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Dear Target,

I am drawn to the selection of items in your Dollar Spot section each and every visit to your store.
Who doesn't love the knick-knacks, and non-seasonal items for just $1? I hate clutter, but I always find myself sifting through the piles of randomness to find the delicious $1 chocolate at the bottom.

At an Easter Egg Hunt last month, my son won a Frisbee that a friend purchased in your Dollar Spot section. The Frisbee had gone into hiding because it was BRIGHT PINK with a flower on the front, (apparently, this friend thinks that EVERYONE - like her family - has only girls) and my boys just weren't into it.

This Frisbee mysteriously made its way back into our hearts just a few days ago as the weather started warming up. My 16-month old loves it! His mother loved it too since it kept the 16-month old entertained for milliseconds on end...until she read the sticker on the back:


Okay, fine. So now this friend thinks that everyone likes pink, and that we are dogs. Nice!

Stick with me, it only gets better.
Next to that sticker lies the kicker (and I quote):

Pet should be supervised while playing with pet toy. Pet toy should be taken away if your pet damages it by either tearing it, ripping the seams open, or if other damage is detected. This is not a toy for children. Do not allow children to play with it.

Let's review...

1. Pet should be supervised while playing with pet toy.
A. Does it really say that? You mean, I can't allow Fido (Duke in my case) to just sit in the back yard and play with a "pet toy"?

2. Pet toy should be taken away if your pet damages it by either tearing it, ripping the seams open, of if damage is detected.
A. Does it really say that? You mean, I can't let Duke continue to gnaw at it until the pieces become so small that we wind up at the vet? Please tell me more!

3. This is not a toy for children.
A. WOW!? I am at a loss here, Target. Last I checked, Fido only had 4 legs and couldn't throw himself a Frisbee to save his life. How is Fido supposed to play with the Frisbee "SUPERVISED", if nobody can throw it to him?

4. Do not allow children to play with it.
A. Gone are the days of children playing with plastic Frisbees!? Are you kidding me? So lets all sit in front of our game stations and press away. Forget about going outside to play Frisbee with Duke in the yard because God forbid the Frisbee attacks!?

To be honest Target, it just makes me curious to know why you would place a notice like this on a PLASTIC FRISBEE? Did someone else's Duke have an accident? Did a child swallow one? This thing is 10'' in diameter. I'm just at a loss!

Did the McDonald's coffee spill a while back make everyone uber paranoid about things? I mean really - coffee is HOT - we didn't need a label to let us know this.

First, the world takes away tug-of-war and foot races at Field Day, and now THIS!?

Well Target, I know it sounds like I'm going to tell you that your Dollar Spot section will be off my list of favorites. Au contraire! You have just enlightened me. You have been an inspiration to me tonight. I will now make sure that I never miss an opportunity to shop through your Dollar Spot because the Notice on this Frisbee sure made for a nice blog post.

Thank you!

Still Baffled About the Whole Frisbee Thing

Diapers - Part Deux

There IS a God, (not that I ever thought otherwise) and she may work at Expeditor's!

Jeremy calls me today and says, "Babe, this lady at work has some size 2 diapers that her daughter grew out of. They are Pampers Swaddlers. Do you want them?"

You did NOT just ask me that. You really just wasted company time and money to ask me if I WANT diapers - of ANY sort? Is there a catch? Are you on crack? (The candy kind of course!)

"Of course I want them, honey. Make sure you offer her something, and thank her profusely!"

So Jeremy gets home with the diapers in hand. Here I was thinking that the little girl outgrew a FEW diapers - like a FEW left in a box or something...

He came home with 96 diapers, folks! We are in business for two more weeks.

...and of all things - Pampers Swaddlers the day after I post my blog about diapers.
Tell me somebody isn't watching over me!? (Don't you DARE tell me they aren't!)

Our pocketbook, and Jilian's butt are thankful to you, Expeditor's God...
Sweet Success!

Side Note: He also came home with Huggies Organics. Those are the new ones. My oh my - I have never priced those, but I get $3 off coupons for them frequently. Those are some SOFT diapers. I am very impressed!



We had to buy diapers for Jilian for the first time last week...

Can you believe that we got THAT many diapers at the baby shower?

So here is the low down on the diapers that we went through:

  • 2 small packages Pampers - Newborn (80)
  • 2 EXTRA large boxes Pampers - Size 1 (432)
  • 1 small bag Huggies - Size 1 (84)
  • 1 small bag Huggies - Size 1-2 (88) (We had to use these before the Size 1's because they were smaller!)
  • 1 box Pampers - Size 2 (72?)

