making CD's for the baseball team. Andi & Brian have taken pictures at EVERY game this season. (Thanks guys!) I looked through 2,000 (yes, 2000!) pictures. I set a folder up for each child and put about 40-50 pictures in each folder. Then I burned the CD's to give the parents. The pictures are AWESOME though and it was worth all 10 hours it took me to do.
Oh, and Jacoby got his 2nd set of shots for his 4-month visit on Thursday. We split his shots up because he was due to have 6 shots (they mix them and it's only 2 "pokes") PLUS an oral. That, in my opinion, is just WAY too much medicine at once for such a small body, so I split them up into 3 different visits. (Obviously it doesn't harm them or they wouldn't do it but I'm paranoid like that and Jeremy is even MORE so!) Yes, this way he is getting poked 3 times instead of 2, but it's worth it to us. They don't charge anymore to do it separately, and I have to head that way to get Mark anyway, so once a week for 3 weeks is nothing.

Then today - Friday - was the graduation/Awards Day/"official" last day of school. They did "candy" awards. One for example was for a little girl named Taylor. Taylor is SO petite and really sweet. When I mentioned that to the teacher one day a while back, she says, "Oh, that little girl is sweet alright, but she's got little horns on her too!" Well Taylor's award was the "Sweet Tart Award" because she's sweet, but she can also be a tart. The awards were SUPER cute. Jaydon was the only one who got a "learning" award. Everyone else's were for things like being sweet, listening, squirming too much, (cough cough - the little girl who got that one shall remain anonymous - TOO funny!) being a good friend, etc. Jaydon's was the "Zero Award" - not because he's a zero, but because of his outstanding math skills and love for numbers. GO JAYDON GO! After that, we went back to their classroom to clean out their cubbies and desks and for cake. The teacher put together a HUGE binder with stuff from the year (it's SUPER cute) and each parent also got a CD with pictures on it. VERY cool! I talked to his teacher just for reassurance that he was ready for kindergarten and she assured me he was "beyond ready". We are still SO worried about Jaydon's social skills. She said that he is spelling words and reading a lot and he always wants to learn. She told me before that Jaydon is a very smart boy - which I already knew - but I just needed to make sure he was okay. I am not worried about the classroom skills - just the social part. She told me that Jaydon will be just fine and that he needs a challenge. We both cried - she is a sweet lady. :)
So we'll continue with speech therapy over the summer and then go from there. She said that he will be just fine and Jeremy & I agree.

I cannot imagine not being able to attend these activities with my son! If I still worked where I used to, there is NO way I would have been able to take 3-½ days in a row. Okay, so I could have, but my work would have suffered and I would have felt bad doing it. What's surprising is that every child had a parent (or 2) there EVERY day. Jeremy was there with me this morning too. I guess you just make it work.

I finished making the CD's throughout that day Friday, and then Jaydon had his 5-year check-up (okay, it was his 5½ year check-up) at 2:30. Since there aren't any shots, I haven't been real pushy about getting him in to see the doctor. He weighs 52lbs (90th percentile) and is 45 inches (70 percentile). For me being 5'3'' and Jeremy being 5'8'', Jaydon is really big. His eyes were perfect - in fact, the nurse was impressed because he would say the letters on the chart and then he wanted to spell things that started with that letter - typical Jaydon! his ears were fine, reflexes were fine. I told the doctor that I was worried about his not eating fruit or veggies. Jaydon has NEVER eaten either one - EVER! He will NOT eat them. We have MADE him eat them on various occasions and he gags. (Remember he has sensory issues.) Anyway, I told the doctor that I give him 1-PediaSure with fiber daily and he says that's the BEST thing to do. With that, he doesn't even need a separate multi-vitamin so that made me feel good.

Then tonight at 7:00 was the awards ceremony for baseball. They handed out awards and Jaydon won a prize from the raffle - a brand new bat!! Pretty cool! They each got a trophy and the kids ran around like crazy. Jaydon conked about 30 minutes after we got home. I made up a story for the kids about a baseball fairy and they are all to leave a coin under their bed and when they wake up, the baseball fairy will have left them a lucky ball for the tournament that starts tomorrow. I think they liked the story...I just hope the parents remember!

