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The Comedic Player

Over the weekend, we went to the mall. This was our first time out as a family of 5. We still haven't purchased a double stroller, so we had Jaydon push the umbrella stroller with Jacoby in it while I pushed the bigger stroller with Jilian in it.
We approach Dillard's, and enter through the cosmetics section where they have a long red carpet stretched out down the middle aisle. Jaydon walks down the aisle really strutting his stuff (like he knew what the red carpet meant?!) while pushing the stroller, just smiling at all of the middle-aged women who try to spray you with their nasty perfumes. At one point, he lets go of the stroller, and cocks his head towards 2 women. He winks at them and says, "HELLO LADIES." There is a roar of laughter and all of the women flock to him. Mind you, my son is wearing a red striped Polo shirt with his perfectly fixed hair, and looks like the next George Clooney. I thought they were going to start asking for his autograph or something. Then my husband chimes in, "He takes after me." ...of which the women heard nothing because they were fixated on Jaydon. I think he ended all of their mid-life crisis. He really made their day!
Wait...did I tell you that my son is SIX years old?!? I've got a long road ahead, huh?

Then as we are leaving the mall, Jeremy goes to get the car and leaves me with the three kiddos. This very ghetto looking man with a long face storms by. Jaydon says, "Mommy, I think he's sad because his pants don't fit."
I couldn't stop laughing the entire way home.
Not only do I have a player, he's also a comedian! :)

So below is a picture of Jilian in a borrowed red bow. I wanted to use this bow for pictures of the three kiddos in their matching red & white Polo outfits, but we didn't get that far in the photo shoot on Saturday because of Jilian's lack of cooperation.
Anyway, I PROMISE that I don't put bows like this on her ever. In fact, I laugh at the Southlake mall-walkers whose children wear bows this large. I just torture her for pictures.
I can't wait to share her pictures from the shoot on Saturday. I know you will be as pleased as I was!

Stay tuned for a hilarious video post in the next few days...

Have a great week!

A bit EXTREME, huh? (Click to enlarge)


Jilian Is One Month Old!

It has officially been one month since we were graced with Jilian Cate Rogers' presence. She is really & truly a great baby. She reminds us of Jaydon with her laid back demeanor.

We feel like she weighs right at 9 lbs. Our home scale has a mind of its own, and will fluctuate with an adult's weight by up to 3 pounds, and with the kids by close to a pound. On average, she weighed 9 lbs. the couple of times I weighed her today. We all know about my 6 pound children, so she is gaining weight for sure. She will definitely be petite like her Tia (& Godmother) Jessenia - lucky her! :)
We will get some accurate numbers at her 2-month check-up.

Our only "issue" is the wiping of a girls bottom. Dear Lord...NOTHING like a boy! You can only wipe front to back, and very gently. We are used to our tough boy bottoms. LOL.

Jilian was diagnosed with acid reflux. She projectile vomits like a champ. We were given medicine to give her every 12 hours, and it has helped so much. I'm still not 100% satisfied, and I will be calling the doctor again this week. We changed her formula to the Enfamil Gentlease, but she is still spitting up quite frequently even with the medicine, so we may opt for soy. We shall see what they recommend.

She loves tummy time on the beautiful play mat that Grandma V bought her. (There is a picture of this below.) She is really holding her head up well considering she's only a month old.
She's a strong little lady, too! Last week, she got so pissy when I was trying to burp her that I laid her down on her tummy to see if she would burp on her own. She scrunched her little legs up and rolled herself over. I know it was a "fluke" roll over, but it cracked me up to see her tiny body fling itself over like that.
She also loves it when she can see her brothers and what they are doing.
We love to watch her sleep and smile when she dreams. What are you dreaming about, little girl? I know that in less than a couple of years, you'll be able to answer that question.

We look forward to the next few months of growing, Jili! :)

Jaydon was chosen to read the announcements at his school on Thursday. I can't wait to go up there to hear him. It's only one sentence, but for a Kindergartner, that is plenty. We are so proud of him! I will get a sound bite and upload it next week.
I have attached a picture below of his weekly homework assignment. Aside from reading 20 minutes every night, he also has this weekly homework poem/assignment to do. Then he has to study his spelling words for his Thursday spelling tests. Y'all help me out - is that too much homework for a Kindergartner, or is that the norm these days? Your thoughts?

Jacoby and I had a good time this past week. Since Aba was in Vegas for her yearly Vegas show, I got to hang out with him & Jilian. He LOVES his swing. (Thank you Aunt Julie!) He is quite the ham and loves to explore too. He is definitely our unique child.

