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She's Blogging...could it be?

I am on Jeremy's laptop because our computer is broken...AGAIN! Our computer is over at Ameet's house getting fixed. For the past 2 months, we have been using Jessenia's computer. She & Abuelo tried to get on it on Tuesday, and it wouldn't turn on. . . completely dead. Jeremy and I tried to get it to turn on and nothing. I feel so badly, but it wasn't like we intentionally got the computer to stop working. I don't even upload that many pictures or videos and when I do, I upload them to my Kodak Gallery and a CD and then erase them.
It is so frustrating not to have a connection to the world. How did we ever live 20 years ago? No cell phones and no Internet - too weird! Anyway, just saying that makes me think that I need a vacation to "disconnect" from the world for a few days. I was seriously having computer withdrawals!

Our week was good...
We spent the beginning of the week with Abuelo doing fun stuff. We hung out, went to eat a few times, went to the mall, played outside, he got Jaydon to ride his bike for a bit. We are pushing the no training wheels thing, and hopefully, he'll get that soon. He's really sort of lazy when it comes to that. He likes being outside ONLY when it's to do something that HE wants to do. I realize it's 200º outside, so I do sympathize with him. He does much better in the Spring and Fall months.
Of course Jaydon was stuck to Abuelo like a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe, and he was upset to see him go. He didn't cry this time like he usually does which just means that he is growing up, and understanding that he'll get to see him again soon.

I spent all day Friday cleaning. It just seems like the toys never end. As much as I have tried cleaning the toy box, it just grows again within months. Jaydon still has a few things under his bed from his birthday (he's a NOVEMBER birthday) and from Christmas that haven't been opened. I honestly think that I may save some of them for Jacoby and/or baby #3.
I must have done 10 loads of laundry too - towels, sheets, Jeremy's work shirts, colors (3 loads), delicates, and 2 loads of whites. Then I watered the lawn that night. (We don't have sprinklers.) Our poor water bill is going to be SKY high this month, but I cannot let my grass die. We don't have enough Mother Nature around here and I'd like to think that I'm doing my share to preserve the little bit of grass that's left. Someone told us that we need to cut the large willow tree in our back yard because the roots will eventually cause us huge $$$ damage to our plumbing and house. I REFUSE to do it! The house is 13 years old and that tree is THE biggest tree in the entire neighborhood. If you go to Google Earth and look up our address, the tree is the first thing you see. We will deal with that when the time comes, but for now, I am NOT getting rid of it! It provides MUCH needed shade this time of year too. We plan on selling in 2012 so hopefully we are okay until then. (Okay - that was random babbling!)

Jaydon said something so funny today...
I was telling him this morning that I didn't want to get too fat, and we all needed to watch our food intake. He says, "Mommy, it's okay, DADDY is the fat one!" Jeremy and I just looked at each other and cracked up. What else could we do? It's a definite gut check though when you hear the honesty of a child. I told him that calling people fat was not nice. After a few more questions, he seemed to understand and apologized to Daddy. Just a lesson learned that we definitely set the example for our children!

We are trying to get rid of our 2004 Mercedes C320. It ONLY has 48,000 miles, never been in a wreck, and it is in great condition. We are needing to get into an SUV within the next few months. I cannot fit 3 children (all 3 of whom are in car seats - Jaydon is optional) in the back seat of either car we currently own. If you or anyone you know is looking for a 6-cylinder, great on gas mileage vehicle, just let me know! :)

The boys just both went to sleep and I'd like to hang out with Jeremy for a bit. Maybe if I go attempt to cuddle, he won't get back on the computer to work. What am I saying??? That's how baby #3 happened! HA!

Have a good night all...


Saturday Shopping Spree - Sacrilegious Sunday

Saturday was a nice day...
I worked from 8:00AM - 11:30AM to get caught up on some receipts that hadn't been entered. I got some done, but not all of them. I HATE that I am an over-achiever sometimes because it leads me to do stupid things like work on my day off. It was MY choice though, and it needed to be done, so that was that.