Poor Jacoby is teething SO badly. He doesn't want a bottle, he just wants to bite it. He is eating lots of veggies & cereal - some fruit, too. It's hard because they are supposed to continue to have formula as their "primary source of food", but he just doesn't want it. He is doped up on Tylenol 3x's per day, or the poor baby is just wincing in pain. :(

So you are ALL caught up now. I have been SO busy just running around with all of the Pre-K stuff, baseball, Mark speech, doctor's appts. and haven't had a moment to breathe.

Sorry to write so much, but you know me and my "verboseness".
I'm not going to proofread this either - sorry if there are errors.

Have a good weekend!


Jaydon Funnies

Jaydon said something last week that totally cracked me up, so I'm going to share 3 Jaydon funnies - 1 new, and 2 old.
Even if you've heard these before, they are still a good laugh!

WARNING: There are a few expletives used below - they are NOT written in full, but if you are easily offended, do NOT read this! My idea of "funny", and yours, may be different. You have been warned...

MAY 7, 2008 @ TARGET :

We are at the check-out and a man behind us quietly says the "f" word and walks off. (People are so inconsiderate of children!!!) Jaydon turns around and looks at him with eyes wide, and then looks at me. Before he opens his mouth...
(our conversation - verbatim)
Jessica: Now Jaydon, do NOT repeat the "F" word. It is something adults say when they are upset, and even then, they really shouldn't say it.
Jaydon: Okay, Mommy.
Jessica: That's good, thank you. Sometimes, we just need to use ear muffs when we hear things like that buddy. (As I cover my ears to show him.)
Jaydon: Earmuffs? That's silly Mom. I don't say the "f" word, I just say f**k like the boy!!!!!
Jessica: JAYDON! I just told you NOT to say that word, honey. It's not a nice word son, and nobody should say it!
Jaydon: Mommy, you say no "f" word, I say f**k!

I just gave up after that and cracked up.
He NEVER says that word - or ANY word like that - so I just let it go.


Jaydon: Mommy, I want spaghetti for dinner. {After 1 hour of demanding/asking repetitively - persistent child!!)
Jessica: Okay Jaydon, I will make you spaghetti!

I spent 45 minutes cooking his spaghetti and then he absolutely REFUSES to eat it. This is Jaydon's favorite food and at this point, after trying EVERYTHING to get him to eat it, I'm MEGA pissed!

Jessica: Jaydon, eat the spaghetti NOW!
Jaydon: NO! I don't want spaghetti.
Jessica: Jaydon, you have been asking me for spaghetti for an hour. I finally make it and now you don't want it? Jaydon, you HAVE to eat it NOW!
Jessica: Jaydon, eat the f***ing spaghetti!
Jaydon: Mommy, no more f***ing!

Oh Jaydon...

We (Jeremy, Jaydon and I) are at Wal-Mart grocery shopping. Jaydon DESPERATELY needs to go to the bathroom...

Jaydon: Daddy, I need to go tee-tee.
Jeremy: Jaydon, we aren't near a restroom, just wait a minute.

(A few minutes later...)

Jaydon: Daddy, I need to go tee-tee now!
Jeremy: Okay, let's go son.

(I hear the following as he & Jaydon are running toward the bathroom hand in hand.)

Jaydon: Hurry Daddy, my GIANT pee-pee is going to explode!

That one TOTALLY left us on the floor laughing.
He's already a typical male talking about "that" body part!!!



A Motherly Weekend

It started with Muffins with Mom (See blog entry and pictures below on my May 9th blog.) and continued on into Saturday & Sunday...

On Saturday, we woke up early and Jeremy made us breakfast - chorizo & egg taquitos - which was so good. Then we had a 12:00 baseball game. The kids did SO well. We played the team that spanked our backsides a few weeks ago, the ones that were almost 7 years old. The kids did a LOT better this time around. After that, we went to lunch at Oscar's Mexican Restaurant where we used our $25 gift card. I had shrimp quesadillas and they were AWESOME. Jeremy had the beef flautas which were just okay. Thank goodness for nice 'ole me who let him have half of mine. GUESS WHAT ELSE I HAD?! Come on - someone, take a guess! DUH...dessert!! I ate a HUGE strawberry sopapilla and enjoyed every last bite all to myself. The testosterone at the table doesn't have the sweet tooth that I do. I could eat dessert after breakfast! Then we came home and hung out. We played outside with Jaydon for a while & enjoyed the beautiful weather.
After the boys went to bed, Jeremy and I decided to cook our contributions for Mother's Day lunch at Aba's. Yes, we decided to do this at 11:00 PM - Saturday night. I made 4 cups of white rice with finely chopped onions & garlic, and I also made "Sandra's Cake". (I think it's called a "crumble". It's yellow cake, crumbled w/pineapples, cool whip and cherry pie filling.) So needless to say, it was 12:45 before we went to bed.