My favorites are still the Pampers Swaddlers!!
Smell, feel, taste - JUST KIDDING on the last one.
Really though, Pampers rock!

I predicted after I counted the diapers a few months back that we would be buying diapers for the first time when Jili was 4 months old.

I couldn't have hit that nail anymore dead center.

Now, we officially have two children in diapers at the same time. $$$!



Pig Dreams or Nightmares?

I can now tell you this story because the whole swine flu thing was not so much...ANYTHING BUT THE FLU!

A few weeks back, Jeremy was really paranoid about the swine flu. Not like OMG teenage girl crazy paranoid, just scared for his kiddos.
With three children, things circulate much more easily, and he became very germaphobe during that time.

One night, we were discussing the swine flu while the news raged on in the background with the N1H1-F5L6R4E3 flu talk. We finally decided that there was nothing we could do but wash our hands and...que sera, sera!

He went to bed, and I stayed up finishing housework.
Let me preface the following by telling you that Jeremy is a sleep walker & talker...big time. I could tell you stories that you wouldn't believe!

So around midnight, I finally hit the sack. As I get in bed, I hear, "Man, that pig just beat the shit out of me!"

I turn to look at him and he says it again - "That pig just beat the shit out of me! Damn those pigs! I'll get 'em."

I say, "What are you talking about?" To which I get no response.

At this point, I finally realize that he's dreaming.

I roll over and Jeremy rolls over, too.

Babe, I'm NOT the pig!

Now get off me.


Jilian Cate is 4 Months Old!

Jilian is 1/3 of the way to her first birthday, and her parents are 1/3 of the way to being a century old.
WOW - what a positive way to look at life there, Jessica!

4-Month Stats:
Weight: 13.0 lbs.
Length: 24.25 in.

She is officially our Petite Princess.
(These are my unofficial stats here at home. Her doctor's visit isn't until next Wednesday.)

She HAS doubled her birth weight and she HAS grown 5 inches, so she is getting bigger for sure.

To put those numbers into "Jessica" perspective...
Jaydon and Jacoby were 15 and 15.8 pounds, and 25.75 and 25 inches respectively at this age. All three of my kiddos were born at the same weight and length, so she is definitely growing more slowly. I just hope it continues this way. Isn't it funny how you WANT a girl to be petite, but you WANT a boy to be big!?
The way she is going, she will be built just like her Nina Jessenia - except hopefully with better skin and more muscular legs. Nina has a good height at 5'5'' and her "girls" are nicely sized. (Don't you just love how I call my sister out on my public blog?)

So what is Jili up to?

  • Rolling over from tummy to back is second nature now that she's been doing it for two months.

  • She has started rolling from back to tummy, but not with ease...yet. She will be there within the next week.

  • She loves to smile and coo and gurgle and make sounds and eye contact.

  • She is a mellow baby and SUCH a good little girl.

  • She loves to reach for the toys on her play mat and in her chair.

  • She and Ava have recently started having baby talk time, and it's so cute!

  • She loves to hear her Daddy's voice.

  • She loves to suck on her entire hand. She still refuses a pacifier and hasn't found that thumb - thank God!

  • She has a little doll that she absolutely adores and could hold for hours on end.

  • She has enjoyed her exersaucer for the past week. We just put her in it for the first time last week.

  • She had her first taste of oatmeal over the weekend...and LOVED it! She gets a bowl every night now, and chows down. (This is the FIRST child with whom we have waited until you are "supposed to" to start solids.)

  • She drinks four 6-oz. bottles per day plus her bowl of oatmeal.

  • She wears 3-6 month clothing (for the most part) and a size 2 diaper. (I already miss the larger quantity you get with the size 1's!)

  • She consistently sleeps through the night - 10-12 hours on average.
  • Her eyes are still light! SWEET SUCCESS! They are in the blue/green family, just depending on what she is wearing.

She is treated like a little princess, and her immediate family just can't get enough of her!

We love you, Jili.
Happy 4-month birthday!

Below you will find a cute video of Daddy and his little cheerleader. The sound quality isn't what I expected - it was much louder in person, but you'll get the point. I also tried to upload another video from last week, and found it was deleted off my camera accidentally. :(

The pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize for the poor quality. You see, when I bought the phone, I was told that I was "upgrading from a tricycle to a Harley" and 'ole boy at Verizon wasn't lying about that! When they say "We have an app for that", they aren't kidding! (Okay, that's the iPhone line, but it works for my Blackberry Storm too!) I still haven't had time to mess with it to figure out half of the stuff, including the camera and video portion!