After that, I came home, showered, and then waited for Andi to come over. My AWESOME husband had volunteered to watch all of our children (our own 2 plus Andi's 2) so that we could go shopping. I must say that he did a FABULOUS job. Poor Jeremy - we thought we'd only be gone 2-3 hours... which turned into 5+ hours. Whoops!
He was SO good with the kids though. Addy (Andi's 6-month old daughter) gets a little separation anxiety when her mommy isn't around, so she had 2 small crying episodes and after calling to make sure he was doing the right thing, Jeremy handled it like a pro-Daddy! How many men would volunteer to watch 4 children and do a good job at it? Not any that I know - that's for sure. Addy did fine the first 2 hours and it turns out that the first time she cried she was WAY hungry, and then the 2nd time she was tired. Andi was really thankful and bought us all lunch AND dinner on Saturday. She did NOT have to do that, but she insisted.
She & I ate Souper Salad for lunch...in true fatty fashion. I got 2 plates right from the start. I filled one with a HUGE salad, and the other with a baked potato, tuna salad, and cornbread. It was all SO good. That was one of the best salads I've had in a long time. Then of course - dessert for sweet-tooth Jessica - DUH! I had strawberry shortcake and Andi feasted on an ice cream sundae. Great treat for both of us!
Anyway, the purpose of our going shopping was to find dresses for Ashleigh & Addyson (her 2 daughters) to wear for their pictures next week. After TJMaxx, Children's Place, and Dillard's...Macy*s was the winner! We found 2 dresses there and they are SO cute. They are all white and the girls are going to look so angelic - the perfect Summer dresses! We then went to Sam's and bought formula for each of our baby's.
The kids had fun together while we were away, and I got to go shopping in peace with a girlfriend alone, so it was good times for all! It's funny because I talk to Andi all day long via email and we still don't run out of things to say. In fact, we were sitting there at Souper Salad just chatting away after we finished eating and I had to say, "Let's finish this conversation in the car." Too funny! (JUST like with my friend Julie - same thing always happens with her, and I talk to her 84 million times a day!)

So on to Sunday...
We went to Going Bonkers in Lewisville at noon. I met Julie and her 2 children (Maddie-6 & Trey-10) there. Cathy drove me, Gannon, Nicki, herself, & Jaydon there in her old lady minivan. She hates her van, so I have to give her a hard time about it! Anyway, we were there for about 3 hours and the kids had a GREAT time. They played their little hearts out, and Jaydon took a nap which was nice.
One of the 10 commandments is: "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy"...well, that did not happen today. I went BACK to work this evening to finish up some stuff. Sadly, I'm not done yet and I HATE thinking that I probably won't be by Tuesday. I'm going to get pimples stressing about this! Jeremy was up there with me filing stuff and putting old invoices (2005, 2006, & 2007) away so I could just enter the receipts. Jaydon was asleep in the car, (there was a nice breeze tonight and all of the windows to the car were open) and Jacoby fell asleep in his swing. I am so lucky that Jeremy helped me. At first, I was up there alone. Then I get a phone call saying that he's on his way up and he wants to help...nice husband! :)
(He wants to play in a 2-day golf tournament next weekend for $35 with a chance of winning $300 cash if he wins first place. I'm thinking that his subconscious is making him be WAY nice to me - hence all of the nice things that were done this weekend...okay, maybe not...he's REALLY just a nice husband!)

I got some groceries done on my way home, and that was my weekend.
Not too eventful - sorry to disappoint my readers.

My Dad comes into town this week so that should be fun for the boys.
I'll try to blog at some point.

Have a GREAT week!


The Precious Mind of My 5½ Year Old...

July 11, 2008 - 2:45 PM:
"Mommy, I'm a little tired."
"Okay honey, do you want to take a nap?"
"Yes, in your bed."

(So off we go to my bed, and I tuck him in...)

"Ahhh...snug as a bug in a rug, right Mommy?"
"Yes, baby. Do you want me to rub your back?"
"Uh-huh." "Mommy, will my best buddy be here when I wake up?"
"Your best buddy - you mean Zane?"
"No, Mommy - MY DADDY!"
"We'll see..."

...and he is in dream land 10-minutes later...I'm sure he's dreaming about Daddy's arrival!
Jaydon Cole Rogers, you melt my heart son!

It is my dream & wish that you continue to see Daddy as your "best buddy". It is my hope that you will always confide in him, and continue to see him as your hero in the many years to come.
You are a special boy, and Daddy couldn't have asked for a better son...

Have a good weekend all...


Oh, Jaydon...

Today was Jacoby's 6-month check-up...
He "officially" weighed in at 17lbs. 8oz. and he was 27¼ inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for weight, and the 75th percentile for length. (I measured him at 26.5 inches last Wednesday, so he either grew a lot in one week, or I was off by a bit.) He is doing perfectly!
I was surprised that he was longer than he was big. That's okay though, I don't want my children to be short like my husband and me - especially since they are boys. I just hope they continue to grow!