Oh - let me backtrack a bit...
On Saturday, Jacoby woke up at about 7:45 AM. I thought - PERFECT! By noon when it's time for baseball, he will be BEAT! Nope, no such luck! That little slugger is a sleep fighter! He was awake the ENTIRE game and went from one team mom to the next. I felt SO badly for them, although I think most of them enjoyed holding him. (Since I/we coach, I can't help too much with him and his surrogate mother, Andrea, has to help me.) Anyway, FINALLY at 1:15ish, he falls asleep - the second we get in the car. At 2:45, while we are at the restaurant, he wakes up. He only slept 1½ hours!!! He behaved just fine at the restaurant while we finished eating, so it was okay. Then he stayed awake again until about 6:30 at which time he took a 23-minute nap! Then at 8:30, he went to sleep for the entire night - until 6:30 Sunday morning, which is 10 hours. Okay, so YOU do the math...in 13 hours, that little boy slept 1 hour & 23 minutes! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE?! I thought children were supposed to sleep like 16 hours at 4-months of age!! I have tried reading up on it, and there are varied answers as to what is "normal" at this age. The gist of my readings was that as long as he's "alert" when he's awake, (which he is) then I shouldn't worry.
I also know that he is teething and he is drooling and he wants to bite EVERYTHING. Poor baby. :( We have tried teething tablets, cold wash rags, teething toys, rattles, receiving blankets, Tylenol...nothing helps the boy.
We thought that he was waking up a lot because he only likes to sleep on his tummy or side. So we invested in the little wedge thingies hoping that when he tried to roll over to his back that it would stop him...of course not! He is so strong that he rolls RIGHT over them and ends up on the opposite side of the bed. I am NOT exaggerating. He literally tucks into a ball with his backside WAY up to the ceiling and "jumps" right over them. ARGH Jacoby! I love you sweet boy, but your mommy & daddy are going crazy trying to make you comfortable, son! :)

This morning, I got to "sleep in". (Is 7:45 sleeping in?) I was woken up by the boys and a homemade Mother's Day card, homemade paper flowers, and breakfast. I love stuff like that more than any material gift. Jeremy and I decided a long time ago that we weren't going to celebrate holidays in any "special way", and an acknowledgement/card was good enough. He gets so creative, and I love that he gets the boys (well, just Jaydon at this point) involved with crafts like that. We like to do stuff the rest of the year, and don't really need a "special occasion" to do something for each other. Jaydon wished me a Happy Mother's Day, and Jacoby gurgled, laughed and drooled on me. It was the sweetest show of love ever!
Then we went to Aunt Pam's house for a bit with the Rogers side of the family. They were barbecuing hot dogs and burgers. We took Jeremy's mom a gift (picture frame with a picture of both boys) and card, and hung out there. Then we went to Aba's house where we ate WAY TOO MUCH! Jaydon kept asking to leave Aunt Pam's house because he wanted "to go to Aba's to eat the yummy rice & chicken". He didn't want the burgers or hot dogs - WEIRD little boy, I know! So we stayed at Aba's house until 5:00. Everyone LOVED "Sandra's Cake". (Thanks, Sandra, for the recipe!) My sister, mom, grandma, (in FL) and dad (in FL) all gave me a gift. I laugh because I know I'm a mother, but my sister is not my daughter and shouldn't buy me anything. Sweet Jessenia - she got me a gift card to Barnes & Noble, and the other 3 people mentioned gave me cards & cash.

We have been home all evening just relaxing. Jaydon went to sleep at 6:00 - he was SO pooped. He played for 4 hours at Aba's house with a few other kids that were there who belonged to my mom's friends. They chased each other, jumped on the trampoline, played video games and went non-stop. He'll wake up about 6:00 tomorrow morning which is fine because he didn't get a bath and he SO needs one. I washed his feet with some wipes and that was that, but that boy needs a daily bath - even if he hasn't played hard.

I watched DH and I cannot believe that the season finale is next Sunday! I will have to go 4 entire months without that show! What is a girl to do???

Jeremy has to get on his laptop to check email from work, and he needs to hook up to the internet. (He doesn't have wireless.) I guess that's enough typing from me anyway. I can go on forever, sorry!

