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Happy Father's Day!

So upset but not really...

I went to upload the 45,298 pictures that I have on my camera and guess what?


Isn't that the most annoying thing?

I thought they were the rechargeable batteries, but apparently, my oh so genius 6-year old has decided to put the rechargeable ones in some of his favorite toys so that when they get low, he can charge them right up. I tried to get mad at him for that but just couldn't. That's actually pretty smart, huh?

SO...you will have to wait until tomorrow's post for our "real" Father's Day post, and the many pictures.

Good night!


Jilian Cate: 5-Months

Doesn't that picture make you want to eat her up in all of her gumminess, orangeness, and ÜBER cuteness? It's okay, just be honest with yourself...that smile melts your heart, RIGHT?

I ♥ you, sweet ♀!

5-Month Stats:
Weight: 14.0 pounds
Length: 25.5 "ish" inches

It is just too hard to measure a squirmy girl when she is tired. Her weight is also an approximation since our home scale is not the best. We go in at 6-months for a check-up.
(I forgot to tell you that at her 4-month check, she was officially 13lbs. 4oz. She had gained 3+ pounds since the previous check at 2-months. She was also officially 24.5 inches.)

What is Jili up to at 5-months?
  • She LOVES to play with her doll, Pinky - pictured below. This is the same doll that she loved last month, but now the doll has a name. We don't know how Pinky got her name, but she is definitely Jili's favorite, and like the old AMEX slogan says: {We}"Don't leave home without it."
  • She is in love with her brothers - absolutely in love! She would prefer to see them than her mom & dad any day of the week. She is especially mesmerized by Jaydon. ...and quite honestly, he is mesmerized by her, too.
  • She is rolling every which way she can. She also must be scooting on her back because she ends up way at the other end of the crib all turned around a lot!
  • She dislikes sitting up - on the floor or in the Bumbo. We are talking SERIOUS dislike here, folks. She is doing the whole "slumping over I'm almost sitting up" thing, but she doesn't like it. (I have come to the realization that it hurts her tummy and makes her spit up to sit up. She no longer does the Exorcist spit-ups, but being in the sitting position isn't fun for her, or her mom's carpet!)
  • Which leads to...she dislikes her tummy, too. The second we put her on it, she is rolled over. Again, we think it hurts her and makes her feel like throwing up. The only time she stays on her tummy is when she is going to bed for the night. It's funny because she won't sleep on her tummy for naps - it's like she knows it's nap time, and she won't be in her crib for long. She does wake up on her back or her side every morning though.
  • When she wakes up, she doesn't make a peep. She just looks around, plays with her feet or hands, or lays there quietly until I come get her. God bless my sweet girl! (Honestly, I've never had issues with any of the kiddos with sleeping, or when they wake up.)
  • She loves to be in her exersaucer or just laying down flat, playing with toys.
  • She is such a sweet baby. When she goes to play with a toy or grab something, it's always done with such gentleness. I thought it was just because she was a girl, but it's not. She is just THAT gentle!
  • She is in a Size 2 Pampers Swaddler. Although we think she may be needing to move to a Size 3 or the 2-3...not because she is too big for the 2's, but she is quite the urinator ←is that a word?. She has a seriously full diaper every 1-2 hours....full, full, full. I have never seen a child go tee-tee that much. At night, she does fine, but during the day...God Bless!
  • Most of her clothes are in the 6-9 month range. 3-6 month outfits still fit nicely though. All of her Wal-Mart outfits (one of which is pictured above) are 12 months in size.
  • She is still drinking 24oz. of milk plus eating a bowl of cereal (2 more ozs. of milk here) in the morning, and a #1 veggie in the evenings. (At this age, both boys were chowing down about 9 (yes, 9!) #2 jars per day, plus a good 18-24 ozs. of milk! Such a difference!) We have yet to introduce any fruits, or anything else...sheer laziness on my behalf really.
  • She is on the exact same sleep schedule as Jacoby...12 hours at night, (8:30-8:30) plus a 3 hour nap (12:30-3:30) daily. She occasionally takes another 1+ hour nap in the early evenings. It's so weird to me that she is sleeping the same amount as Jacoby, but it's also a good break for me during the day. She is thriving, so I'm not worried.
  • The only time she cries is when her teeth bother her. The poor thing screams and sticks her entire hand in her mouth. I swear she has had the same two bottom teeth "stuck" for the past month. They just aren't coming in, but I can feel them for sure.
  • ...and guess what? Her eyes are still light!? We don't even know what color they are anymore, but they still aren't brown, so I'm pretty happy about that!

    We love you, Princess Jili Cakes!
I just had to share Jilian's first doll with you!
Stay tuned for a buttload of pictures on tomorrow's post...


The Motorcyclist

The other day, I was going down 183W - miraculously doing about 65mph which NEVER happens on this highway - on my way home from my mom's house.

I was approaching the 820 split when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a motorcycle coming full speed ahead. When you look into your rear view mirror and see this, it kinda freaks you out because "Motorcycle Collides Into Escalade" doesn't give me the warm fuzzies as a headline in the Star Telegram. Obviously, my Escalade would win that one, and no need to mention what would happen to Motorcycle Man.

The cool guy on the motorcycle is wearing shorts, a t-shirt, flip flops, and no helmet.
Okay, I don't expect all out Linder Emergency Gear Getup, (Brian, Andrea's husband, won't go on his motorcycle unless he is covered head-to-toe with gear) but a helmet at the least, right?
(...and I hear that road rash is REALLY killer, so pants maybe?)

As this guy gets closer, I notice that he has something in his hand. He is steering with one hand and he has his cell phone in the other. He isn't talking, he is staring at his screen and pushing buttons...

Mr. Genius is texting!

At this point, I went to get my phone out to take a picture, but then who would have been the idiot on Highway 183 going 65m.p.h doing something stupid with their phone?

The next headline that came into mind as I slammed onto my brakes - "Escalade Collides with Semi" really freaked me out.

Needless to say, no picture was taken.

The nerve.


What has caught your eye while you are driving?


Random Question

A while back, I emailed a few of you and asked the following question:

If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?

I got responses from a lot of you and sadly, they were all pretty similar. Am I THAT boring?
You ladies just don't know the "real" Jessica, huh? (Insert evil, wicked laugh here.)

For those of you that didn't respond - tisk, tisk!

So let me share those responses...

My husband writes: "For beating the sh^t out of someone for riding your a$$ on 820 during rush hour."
(No, my husband has never said a curse word in his life - can't ya tell?)

S from Keller writes: "For going "Mama Bear" on someone that was mean/cruel to your kids."
(Mama Bear? Clever wording, S. That is putting it lightly though!)

J from Watauga writes: "It would have to do something with your temper."
(Oh, J - you are good!)

A from N. Fort Worth writes: " I say it would be because you cut either the Wal-Mart greeter or the Albertson's manager."
(Yes, A - the mention of cutting someone does run in the family, so just don't mess with the Tomás girls!)

A from Forth Worth writes: "For kicking somebody’s azz for talking smack about your kids."
(Azz - are ya from New Jersey, A? LOL.)

C from Arlington writes: "For muling cigars in from Mexico."
(Well C, that's just a WHOLE other post that we'll have to share with the blogging world, isn't it?)
Maybe this next week...

Stay tuned!


I'm Back

Hi There!

Remember me?

I am back, but not officially.

My computer was electronically impaired for the past week, and I have been at a loss without it. Seriously - how did we survive just 10 years ago?

I do not have time to post an official blog tonight, but check back with me tomorrow. I ASSURE you that I will be back in blog-o-thon mode then.

Thanks for waiting!