Jaydon came with us to the appointment, and after the nurse did the vitals, weight, etc., we waited for the doctor. He came in with a nurse practitioner student. She introduced herself as "Stormy". (Yes, quite the "stripper" name, huh?)
Anyway, Jaydon looks at me, then looks at her and says, "Your name is Stormy? Is that a she name?" (Meaning - is that a girl name?) I said, "Jaydon, that's enough!" She says, "It's okay, I took a job with children for a reason. Let him speak his mind." She turns to Jaydon and says, "Yes honey, my name is Stormy." He says, "WOW - like a thunderstorm with raindrops? Do you get cloudy, too?" I didn't know if to die of embarrassment, or break down with laughter.
Thank goodness she was so nice about it!
Sometimes, it's hard to get onto Jaydon (although I really did try) because he was silent for so many years, and it's nice to hear him talk - especially when it's funny!

We will officially be moving Jacoby's mattress in his crib down to the bottom rung this evening. He is getting up on all fours all of the time now, and I don't like how high up he is when he does that. Call me paranoid, but I feel like if he moves, he will fall out. Better to be safe than sorry though, right?
I HATE crib mattresses! They are SUCH a pain. My friend Julie and I were talking about crib sheets, and I told her that I bought a bunch of LONG receiving blankets, and I wrap them around the top ¼ of his mattress. Then I change them out every 2-3 days so that I don't have to change the sheets out. Even though Jacoby moves around a lot, for the most part, he falls asleep where the receiving blanket is. So if he drools or makes a mess, it's easy to change out. I HATE changing the sheets and now with the mattress getting moved down even further, I refuse to do it. (Especially with a belly getting in the way soon!) I have only washed his sheets two times now in the 6 months he's been around. I know that sounds gross, but if you are a mother, you understand. PLUS - I am changing that receiving blanket a lot anyway. You all know how anal I am and I would never allow my children to live in filth! :)

The Bachelorette is over, and I'm SO bummed that she picked Jesse. ABC did a GREAT job of editing - that's for sure! They made it look like Jason would win, and he didn't. Jason is SUCH a catch! I hope that he finds love, and I hope that he doesn't do it on TV. I don't want him becoming the next Bachelor. I really think he needs to find a good woman without the cameras and without the Hollywood lights. He's a definite keeper!
I am watching America's Got Talent. It's AMAZING to me some of the talents on there. It's so entertaining! There have been a few singers so far that would have knocked some of the American Idols out of the park! I think it's great that there isn't an age limit like on Idol. It should be an interesting season for sure!

I'm a little bummed at the lack of comments on my blog. I have gotten 6 comments in the past week. How do I have 150+ hits and only 6 comments? It makes me a bit sad...
Thank you to the consistent people who always comment! :)

That's it from here...


Number 3 Please...

Well, today is a special day!!!
We found out today that #3 is doing well...
Yes, that's right - baby #3 is on the way!
I am 11 weeks pregnant. It's so exciting to think that we are finally going to complete our family!

I had my first appointment today. The sonogram showed a healthy baby so far. I'm measuring okay, and the heartbeat is good.
Jeremy was so excited about the sono. He says to the doctor, "I'm an expert at this now! I just did it a few months ago." He was showing us the spinal cord and head, etc. on the screen. It was so cute how involved he was!
We will take Jaydon in for a sonogram once I'm showing a bit more. He got to see Jacoby when I was pregnant, so we'll do the same with this baby.
Jeremy scanned the sonogram in at work so that we could attach it to my blog, but you couldn't see a thing. We will try again with the next sonogram. I will try from my work if my boss(es) allows.

I always wanted to have all of my children before age 30, and it looks like it's going to happen that way. I am due on January 25th, 2009. I turn 30 on February 4th, 2009. Since I have c-sections, I will probably deliver sometime between January 14th-21st.
I guess this is God's way of saying, "Be careful what you wish for."

So this time next year, we will have a 6½ year old, an 18-month old, and a 6-month old. WOW!

I've had a few questions from family and friends throughout the day that I'll answer to everyone at once...

Q: Do you want a girl since you already have 2 boys?
A: The purpose of our conceiving was not to "try for the girl". I (we) am more than satisfied with my 2 boys, and I would be extremely happy with another boy - really.
Healthy is most important, so that's all we can ask for right now.