¡Hasta mañana!


Muffins with Mommy

...okay, so it was really called "Muffins with Mom", but Jaydon still calls me "Mommy", and I'll take it while I can get it!
We mothers got to the school at 10:00 this morning, and the first thing I hear is, "MOMMY! This chair is for you, please sit down!" Jaydon is smiling from ear-to-ear and he stands behind my chair until I sit down, and then he sits down. I give him a big hug and kiss, and he is SO excited that I'm there. Some kids won't let their mothers kiss them anymore - especially the boys - and I just love that my son hasn't gotten to that point...yet. I cannot imagine not being able to attend something like this with him. All of the mothers were there which was nice that there weren't any kids without mommies there. They had things for us (see pictures below) - a few colored pages, a framed poem with a hand print & picture of them, and some tea. Then the teacher read a story and talked for a bit. We prayed, and then ate muffins and apple juice or Sunny D. It was all set-up very nicely, and I had a good time. It only lasted 45 minutes, but it was just right.
Afterwards, a few of the kids played outside while some of the mothers talked.
I love these times with my son, hence the reason Jacoby went to Aba's. I didn't think it would be fair to have both boys there - this was JAYDON'S time, and he deserved my undivided attention.

Ash was supposed to come over today, but I had to pick Zane up from school and bring him over because his mom is working late. I don't have enough seat belts for more than 3 kids since none of them can sit up front. I felt SO badly, but Andrea said that Ash's cousin, Peyton, was at the house, so she talked her out of coming over to my house. Ashleigh WILL be here on Monday because we promised her that...and I know she was just a little bummed because it took a McDonald's bribe, and the fact that her cousin was at her house helped too. Sorry, sweet girl!

I picked Mark up, picked Zane up, and the kids are here playing. I made chicken fried rice for dinner, and Jeremy & I devoured it. Nothing planned tonight. I'm blogging early because I know both boys (Jaydon & Jacoby) will be sound asleep around 9:00 and hopefully Jeremy & I can catch a movie on the satellite. It seems like we never have time for that anymore and it's nice to just relax together sometimes.

Check out the pictures below...

Jaydon ALWAYS closes his eyes for pictures. Just admire his beautiful, long eyelashes & ignore the fact that his eyes are closed!

This is what he had to say about me...

Another GOOFY Jaydon face - SO typical!

The kids gave Mrs. McKeown a surprise apron with all of their hand prints on it, and they were giving her a "group hug" as she thanked them.


You Speak Spanish?

It's so funny to me that people don't believe that I speak Spanish. Not once, not twice, but three times this week, I have been asked if I speak Spanish fluently. Maybe it's because I don't have an accent, maybe it's because I don't have the "look" - who knows what it is? Spanish was my first language. I taught myself to read & write it around the 4th grade, but I have spoken it since birth. Okay - since I was old enough to talk.

This next section is titled:
Reliving Memories-Random Thoughts-My Mind Is All Over the Place
Way back in 1984 when I started Kindergarten at Hurst Hills Elementary in Hurst, Texas - Mrs. Thomason's AM Kindergarten class to be exact - (I went to Spring Garden & Meadow Creek in Bedford, too.) I was given an ESL (English Second Language) test and I failed it. I think that was the only thing I EVER failed in elementary school. I remember 2 of the questions I missed: 1. What is the difference between a comb & a brush? 2. Look at this picture and tell me which one is the burrito and which one is the taco.
Ummm...first, of all - what 5 year old fluent English speaker knows the difference between a comb and a brush? Second of all, I'M NOT MEXICAN AND I DON'T EAT TACOS AND BURRITOS! (No offense to my Mexican compadres!) Never seen either one of those food items before that day, so how do I know the difference? Believe it or not, there is another Hispanic life form out there other then Mexican. Ask me what picadillo, ropa vieja, arroz con pollo, guayaba con queso, mojito, madre que no para de gritar, Abuela que no para de cocinar, or something of the like is...and I'll jump all over those questions. Now we are talking yummy CUBAN stuff! I had to attend ESL classes and after the 3rd class, my parents asked that I be pulled and that it was ridiculous what they were teaching me. They had me singing songs and "this little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home..." What is THAT supposed to teach me?
I still remember how bored I was in Kindergarten. I would finish my work and instead of trying to challenge me, the teacher would say, "Lower your head on your desk and rest." Oh my parents would get so frustrated until finally one day, they had me tested and realized that I was a smart little girl and needed to attend the gifted & talented program. (It was called PEAK back then.) I won 2 spelling bees in elementary school - the only 2 I entered. I still wonder to this day why I didn't do more with my mind - I think I burned out though and I don't regret anything that I've become.
I didn't miss one day of school in elementary school - not one. Jeremy and I were looking through my old report cards (yes, my father is a freak like that and saved them all!) and Jeremy couldn't believe that I made straight A's all the way through elementary school with zero absences.
I remember one day when we were in Miami and we were trying to fly home on a Sunday night. My Dad worked for Delta, and we lived on airplanes growing up. The flights were full from Miami to Dallas, and I was CRYING, BAWLING, throwing a fit because if I didn't get on the flight, I wouldn't make it to school the next day. Do you know what my parents did? We flew from Miami to Los Angeles on the red-eye, and then from Los Angles back to Dallas and got in at 7:00 AM...JUST so I could go to school. That's called dedication baby! I think this is why I'm so adamant about Jaydon going to school and staying healthy so that he doesn't have to miss school. (Knock on wood!)
At my old job, I was the "voice" of the company. In fact, when you called the 800 number, it was my recorded voice that they used in English & Spanish. They claimed that everyone else spoke with a "twang" and I didn't have any accent . Now they have some automated voice that sounds like a robot...boring! I also did all of their translating. I translated prompts & webpages from English to Spanish and vice versa.