I started this blog on Friday, and it's now Saturday night. Does that show how busy I get?
Today, Andrea came over to take newborn pictures of Jilian. I cannot wait to see them. I saw a few, and they are AWESOME! She is becoming quite the photographer I must say...and I don't make a bad assistant. I will add the pictures to my blog just as soon as she gets them to me. (NO rush, Andi...seriously.)
Then Jeremy and I got to go out for a while. We each got a 1-hour massage with chocolate, roses, and champagne. Then we went to an early dinner at La Hacienda Ranch. After that, we walked off our dinner by going to Babies R Us to explore the world of double strollers. There are so many options and we just can't decide. The one we are leaning towards is $250...but it is definitely a necessity. The only drawback is that it weighs 40lbs. and it's a 'beotch' to lift. We are going to explore a few more days before we decide. After that, we went to Grapevine Mills and Jeremy bought 2 new shirts, 3 new ties, and a pair of pants for work at the Van Heusen store. They were having a 50-70% off sale, and he got all of that for exactly $100. We were quite stoked about that purchase considering the fact that if you go to Dillard's or Macy*s, that would have cost about $225.
We got to spend 4+ hours away, and it was very nice. Thanks to Jessenia for the massage gift card, and to both her & my mom for watching the kiddos so we could spend time together. If you'd hurry and have children Jessenia, I could return the favor. (NO pressure there lil' sis!)

Alright - that's it from here. Jaydon and Jacoby are sound asleep, and Jilian should be waking up for her feeding soon.

Y'all have a great week, and I'll talk to you later on...

LOVING his swing...


Valentine's Day Fiesta

Homework Assignment

Handsome boy!

Tummy Time...

There is NOTHING cuter than a sleeping baby...

Daddy burping Jilian

Already fake smiling!


Cocaine Anyone?

No, I'm not a drug addict, I promise. I've never even tried anything!

I recently got hooked on some good stuff though...it's called Facebook. Holy moly - TOTALLY addicting!
Have I told you that you can connect with people from all over the world, people who you haven't seen in 10+ years? Then you start talking to them like nothing which leads you to get migraine headaches and carpal tunnels because you spend hours on end staring and clicking.
I have spent hours...okay, maybe days...OKAY, it has been a week...I admit it, I've been at it for a week! I have spent an entire week clicking and reading and clicking some more. You find one person that leads you to another, that leads you to one more, and the addiction begins. Does this qualify me for FB rehab? OMG - I'm SO cool. I used "FB" in a sentence. (FB means FaceBook for those of you who aren't cool enough to know.) LOL!
Why am I up at 2:20 AM? Nope, NOT because I have a 4-week old baby, but because I joined Facebook. It's a cult I tell ya. Just when you think your friends are going to die down, you get 19 friend requests in one day. Did I mention that it's addicting?
I think I may just join the group called "Go Watch TV kids, Mommy is on Facebook." (Yes, there really is such a group.)
Oh, and the quizzes and questions and pictures. Yes, along with the migraines from reading, you get giddy & delirious from looking at old high school pictures.
Thank GOD I didn't join this cult over a year ago when I got requests, or my son may not have made it to his first day of Kindergarten.

Who needs drugs when you've got Facebook? :)
(The sellers of this drug will not be mentioned in the writing of this post because well...they are my friends & family, and I'd hate for them to get sent away for getting me hooked!)
You know EXACTLY who you are!

Happy Clicking!

Note: The author of this blog does not condone drug use. The title of this post is merely just that...a title.
Drug use is a big issue in our country. If you or anyone you know is suffering from an addiction, get help now.


Jacoby's First Birthday Celebration & Much More...

We finally celebrated Jacoby's first birthday this past Saturday. His real birthday was January 2nd, but that was too close to the holidays and I was almost due with Jilian, so we didn't want to plan a party on top of everything else that was going on.
Jacoby was really cute during the party. That boy can eat! He LOVES ALL table food and naturally dug right into his smash cake. His birthday gifts were all SUPER cute, and I am forever grateful to all of my family and friends for everything they got him. Y'all rock!
Ameet took some great pictures for us - thanks, Ameet! (See above {Isn't that SO cool?} and below. Blogger is acting all funky so I can't add comments to my pictures, but I really love them!)
We ended up renting a jump house for the kids which was wonderful. It kept them outside for the majority of the party. Overall, I think the party was a success.
We hope you enjoyed your birthday, Jacoby!

I know that I have fallen off the blogging wagon and I hate myself for it. Currently, life is just getting in the way and not having a computer during the day doesn't help things any.