Q: What does Jaydon want?
A: Jaydon keeps saying he wants a brother. With Jacoby, he wanted a sister. Go figure! Jaydon also thinks that "another Jacoby" is in my tummy, so until I start showing, it won't be easy to explain to my boy what is really going on - that he is getting ANOTHER brother or sister aside from Jacoby.

Q: Are you done after this?
A: If I had it my way, no - we wouldn't be done. Most of you know how I am with children, and I would love more. Maybe 1 or 2 more...
I tell everyone that if the ONLY reason you haven't had a child is because you are concerned about money, then you need to have a child because the money always works itself out. At this point, three is really enough. We will never be able to build a house big enough if we have more than 3. I do all of the cleaning myself around here, and five people to do laundry for is plenty. I don't want to mess up the 2.3 children per U.S. family national average.
So yes, we are done after this! The tubes will be getting tied during my c-section in January.

Q: Are you going to name the baby with another "J" name?
A: OF COURSE! How could we not? How unfair would it be to the last one if we didn't? I already feel bad enough that our poor dog (Duke) doesn't have a "J" name, and I'm thinking about renaming him! Poor Duke dog is 9½ years old, and my oldest. How rude of me!
Both of our boys are JCR, (Jaydon Cole Rogers & Jacoby Cade Rogers) so this one will more than likely be the same. The "J" is a must; the "C" is optional.
We shall see - depending on the gender.

Q: Jacoby will now have a best friend for life.
A: Yes - he will have a best friend or an enemy! You know how siblings can be...love/hate relationships until they realize that they are the closest family they have and they love each other dearly.

Q: There are only 2 of you and there will be 3 children. Can you handle that?
A: You don't know Hispanic women! Of course we can handle that. There may only be 2 of us, but we each have 2 hands, so technically, we could have 4 children and be fine.
Quite honestly, I'm already upset thinking that Jacoby is not going to get a lot of attention - being the middle child and having a sibling 1 year younger, so it will be my job to make sure that he is completely happy just like the other 2 will be.

Q: Will they (Jacoby & new baby) be sharing a room?
A: Yes, until we can build a bigger house or buy a bigger house. Our long-term goal is to be out of this house in the late Spring/early Summer of 2012. (Yes Mrs. York, you can be our realtor.) We would like to end up in the Grapevine/Colleyville/Southlake/H.E.B. area. Our "dream home" is a 5-bedroom, 3.5 bath, (.5 bath upstairs) with study, 2 living areas, (formal & den)dining room, big eat-in kitchen, upstairs playroom only, on about 1 acre.

That's it from here!

Have a good week - I know that we will!



Today is my Dad's (Abuelo) 54th birthday! It's kinda cool that his birthday is 7654 - easy to remember anyway.
Are you becoming eligible for any senior discounts yet, Dad? :)
There is a picture of him below, and as you'll see, the above comment is a joke because even if he WAS eligible, he doesn't look his age, and nobody would believe him anyway. The hair loss just started a few years ago - a bad gene that runs on both sides of my family. EVERYONE in my family is skinny - I need to jump on that bandwagon. (As I sit here stuffing my face with Reese's Pieces...)

I remember when my Dad was in his 30's...sheesh, how time flies! I'll be 30 in 7 more months - I can't believe it. There is a definite plus to having young parents though. They always had energy to do things with us, (they still do!) they can enjoy us as adults, and they will get to enjoy their grand kids, and possibly great-grand kids, too! I'm all about the young parents thing - so long as you are ready.


We'll see you in about 9 more days if the flights still look good then.

My sister got back from Florida last week, and then left the next day to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for one of her best friend's wedding. She was in the wedding. They stayed at a haunted hotel for 2 nights. I'm sorry to disappoint you, Sandra, but there was no haunted activity. :(
There were some ghost hunters taking pictures everywhere, and there were certain "haunted" rooms, but Jessenia refused to stay in them. My Mom had given her holy water, so as soon as she walked in the room, she was spreading it everywhere. She says she wore her rosary the entire time too. I just crack up thinking about it! There was a ghost tour that her friends went on, but she didn't...sissy! Then she wouldn't even let them tell her about it because she said she would rather not know. If I wasn't able to go on the tour, I would have wanted EVERY detail. I'm the opposite of her!