That's my exciting blog for the night!
I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts.



Call Me a Bad Mother...

...but I was bored to tears tonight at Jaydon's Spring Musical!
They started off with a "prayer" song that the music teacher and middle school choir sang. The poor music teacher was going hoarse, and sounded every bit that way when she was singing. Needless to say, I knew that if I looked over at my husband, or my friend to my right, (cough, cough Andi) that I would start laughing. So I had to sit there and listen to the song while cringing and biting my lip so I wouldn't laugh out loud at the awful singing. Thank goodness they did the pre-K kids first. They were cute, and I loved watching Jaydon participating & singing.
I shouldn't say this, but it's my blog so I'm going to anyway...It makes me mad when they only select a certain few kids to do the "star"/solo parts. It's funny because ALL 8 kids who had a "star" part have parents heavily involved in the PTA, were members of the church, or were teacher's kids. Hmmm...do ya think it's favoritism at its finest!?! At this age, they shouldn't assign parts like that to kids. You should be old enough to try out for a solo part - I think. Maybe it's because my son didn't have one - call me envious, jealous, or whatever, but ALL of the kids could have done something. Sheesh, Jaydon can read for crying out loud and he memorizes EVERYTHING! Jeremy noticed too, and we talked about it when we got home. I guess we don't donate enough money - oh well.
After pre-K, they were going to go through a performance for each grade level followed by the middle school musical. Ummm...it's a school night and you started this at 7:00 PM. I have a 4-month old. At 8:00, they were only at 3rd grade, and we bolted. The Linder's and another family who has a boy just 3 weeks younger than Jacoby also left, so we didn't feel too badly. It would have been at least 9:00 - at least - before they were done. I know I only live 4 minutes from the school, but Jaydon would not have made it until then, and it was boring anyway.
We just went back and watched the video and Jaydon wanted us to keep replaying it. He repeated all of the solo parts on his own. Poor kiddo had them all memorized just like I knew he would. Of course at the end of his performance, he took a bow - TYPICAL "stage" Jaydon. He's such a ham! (Sorry guys, I'm not uploading the video. It takes SO long to do, and I'm getting tired.)

This morning, we got DRENCHED on the way to school. They really need a better process for rain days. You have NO choice but to get soaked - even with an umbrella. The dang parking lot holds water like crazy and with just the slightest rain, you get your shoes entirely wet. You know me and my constant use of flip-flops, so of course, my feet and jeans were soaked. Jaydon was using the umbrella which was fine by me - can't have him getting wet, or he may mess up his GQ hair! :)

The electricity at Mark's school went out today, so they sent the kids home early. I didn't have to pick him up. YIPPEE - that's 2 days in a row! It worked out well because I got to stay home for a bit...and that's rare on Tuesdays. I got all of my laundry done, I vacuumed, dusted, picked up toys, swept, and mopped. I only lack the bathrooms and I can do that sometime tomorrow. I even had time to straighten my hair and put make-up on so I didn't look like a slob at Jaydon's performance.