Oh - and I am now being told that she looks like me - especially in the middle - serious - picture. My family is having a hard time trying to decide who she looks like since both boys immediately looked like someone. Your thoughts?

I'll bet that you didn't know Jeremy was the voice of Elmo in his past life...neither did I! LMAO!

Tomorrow is the "official" start to Blog-O-Thon 2009, so stay tuned...

Picturepalooza 2009

Since it has been so long, I decided to post pictures from the past couple of weeks. You will find mostly pictures of Jilian. ACTUALLY, you will all be proud of me. I made sure to take pictures of the boys, too!!

I'm not going to caption each one or it would take me 34 years to finish this post.
Basically - Rangers game, visit to Clifford, Jacoby destroying Jaydon's room like he does daily, Jacoby in his "Let's Roll" shirt - LOVE that shirt, Jilian posing, outside and park time (it's free, the kids LOVE it, and it gets their mom out of the house) and a few sick day pictures.
In short, it's just my favorite little people (and one big boy!) caught in action for the past two weeks.



She's Back...

I'm still broke, but I'm refreshed and back!

Mother's Day came and went, and I didn't even mention it...
All I can say is: I LOVE MY FAMILY!
Jaydon, Jeremy and Jacoby were all up at the butt crack of dawn fixing me some breakfast. They made me a card on the computer that said I was worth $281,000 if you added up all of the jobs I do daily. They made me some delicious pancakes and picked some petunias from my pot outside (Jaydon's idea) for garnish. Jaydon walked in with an apron on, holding the plate. Jeremy came in behind him with Jacoby and Jilian. It was the best Mother's Day gift ever...seeing the man I love with the reason that I get to celebrate Mother's Day. Who needs gifts - really?

We then spent the rest of the day here at home with my mom and about 20 of her friends. We told her to invite a few friends over to spend the day here, and boy did she go "Latino" on us! She invited everyone, who in turn invited everyone else and their mom's dog. WOW! It was SO fun though. We turned the music up loud and danced, ate our hearts out, and enjoyed time together. It ended up being a wonderful time and a good change of pace.

I am so excited about these next few weeks. I have a blog planned every day for the next two weeks, (sometimes more than one a day!) so please come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and...do you get my point?

TONS of pictures tomorrow, so get ready...


Financial Crisis

If you think our economy is suffering, you should visit the Rogers household...

Long story very short, I have recently lost a significant amount of money.
Last week was my last week of one of my two part-time jobs.

This means ONE THOUSAND dollars less per month for our household. Yes, that "taxi cab" gig paid me really well!

Jeremy and I are in the midst of a Dave Ramsey overhaul, and we are both committed to me not returning to work. (At one point, we thought that was the only option.)

Jeremy's monthly bonus has also seen better months than the last few, but enough about that.

So for a few days, my fingers must rest so that we can figure out how we are going to "survive."

...and just to mess with your heads, stay tuned for some awesome blogs about Mother's Day, pig dreams, pictures, ironing, bets, medicinal comas, and diapers.
I've got my post-it loaded up with future posts.

Please give me a few days (a week maybe?) to get my brain relaxed enough to make you laugh again.
(Really, this is just a hoax and I need to figure out how I can work money for hair bows into my already negative budget.)

Back to reality, this is really real, no hoax...

The Lady on Brokeback Round Rock Road



I win!

Enough said.

Talk to y'all tomorrow...


Comments Needed!

Okay folks, here is the deal...

My husband and I have a bet.

He thinks that I don't have but 2 or 3 people who read my blog. (Although he is pretty close to being right, I'm out to prove him wrong!)
I have tried telling him that I average about 4 comments per post, but he still thinks I'm giving myself too much credit. I told him that more people read my blog than those who actually comment, but he doesn't believe me. I know I could get my counter going again, but I'm up for a friendly bet.

What I'm going to do is leave this post up as my top post for 7 days. It will stay up until next Saturday, May 9th, around 10:30 PM, at which time I will begin blogging again.

I told him that I could get at least 10 comments on this post.

I need YOUR help!

If you read my blog, please leave me a comment!
If you come across this post, please leave me a comment!

Please only leave one comment per person. I don't want to "cheat", but I do want to prove him wrong!

I have been trying to blog more often, and I have ideas brewing about future posts, so please stay tuned for some good reads! After next Saturday, I will be blogging 4-5 times per week. I can't wait!

I am a sore loser, so...