Weekend overview...
On Friday, we went with Aba to help her find a new refrigerator & dishwasher. If you know Aba, then you know that decisions are NOT easy for her - they NEVER have been, and that's why she doesn't have furniture in her front room. (Well she does now thanks to my sister being there and storing her furniture there.) For most people, it's a money thing...for my Mom, it's a "I'm NEVER EVER satisfied with ANYTHING thing." She is worse than me...by far!!!!! Needless to say, no refrigerator was bought, and no dishwasher was bought. The only good thing was that while we were at Grapevine Mills at the Sears Outlet, Jeremy took Jaydon to play lunar golf at this cool little place. It was only $2.77 for Jaydon to play 18 holes. He could play 3 times for that price. It was so cool - the neon lights and stuff. Nice time for our boy! It's nice to find these cheap indoor treats during these awful Texas summers!
Then that evening, we were supposed to meet up with the Linder's & family/friends to watch the fireworks. We always watch them at Bedford Boys Ranch, and they do too, so we thought it would be cool to do the watching with another family this year - something different. Jaydon was looking forward to seeing Ash and he kept telling us that "We are going to see AshWeigh and fireworks at the school, right Mom?" I know he was looking forward to it. Well, that didn't happen and let me explain why...
We went to Wal-Mart after shopping for appliances because my Mom wanted to get us something for dinner. So we get home at around 6:00 and she starts preparing stuff. Then around 8:00, she realizes that her little calendar where she keeps cash, pictures, business cards, phone numbers, and appointments is missing. My Mom is an ALL cash person - VERY old school. She has a credit card for emergencies, and then she writes checks to pay all of her bills. She had $385 cash in there!!! It was not in a visible place, but it was inside the calendar thing. So off to Wal-Mart we go, and nobody had turned it in. GREAT - if nobody has turned it in 2 hours later, we are NOT finding that bad boy. At 8:45, I'm upset because she's so upset so we just go home. Then I realize our promise to Jaydon and we go to the Quad-Cities Fireworks show which starts at 9:30. We pull into the Kroger parking lot on Denton Hwy. and watch for about 20 minutes...at which time Jaydon falls asleep in my lap. Jacoby was already asleep in the car so we just left. Not a pleasant 4th of July for us.
Jaydon woke up the next morning and said that he liked the fireworks and no mention was made of not seeing them with Ashleigh, so that made me feel a little better. My apologies to the Linder's for not calling! I got your VM the next morning, and didn't think to call you back after my day got going. (I'm actually just thinking about it as I type this - sorry!)

To make up for it, we took Jaydon to a place in Lewisville called Going Bonkers. WOW - WAY cool! (Picture below.) It is a HUGE 3-story jumpy/maze/obstacle course thing and then there are video games upstairs. We are definitely having his birthday there. With a November birthday, you kinda have to have it inside. He REALLY enjoyed it and fell asleep on the car ride home. Jeremy and I even went through some of it - it is a DEFINITE work-out! That is why kids stay thin! He played by himself in it so I know that with a few friends there, he would have a TOTAL blast!
Then we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart after that. We came home, unpacked groceries, and Jeremy made steak & baked potatoes. Nice dinner!

Today - Sunday - I have spent all day cleaning and doing laundry. I did 8 loads of laundry and thank God it's all done. All 4 of my boys (Jeremy, Jaydon, Jacoby & Duke dog) are sleeping, so I'm blogging.
...and that's our weekend, folks!

Aba's Missing Calendar Update:
Aba went back to Wal-Mart on Saturday after I called the Bedford Police Department. The PD told me that there was nothing they could do because it wasn't "stolen", and that Wal-Mart's theft prevention department should review the videotape. So they called my Mom on Saturday evening to get her receipt information so they knew exactly what time she was there. My Mom gave that to them, and they called back 10 minutes later and said they saw her on the tape. My Mom says, "How do you know it was me if you've never seen my face?" The guy says, "You were looking at the plantains, you bought 2 rotisserie chickens, and then you went to pay. You frequent our store, and I have seen you before, and I have been doing this for a long time." Kinda scary!!! Anyway, they saw on the tape who took her book with cash from the cash register, so now she has to file a police report so they can run the plates of the guy who took the stuff and trace him. The ONLY bad thing is that the cash is more than likely gone - poor Aba - $385!!! :( It's one of those "his word against mine" type deals.
Hopefully she'll get the calendar and pictures back. One of her favorite pictures of her & Jaydon is in there. We keep telling her that she needs to get a debit card, but she won't. S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N! She insists on ALWAYS having cash with her.
I just don't understand how people could be so nasty! If it was ONLY cash sitting somewhere and there was nobody around, then yes, I'd have to say I would be guilty of picking it up and taking it - cash doesn't have a name. HELLO - you are at a cash register at Wal-Mart and you don't turn that in!!? What is this world coming to?? It totally pisses me off! I could not live with myself if I had taken that - especially after opening it and seeing the pictures and personal stuff. My poor Mom works hard for her money - like we all do. :(
I'll keep you posted on any new details, and everyone please say a prayer that they find the man (yes, it was a man!) who did this!