Nothing else to share - boring post - sorry.
Tomorrow I'll have some cool stuff to share - promise!


PS: I CANNOT believe that Mario got booted from DWTS! I didn't want him to win anyway, but the little Broadway chick should have been gone! What in the world are people thinking!? Jason Taylor & Cristián better win that thing! I also could not believe that JT was in the bottom two! ARGH!


Ding-Dong Ditching!

I have to start my blog today with one of the funniest - like HYSTERICALLY funny - things that has happened here at the Rogers household in a very long time...
The four of us are hanging out in the den sometime before 7:00 PM when the doorbell rings. Jeremy is at the door within seconds, and nobody is there. He opens the door and sees a plastic grocery bag with something in it sitting by the front door...but NOBODY is around. At this point, I'm also at the door and he's standing in our driveway looking around. He says, "Don't touch that bag! This isn't cool. You don't know what's in there!" So he gets the bag and throws it down our sidewalk closer to the grass and says, "I'm going in." (Like he's a dang surgeon, or a member of the bomb squad!) He cautiously - I mean EXTREMELY cautiously - starts tearing the bag open and there are small cartons in it. He opens one, and it's a brownie. So I say, "Man, is somebody trying to poison us? Do NOT eat that. Take it to the trash now." I look around at all of the neighbor's houses thinking I'll see a glimmer of a sign as to who did it. He continues to open the bag and there is another carton with a pecan pie, and 2 others with ice cream, and 2 other small ones with caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. Jeremy thinks that a delivery must have been made to the wrong house, and at this point I'm thinking...does that brownie have weed in it?? Who is trying to poison or drug us? (Okay, so maybe I watch too many movies!) We are standing there looking dumbfounded and awestruck determined to stick that delicious dessert in the trash when who should come rounding the corner? ANDREA & BRIAN LINDER...with kids in tow. Jeremy says, "I thought that was y'all I saw tearing off down the road a few minutes ago." OKAY JEREMY - you so did NOT think it was them when you were "oh so cautiously" opening the bag, you freaked out paranoid man - don't lie and act all cool because Brian is around! Andi and Brian are laughing hysterically and I finally realize that they are the culprits. Brian says that they wanted us to be surprised, but then he thought that they should come back because like he said to Andi, "Would YOU eat food that was just left mysteriously on your front porch?" We all get the laughing fits and you would have really thought that the brownie had something in it! (If you aren't laughing at this point, you just had to be there!)
Let me explain something...Brian is 6'2'' tall, and not a small man...he took off like Jumpin' Jack Flash because we did NOT see him...and Andrea...she must have floored that Dodge Durango like there was no tomorrow because there were no signs of them anywhere! They were really sweet and decided to bring us dessert. We had gone to dinner with them a few weeks back and I mentioned that I liked barely cooked brownies with ice cream. She knew of a place that had just that for dessert, and brought it all the way to our house from Saginaw where they live. Sweet people that they are to bring us dessert and share the fatty love! BTW - it was SO good!
Little do they know that the Rogers are tricky people too, and that whole "ding-dong ditching" (Yes, "ding-dong ditching" does have another name that is probably more familiar to most, but I'm not going to use that derogatory word on my family blog!) part won't go unnoticed. Payback is a "B" Linder Family...it's on like Donkey Kong! :)

Rest of my day...
Worked this morning, picked Jaydon & Gannon up, came home and fed them, fed Jacoby, and Jeremy got here from the golf tournament at 2:00. His team did well - they shot a 59 which is 11 under par. It was a 4-man tournament and they thought they did good...but the winning score was a 49. It was a fundraiser for Jaydon's school and you could buy mulligans for $20. He bought one for his team and he thinks that other teams bought a LOT more than one; hence the reason there were lower scores. Jeremy is SO competitive and VERY honest when it comes to stuff like that because he wants to win fair & square. He led me to believe that he thought some of the other teams weren't quite as honest and fair. (You were allowed to buy more than one but Jeremy felt like that was cheating and too expensive anyway.) It was a lot of fun and they got fed TONS of delicious food, so that made his day. He also won a door prize: a $25 gift certificate to Oscar's Mexican Restaurant, a cool lunchbox, a pen, a calculator and then he brought home a goody bag, too. All in all, he says it was well worth it and Diamond Oaks had their country club/golf course looking really nice.
I didn't have to go get Mark today because he was sick. First time in 6 years that he's missed school. Poor kiddo!