Our little Jilian is changing daily. Her eyes are still blue, and I cannot get over that. Jaydon had light eyes, but they turned brown right away. Jacoby had grayish/hazel eyes that turned brown after about a month or so. Jilian's are blue which is SO weird to us. I always wanted a child with jet black hair, fair skin, and light eyes, so we shall see what she looks like in the weeks to come. I know she'll end up with caca (brown) eyes like the rest of us, but I can wish, right?
She is only waking up once at night, but when she wakes up, I cannot get back to sleep. UGH! On our home scale, she weighed 8lbs. - 4oz., so she has gained right at 2lbs. in just 3 weeks...amazing how quickly they grow!
I took her in for an ultrasound on Monday and haven't heard back from the imaging center yet. We are trying to see if she has acid reflux. She has projectile vomited quite a few times. The doctor said she wouldn't be gaining weight if she had any "issues", but I'm her mother and I know best. Enough said! :)

Jacoby is doing well. I hardly get to see him since he's been going to Aba's house every day. I miss the little devil.
Next week, he'll start staying home with me. I just wanted one week to get into a routine with Jilian before having all 3 kids at home. Also, we still haven't gotten a car big enough for our entire family, so I couldn't have all 3 kids at the same time. Good times! Jeremy promised me that he would make it a priority to go SUV shopping this weekend.
Back to Jacoby...he said the word "dog" tonight which was WAY cute. He is starting to repeat tons of sounds. I hope he continues to progress with his speech because all we know is "Jaydon", and we don't want to go there again with those speech issues. I still feel like he's not saying enough though, and it's SO worrisome!
He waves hi & bye non-stop now. I love watching that little guy grow up and do new things!

Jaydon is doing well, too. His teacher has been out all week with the flu, and there have been lots of kids out, too. Jaydon missed Monday due to fever, but he bounced back right away. Thank God for healthy children!
He has made a 100 on every single spelling test this year. We HAVE to sign him up for t-ball this week. Anybody in? We still aren't sure if we are coaching, but Jaydon needs to play. I have been going outside with him every evening (thanks to the GREAT weather!) and playing baseball and swinging on the swing with him. (Yes, my fat a&& fits on the swing, but you should hear the noises the poor swing makes when I swing..creak, creak, creak!) I just feel like I need to spend time alone with Jaydon since so much has changed in his life in the past 2 years. He is a wonderful kiddo.
When I picked him up from school today, he called Jeremy to tell him about his day. (This is a daily ritual.) Jaydon was really tired and not in the mood to talk to his daddy. Jeremy "threatened" him by telling him that if he didn't talk, there would be no Chick Fil-A for a week. So we hang up the phone and Jaydon says, "Mom, Dad said no Chick Fil-A. That's okay - I like Jack-In-The-Box much better anyway." SMARTY PANTS!

Jeremy and I are adjusting well to having three children. I get SO upset thinking that I will never get to hold my own newborn again. I just can't believe that I'm done having children. You wouldn't think that somebody with three kiddos would feel that way, but I guess I was just meant to have lots of children.

We have no plans for Valentine's Day. We are so awful, but that holiday is just a Hallmark thing to us. We are the kind who like to acknowledge each other 365 days per year and don't "need" a holiday to do special things. Is that wrong?
So if you are going out and need a babysitter, we will be here all day long. We will gladly watch anyone's children so you can enjoy an evening with your significant other - really! Just let us know.

That's it from here. I should get to sleep now.

Enjoy the pics, and I'll blog again soon...


Happy Birthday!

OMG - I'm 30 years old today...enough said!



Not much to say today...I know, TOTAL shocker that I have nothing to say!
I really just wanted to post a few pictures of Jacoby & Jilian's nursery, but I'm sure I'll think of stuff to write about.

We still have to hang their 12'' letters up in the nursery - JCR - above the changing table between the two cribs. We also lack the cornice board which will go above the window. Other than that, we are almost done!
Andrea was here on Sunday for 4 hours helping me make the french memo boards which are hung above the dresser. (We are not quite done hanging those - they need to be moved down a bit.) Actually, ANDREA "made" them, and I learned. I helped the best I could, and ended up doing 1½ of the 4 on my own. :)
I LOVE the way they turned out, and even though they are intended to hold pictures and other stuff, I may just use them as wall art and not put anything on them.
Thank you SO much, Andi, for your creativity and coming over to help with those. Also, thanks to Brian (Andi's husband) for cutting the wood we used to wrap the fabric.
I really & truly think they add just the right amount of pizazz to the room. Your thoughts?

I went to Party City tonight to buy stuff for Jacoby's birthday. I had NO clue that plates, cups, plastic ware, a piñata, goodie bags, balloons, and candy would cost SO much. Yeah - we are talking well into the 3 digits here folks. I'm thankful that my grandparents and mother are paying for everything else! Tomorrow, I will go bright & early to order his birthday cake and smash cake. Then after that, I'll swing by the mall to buy him a new outfit to wear. I hope I can find something!
I will also be getting a jump house for the kiddos. I debated it but since it's supposed to be 76º on Saturday, it will be PERFECT weather for a jump house and that will keep the kids out of my house. LOL!
Please pray for a beautiful afternoon!

Gotta run...my bed is calling my name, and since I stay up with Jilian from Sunday-Thursday, I need all of the rest I can get!

I'll blog again this weekend after Jacoby's birthday...