Enjoy the pictures below...

The COOL place in Lewisville called Going Bonkers

My HANDSOME, youngest son...


6 Months = ½ A Year

Our Jacoby Cade Rogers is 6-months old today. It is so exciting to think that in 6 more months, he will be a whole year old!

6-Month Stats:
Weight: 17.6 pounds
Length: 26.5 inches

Jaydon at this age was 17.0 lbs. and 27 in. so once again, Jacoby is a little shorter and a little heavier.
We will find out next Wednesday what the doctor has to say, and how he is doing on the growth charts.

He has completely outgrown his Baby Papasan chair - feet hanging over the edge for about a month now, but it's still one of my favorite places to put him, and one of his favorite places to be.

From last month to this month, not a whole lot has changed...okay, so maybe a few things!

1. He is sitting on his own for little spurts at a time, but I wouldn't consider it "sitting up" by any means. He should be there soon though - I can definitely feel it!

2. His mouth is FILLED with teeth...but none of them have poked through yet. I swear that child is going to get them all at once and then all "heck" will break loose from the pain he's in. If you open his mouth and feel, you can feel tons of teeth and you can see the top 2 front ones through his gums...I know it's almost time. He'll have a mouth full of teeth before we know it!

3. He is extremely aware of certain people - Mommy, Daddy, Jaydon and Aba for sure. He gets excited when any of us are in a room, so that's a good feeling.

4. He is definitely a boy and already eating us out of house and home! That child can eat! He eats 7 jars of #2 baby food throughout the day, along with about three 6-ounce bottles. At breakfast, he also has cereal. He just chows down, and it's cute to see him stuff his little face. He lets you know when he's full by not opening his mouth anymore...which usually isn't until the last bite or two.

5. His favorite toys are definitely his little mirror with music (Jaydon's favorite as a child too!) and a vibrating rattle. He is amazed by the ceiling fans in the house, too. Sometimes I wonder why I buy toys because I know that children love remote controls and cell phones. Oh yes...and his feet and hands - he LOVES playing with those, too!

6. He is scooting on his tummy, and he gets up on all fours and then drops. I love watching him as he tries to get up. He is so focused! He is a strong boy.

7. We will be transitioning from #2 to #3 diapers this week. The #2's are getting very "filled", (to put it nicely!) so it's time to move up to the next size. (Note: Pampers donates money to UNICEF {http://www.unicef.org/} so everyone make sure to buy Pampers, please!)

8. The boy has some lungs! He is babbling, yelling, screaming, and making noises non-stop...as you'll see below.
What more can I say?
I can't wait for the upcoming months when all of the cool stuff happens - crawling, walking, talking, and more. I love my little man!

Jaydon asked me last night why Jacoby always says "dada" and never says "mama". I had to give him the only answer I knew... "Because son, he's saving the best for last!" Ha! (Hey - it made ME feel better anyway!)

Have a great 4th of July, everyone!
The next "Jacoby Update" will be on August 2nd - stay tuned!

Enjoy the pictures and video below!
(Please excuse Jacoby's attire. I realized as I was blogging that I didn't have any recent pictures of him to post so I quickly took some. He was about to get a bath, so he's wearing a white trash {in our case, Hispanic Garbage) Onesie and it's stained...NICE! I don't even let my child hang out at home like that, so really...please excuse his wardrobe.)
Foot Loose...
The Eyes Have Won It...

Daddy Loves Me...


Still LOVE this picture...

Babble, Babble - turn up your volume...

PS: Comments are good! It's not hard - just click on "comments" below, and follow the instructions. You can do it anonymously, so you don't need an account. This is going to get published into a book every year so comments are good, people! The boys are going to read this and they want to read other people's views, too. :)