We were supposed to have baseball practice today at 5:45, and we canceled it at 4:30 because it looked like it was going to pour. Leave it to Mother Nature in Texas to do just the opposite...it was sprinkling and cloudy at 4:30 and then by 5:45, it was sunny and beautiful! Go figure!!

I DID get my CD with all of Jacoby's photo shoot pictures, and spent most of my evening uploading them and sending them out to all of you who probably read this blog. Then I added another slideshow with the pictures to my blog. Check it out up top...cute stuff!
I REALLY loved the pictures though and am very happy with the end result!

Alright, must go to bed now and start thinking of ways to get the Linder's back {insert evil wicked laugh here}...



Wonderful Weekend!

Saturday morning, we got up early to have baseball practice. Little did we know that we had moved to Antarctica without even having to pack any bags!! My goodness was it penguin weather out there! We had planned on taking the team picture, some individual pictures, and then having practice...well, it didn't exactly happen that way. Brian (Andi's husband) got started on taking the pictures, and the poor kids were absolutely frozen. The wind must have been blowing like 3,000 m.p.h, and I know I heard teeth chattering. The parents are all bundled up watching, while the poor kids are just freezing. We ended up canceling the practice, which was fine by all. I just hope the pictures turned out well - I'm sure they did!
Brief background on the pics: The plan is to upload the pictures to a CD for each parent to have pictures of their child from the entire season. Andrea & Brian have been taking pictures at each game and then they took the team & individual pictures yesterday. The people who were scheduled to take the pictures wanted $40-$60 per package, and I thought that was WAY nuts. We have tons of CD's here, and Andrea's camera is AWESOME, so there was no point in spending that much money on pictures, and then only getting one pose. This way, the kids got a bunch of poses, and then the parents can pick which pictures they want to print, and take care of the printing on their own.
After the picture session, we came home. One of the little boys from the team, Ayden, came with us. He & Jaydon changed out of their baseball uniforms, and then I took them to McDonald's. After an hour, they were ready to come home again. They played outside once they got here - jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set and wore themselves out. It had warmed up by then which was nice. Another little boy from down the street who is also on the baseball team, and in Jaydon's class came over to play too. His name is also Ayden, so we have to call him Ayden C. and the other one is Ayden W. and then there's my son, Jaydon. Ayden, Ayden, Jaydon - so confusing! I ended up having to call each child by first and last name because their names were just too similar. Both Aydens went home around 1:00, (neither one wanted to leave) and then the Rogers headed to Wal-Mart later that evening. Oh dear sweet Wal-Mart...We cannot get out of there for under $200. It's funny because when it was just Jeremy & I without kids, we used to say, "Man, we can't get out of there for under $100." Now it's, "We can't get out for under $200!" Thanks to our friends Mike & Sandra, we have started coupon clipping. Jeremy and I have NEVER clipped coupons, and we thought it was just silly when we saw people with $.40 coupons and they'd take forever at the check-out. Well, our total at Wal-Mart was $244 and after coupons, it was $222. Yes, that's $22 savings!!! So we no longer laugh at the coupon clippers because we are just like them now! $22 times 4 times per month that we go grocery shopping equals big savings! When you are a one-person income with 2 kids, you'll take anything you can get!

This morning, Jeremy went and practiced putting & chipping. He has a golf tournament tomorrow as a charity event for Jaydon's school. I'll let you know how he does tomorrow. He's a very good golfer though and usually shoots in the low-mid 80's.
While Jeremy was golfing, I made dinner and took care of the boys. My sister came over here to use the computer for a bit because she's in the process of moving and doesn't have her internet hooked up yet. Poor thing came all the way over here and then didn't get anything accomplished. We ended up talking the entire time she was here. I didn't mind it though - I don't get to talk to her nearly enough with our different schedules. Kristy brought Zane over here while she went to a study group for a few hours, so Jaydon got to play with Zane on Friday, and then again today. They love playing together and never get tired of each other so it's fine by me.

I went to see Nicki at the hospital this evening. Poor, poor Nicki looks so slender and frail. She is doing better as far as the breathing and surgery goes, but she still isn't eating. I think that she's just tired of being at the hospital, and being home would probably bring her appetite back. They want her moving around and walking, and she didn't want to get out of bed because she was tired. I had the idea to draw a map for her like Dora, and we could go on a treasure hunt and find the things on the map...it seemed to work. We (Cathy, Gannon and I) took her downstairs to the cafeteria and she was tired very quickly. She ended up riding in the wagon with her IV dragging behind her. Her blood work showed today that she was anemic, (hence her being tired...if you watched Desperate Housewives tonight, you'll laugh at my use of the word "hence") but since she's not eating, they can't give her iron pills because you can't take those on an empty stomach. (Ask any woman who has been pregnant and had to take iron how badly they hurt your stomach if you take them on an empty tummy!) There was an atrium in the lobby of the hospital. There was music playing so we took her there to dance. Gannon and I danced too, and then Gannon danced with his mommy. Then I gave them both piggy back rides and they enjoyed that. Gannon and I put on a "show" and we pretended to change costumes. Nicki got good laughs out of it, and that was the whole point of doing it. It was good to hear her giggling again, and I know Cathy enjoyed her laughter too. We hope that she gets out very very soon. She asked today when she could come over to my house to play again, and I told her that she had to eat, and then they would let her come play at my house again. That didn't work though because when dinner came, she didn't eat much at all. Come on Nicki, I'm pulling for you sweetie!

I think I've written enough to last a lifetime.
There are so many thoughts in my head today, but I know I must stop before I bore everyone to tears.

Have a fabulous week!


Four Months & Counting...


Jaydon is making Jacoby smile here - I LOVE YOU, BIG BROTHER!

Well, Jacoby is 4-months old today, and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. He's reached a milestone already, (rolling over) and I'm sure that there are many more to come within the next few months. He is weighing about 15.8 pounds, and is 25¼ inches long. He still looks just like Jeremy, and I want to squeeze him every time that I hold him. We are so lucky to have our boys. This is definitely a male dominated household - even the dog is male! (New Jacoby pictures will be available for viewing within a few days.)

Jacoby's 4-month birthday was the only happy thing today. We have had an awful day, and we are glad that it's almost over. Andrea knew what a day it had been, and was kind enough to tell me to stay home from work, and to not worry about bringing Ashleigh over for her usual Friday play date with Jaydon. She recommended that I get some "me time", and it was just what I needed to re-group.
We can start all over again tomorrow with happy faces!
Jaydon played with Zane for a few hours today. Those two are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Every single toy in the toy box is out - I am NOT exaggerating. There are toys outside on the trampoline, there are things under the couch, on the dining room table, on the piano, and I'm sure I'll find something in the toilet if I look. The plus to the mess is that I know Jaydon had a good time. They entertain each other so well, and they do not require constant supervision like some of the kids that come over here. They are so cute together, and I love seeing Jaydon happy. I like that they will play and make games up - inside or out - and they don't just plop in front of the TV like most kids these days. It's constant competition with them - typical boys!

That's it from here...
Nighty-night all!


HOT Stuff!

Tonight, our little league Texas Rangers were on FIRE! They looked so good! Jeremy and I couldn't believe how well ALL of them played. They all got hits, and got on base at one point or another. They were concentrating out on the field, and really tried their hardest! Two of my three girls on the team batted like they've never bat before. I was overwhelmed with joy when they both got on base!
Jaydon played defense well today and paid attention - as tired as he was. He didn't ever strike out, and he was 2 for 2 at the plate with 2 singles and an RBI. He probably could have gotten a double on his first at bat, but we played it safe. 1.000 batting average tonight Jaydon - that's HOT STUFF...en FUEGO mí amór!
Way to go guys & gals!!!

The rest of today will sound boring after our exciting baseball game, so I'll make it short & sweet...
Same 'ole, same 'ole. I worked at Andi's this morning, picked Jaydon & Gannon up from school, ate lunch, fed Jacoby, picked Mark up, left Jacoby at my Mom's so he wouldn't bother Andrea at the game, went to the game, then went back to my Mom's (Aba's) to pick Jacoby up again. Got home around 8:30 and Jaydon was just going to sleep. Jeremy had bathed him and read him his bedtime stories. Gave him a quick kiss goodnight and then Jeremy and I have been talking for the past 2 hours.
Well, for the past 20 minutes, Jeremy has been reclined in his comfy chair and that is DEFINITELY snoring that I'm hearing as I type away. He never reads my blog, so he'll never know that I said that! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA! We here at the Rogers household hope that you had a spectacular day!

Talk to y'all tomorrow...